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Hello! Hey I’m Trooper Rummer with the state police
I got a little microphone… Nice to meet you! Gonna record our conversation ok Yes sir Reason I’m stopping you is cause you don’t
have any license plates on this car Ok… Any reason for that? I’m from Dubai, it’s my license plate right
there. Ok but you’re not in Dubai, you’re… I’m visiting as a tourist Well no you’re not visiting as a tourist if
you brought a car with you! Well… Do you have your drivers license with you? Yeah yeah of course How it works is we ship the cars we get a
permit and… You don’t have a permit! What you need is a Carnet… What’s that? A Carnet It’s a very rare thing I know you’re confused
but… NO I’M NOT CONFUSED! If you wanna drive this car.. you have to have
a license plate from somewhere in the United States or a trip permit, which you don’t have,
do you have your drivers license with you? Yes sir Yeah, the way it works is… We get a EPA exemption PARDON ME? A EPA exemption and then a Carnet De Passage DO YOU HAVE ANY OF THAT? Of course, yeah, yeah, I’m gonna provide everything… Do you have something that says you can drive
this car on the road? Yes sir Let’s take a look at that Of course So, it’s gonna be a lot of documents, I will
give you one by one… Cause I think what you’re talking about is
the ability to import this and what I’m talking about is registering it No no, well… Do you have your drivers license with you? Yeah, yeah, I’m just trying to answer your
questions Well, it’s a temporary thing, I’m visiting
as a tourist and.. I CAN’T HEAR YOU! It’s a temporary import… IT’S A WHAT? It’s a TEMPORARY import It’s not a permanent thing, we fly our cars
here, we do our trips and we fly them back that’s how it works I know it’s confusing but… NO IT’S NOT CONFUSING IT’S VERY SIMPLE ALRIGHT! No, no sir… If you have some sort of import, that that’s
to get it into the country, OK? I will… Let me see what you have that says you can
drive it in Oregon You will understand in a second… PARDON ME? You’re gonna understand in a second, I’m gonna
provide… I’m pretty sure I know what I’m talking about
right now So, this is my permit, it’s a international
federal agreement Ok And, I’m gonna provide you with drivers license
in a second DO YOU HAVE YOUR INSURANCE WITH YOU? Yes sir! So, this would be the international drivers
license which they come as a package there you go, the other part is inside it as well This would be the registration of the vehicle What is this? The registration of the vehicle OK What I need is, proof of insurance Sure This is So the… this is, this is CANADA? Ok, there you go! No, no sir, this is UAE I NEED YOUR INSURANCE Alright, why are you so defensive? I’m trying to… PARDON ME? Why are you so defensive? I’m trying to provide… NO, I’m just asking for these documents and
you won’t quit talking about other stuff No sir, I’ve provided you everything you’ve
asked for I WANT YOUR INSURANCE! OK? I’ve provided you… I DON’T NEED ANYTHING ELSE RIGHT NOW! Sure, sure, you just asked me for the documents
and… PARDON ME? You just asked for a document and I provided
you and I’m gonna provide you the insurance in a second sir Just give me a second… Why don’t you keep working on that and I’ll
be back with you in a minute Sure, sure WOW What’s wrong with this guy? He hasn’t even realized the steering wheel
yet… This is gonna be interesting… Did you find your insurance? Yes sir! There you go THIS IS NOT INSURANCE! Sir, in the bottom you can read it, it’s insurance,
the policy number is there as well… WHERE ARE YOU TAKING THIS CAR? I’m going to Canada Going where? I’m going to Canada, Vancouver Where did you import the car into? From Canada, I drove it in here I do a road trip every 2 years You do a WHAT trip? Sigh Imagine you want to drive your car in Europe,
what do you do? You ship your car there, you drive it for
a month and you ship it back… NO that’s not that’s not what I’d do ok look… You… What is your question officer, I can answer
your question… Look… Yes sir Here, here’s your stuff here… You gotta get a temporary permit, OK? I have another call I have to go to SIR… Be safe pulling out into the traffic It’s a federal law, you don’t know the law? What the… What just… I have another call that was priceless! Hahaha There he goes… He just gave up on life! You have to have a permit blaah blah here’s
your stuff! What did he even talk about! What was wrong with that guy!


  1. For everyone asking, the car DID have plates, Dubai plates, this is where I reside! Please read the description. I’m not sure why Trooper Rummer considered Dubai plates as no plates but I clearly mentioned this to him in the video as well. I hope this clears any confusion for some people that keep saying I did not have plates.

  2. The man you’re all disparaging is still out there serving and protecting the citizenry of the state of Oregon. Have a little respect. I’m certain that they don’t bother teaching federal, temporary, international, importation laws for motor vehicles at the academy, but what they don’t have to teach this trooper courage to defend the lives of perfect strangers. There may come a day when this trooper never goes home again to see his family. Think before you criticize. Even a wealthy foreigner driving a fancy vehicle from the United Arab Emirates is under the protection of this trooper while in his jurisdiction. Must be nice to be so smug, because you think money makes you something that you are not… By the way, you’re welcome, UAE for the future protection the armed forces of the United States of America will provide your asses in the future, like we do for so many ungrateful nations. It’s too bad that the cowardly citizens in this country sit back and criticize those who have the courage to defend your lives and have no personal understanding of what serving others means. Thank you to all who serve the citizens of this country both at home and on foreign soil, and defending the rights and privileges of even those who try to demean and disrespect your honorable efforts.

  3. imagine being the cop and having to see this for the rest of his life…lol..fucking idiot…no wonder majority of US does not respect the police, arrogant buffoons like this ruin it for all real police officers.

    if he is like that on this video..imagine all the others not recorded

  4. If this cop was, as you put it, the most arrogant, defensive and ignorant cop you have ever seen, you've obviously never been pulled over in California.

  5. The driver speaks English very well and is well mannered.
    The idiot police pretends that he doesn’t understand the driver. He must be prosecuted and sued for distributing the public.

  6. The driver automatically thinks he is some brain trust and the cop is trailer trash, like you do not understand and I will tell you, and talking over the officer what a plug. First you are not from the usa that's the first strike you are not some embassy employee. Who does he this think he is not even Epstein he had no clout to stop the law. This guy is a true work of dog crap. Learn the law act civil not some royal prince. And this video is suppose to impress everyone about your channel what a nimrod. Look dude your nothing special not even honorable mention for a cupie doll..just another sovereign trying to act like an asshole, what do you expect…..

  7. If you get stopped so many damn times and are so rich, why dont you just buy the same car you drive and leave it in America for your casual holidays so you dont get stopped so much… oh yes but then you couldn't make these bait videos then. You should get an American guy drive a car with American plates in Dubai and film the Police reaction over there! be far more amusing.

  8. the federal law states that you can use your foreign tags so long as you are here for the purposes of employment… from the port of entry to your destination. since you flew into Vancouver and entered US customs around Seattle, you can operate your foreign plated car from Seattle to your destination (maybe in California). so US customs already allowed you entry with nothing further knowing your car can only be operated from Seattle to your destination.

    As far as insurance, you can get a bond with the policy number which would cover the minimum amount for liability in the event of an accident. this surety can only cover for damages owed if you were at fault. damages to the injured party seeking damages.

    So he stops you for having foreign plates but he can only stop you for probable cause. if he wanted to figure out the legality of your situation whether he can perform such a stop, then he was acting under false pretense of authority… under the color of authority. Because he doesn't know any better is not the standard of probable cause to stop you as to figure out whether or not he has authority. he should've been 100% sure of the legal repercussions if stopping you without probable cause.

    cops get away with this all the time. this was given away as he told you that he had another more important call he had to attend to. whether or not there was a call, he was not allowed to leave you until you were resolved with your situation. he had to attend to you because he made the stop. remember he is to serve the public which includes you whether or not you are right or wrong.

    so he left maybe because he figured out that in stopping you he was wrong. maybe you have standing to claim damages… I mean why would the federal government grant authority to let you operate your foreign plated (tagged) vehicle for the purposes of employment. his false pretense under authority that you needed a registration, something you did offer without being asked for, doesn't grant him authority to perform such a stop. he has no reason to stop you and to know whether he has the authority is still not probable cause. maybe the reason why the vehicle has already entered the US has to do with the employment… does also include the vehicle.

    to already allow you to drive in the US customs officials already determined that the reason is that of diplomacy. it would've been better if he stopped you and told you that the purpose of the stop is because of diplomacy… in courtesy rather than being rude. he should've been nice rather than act all dick about the situation.

    in seeing fit rather that the peace officer whether he was from a local county or the state patrol agency, you should pass a word to your channel in your government to reach that of the DOJ in Oregon. this is to allow them to recognize the folly of their ways but that's totally up to you. people here already know

  9. I'll bet you any money mr. Police officer doesn't know what United Arab Emirates is ….and never even heard of the country

  10. You pay good public money to authentic bullies to keep everybody in cheque. So you can steal their shit if they done comply. Simple if you print money for free. You can do what you like it's called Banking if you don't like things the way they are close the FED and print your own money intrest free. Wake up you pricks

  11. That cop got TOLD big time

    He didn't have another call to goto as he said – that was a cheap ass way to hide his embarrassment because he was chatting shit and didn't know what he was talking about

  12. Cops are human some good one some bad ones I had a cop one time used to sit down the street from the high school parking lot I had a new Lexus with rims on it he always waited till I leave n pull me over he told me one time I can put Drugs on u n take your car I was 16 at the time I made a report on him then he had all his buddies pull me over n over after that I lost respect for most cops if I see they are a dik I’m a bigger one

  13. This trooper is what is known as an FAC (look it up). He is also the type of SOB that swings his gun around like it’s his dick and is so trigger-happy I was half-expecting him to haul our protagonist out of his car and off to jail just because his pea-brain couldn’t compute something outside his jurisdiction. THIS is why Americans (esp. with brown skin) are afraid of what our police force has turned into…WAY too militarized and jumpy (for good reason, but it is a vicious cycle and their nerves negatively affect the drivers).

  14. Good for you. I’m so happy to know knowledgeable citizens around the world. Everyone should know national and international laws in import and export especially in pot cities. God bless you and thank you for sharing. I’m for cops, safety and lawful service and protection by our police officers. No matter where ignorance comes it just makes me crazy. Let’s get along. Enough is enough. We were all born on planet earth. Let’s prove ourselves to the universe that we can do it and that we can get along.

  15. Well hes immediately wrong. Its not entirely unforgivable to be confused about plates from as far away as dubai but you dont need specific US plates i think all the provinces in canada have plates that are valid in the US for visiting

  16. One mistake here: NEVER give a cop an unlocked phone if theyre in a bad mood they could try and use it to incriminate you even if its squeaky clean they could go look something up if theyre crooked

  17. I don't know why, but I was getting this feeling that the cop was going to say something stupid next like "Excuse me? It's ma'am, not sir".

  18. See as soon as the trooper left I was going "what's wrong with this guy?" It's true what is his problem like GUY CHILL it's not illegal to have a number plate from a different country OK!!

  19. advice for casual people dont call the officer sir unless he uses a polite tone unlike in this video where he keep calling him sir and the officer keep getting c.ocky

  20. That cop the type of cop to tell his doctor after he got diagnosed his wrong and his pretty sure knows whats his talking about

  21. An example of just because the job title says law enforcement doesn't mean they really know the law(s) they entrusted to enforce but that would entail a lot of reading and home work, which is why they become cops, to avoid that.

  22. I am pro cop, but this one handled that very unprofessionally. He was escalating a situation that didn't need escalating. On the other hand, this guy is D-bag that gets off on this kind of thing.When 2 jerks meet !

  23. Shoulda stayed here in Canada, thatll teach you to be brown in the USA. "No I would import my piece of shit car, I'd go there and rent a Lamborghini or something cool are you crazy"

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