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Coop Advertising Dollars and how to use them

Coop Advertising Dollars and how to use them

Hey everybody its Amanda here from Hello Imprint and I just wanted to come to you guys today and do a quick little informational video about where to find some marketing spend that you may not know you have some marketing dollars. As you may know I have been in this industry for 20 years, but while that’s the case I’m still constantly learning new things and I’m working through the international program PPAI to get my certification in Certified advertising specialist and master’s advertising specialist, even though I already had the other two from ASI. So I’m working through those and I was Yesterday and I came across some information that I thought you guys might really be interested in. This is gonna be particularly applicable to my buyers who are in the retail and wholesale realm of manufactured consumer products that’s a lot to say…. so if you’re a retailer or a whole seller of a Manufactured consumer product this message is for you. So basically what while many of you might be familiar with something called a co-op advertising spend, You may not be aware that you can use it in a different way. So a co-op advertising spin is basically an agreement between a manufacturer in a retail to share Advertising costs while at the same time creating brand awareness. So basically what this means is if you have a supplier or a manufacturer of You know residential doors and you are that retailer They want to co brand and Co market with you because you both want to sell the same product and you both have the same goals, so what they do is they allocate a certain amount of dollars per year for you to Use in your marketing as long as you co brand with their logo. You can use these dollars and be reimbursed for part of your marketing spend Basically this co-op advertising Agreement is usually based on your sales volume of the prior year. It’s an allowance. It’s not a check. So basically you would purchase whatever products you were interested in and they would do a reimbursement for you up to a certain percentage and then it’s an account kind of that you can draw from and you have to use it or lose it by the end of the year New Year’s Eve. What a lot of people have not realized is that this there’s two things here first of all Most people go and they use it for print media or they do a brochure or they do an ad or something like that But they don’t realize that they can actually be using it on a tangible product This falls under the “other” category, which is me…. Promotional products those are considered dimensional marketing products. So it is there’s a great possibility that your dollars can also be used on promotional products. So if you had a an event coming up and you wanted to Promote to the general public. Basically, you could go to one of your suppliers or your manufacturers and say hey Do I have a co-op spin that I can use if we co-brand this? Can I make my marketing dollars go further and do more with what I have- with your partnership? So that’s a big thing the other thing is that they can… Like for instance if you wanted to do a Tradeshow and you really wanted to have a lot of visibility and maybe even be a sponsor for the bags or whatever and that’s way out of your budget This would be a situation where maybe you can approach your suppliers or your manufacturers and ask if they have the coop advertising spend that you can share The load of the marketing spend. So there’s quite a few things that you can do with this And I have ideas and if you need ideas, please let me know if you’re not sure Let’s work together to go to some of your partners and find out if this is a way that you can get the best bang For your marketing buck Again, it’s Amanda at Hello Imprint. And if you have any questions, let me know. Y’all have a great week.

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