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Content Marketing Vs. Advertising: 9 Month Review – Building A Online Business From Scratch Ep. 40

Content Marketing Vs. Advertising:  9 Month Review – Building A Online Business From Scratch Ep. 40

Nine months, not bad for the first mile!!! What’s up guys Jason here, aspiring Entrepreneur
and welcome to Episode 40 of Building an Online Business From Scratch. Whoa! This is crazy, so 9 months later 40 episodes
and so this episode is not going to be a hands-on tutorial. It’s just going to be kind of a business update
lessons learned, you know style so I get that out of the way just in case you know some
of you clicked on and you’re like Alright what are we doing to build a business today? So this is this is a reflection and this is
this important stuff.So, I think this is just as important as all the other videos but don’t
want to let you know computers off, we’re just chatting here, we’re just chatting here
and so I wanted to share some big lessons learned over the past 9 months and then wanted
to kind of share where this particular series is going to go especially now that I’m vlogging
as well. Now, the biggest change I want to share from
with you guys is the emphasis on kind of organic and content social media marketing versus
pay traffic. I have always been in the paid traffic category
you know that’s what I did for the agency I worked at and that’s what I always try to
optimize and work on in my first business and with all of the failures I’ve had in the
past, I’ve not until this point have I actually consistently created content you know this
series is actually the first time I consistently created content outside of you know making
a course and trying to sell it, and something I really want to share with you guys it’s
been surprising and you know when I read SEO things and I read the content marketer stuff
and I was like that’s just so much work for such little traffic and what I failed to realize,
mostly on the content I’m talking content marketing not SEO. So, in the content marking side, it’s been
incredible how this channel has grown and the conversations and you know the little
engagement I have been able to you know Garner and get because I’m not making the type of
videos that attract people right, you know this this type of video is not YouTube SEO
friendly like how is YouTube to get a suggest this style of video to someone who’s never
seen it before, but to you know the small collection of you who’ve been sticking with
me and watching these videos, it’s valuable because you get to see step by step and get
to see the progression, you can see oh that worked, oh that didn’t work, oh Jason’s depressed
again right? and so I’m going to I’m calling at 40 episodes and 9 months,we’re at mile
one of the Yellow Brick Road and the Yellow Brick Road is this silly idea that I’m developing
that has to do with the infinite journey that is also Entrepreneurship and the punch line
is ‘You’re always aspiring’ you’re always aspiring to something because if you’re not
aspiring then you’re not doing anything right, you’re dead, you’re gone, you’re you’ve given
up right, and so as an aspiring Entrepreneur, it’s at times difficult especially because
I have to do it publicly to admit that you failed right?It didn’t work, for 9 months
and 40 episodes and not one person purchased my course, not one person. Now, is in my fault for not driving as much
traffic as I should have? Yes,is it my fault for spending so much time
on these videos and content? Yes, is it my fault for taking on other projects
that really weren’t in my best interest but I just wanted to help people out and I’m having
a difficulty saying no to things? Yes. These are all legitimate reasons for
why I did not succeed at this point right?So, at a certain point, I think 9 months is a
good place to say what you’re doing doesn’t work, but it doesn’t mean you’re done right? So it means this phase, this chapter, you
know, I don’t know maybe 6 months-9 months just seems like a good solid point a year
just seems too long right and you wait a year for something you go we shouldn’t change 4
months ago, so I think 9 months is good, so what I wanted to the big takeaway here for
you guys in building your online businesses is I would say, I can’t believe I’m saying
this I think social media and content marketing are where you should go now. And I say that because advertising is so expensive,
it’s very complicated, and I had thought I was just going to be able to hack Facebook
marketing in a few months,No! and listening to stories of people who spent $5,000-$10,000
you know, I know of one YouTuber or who actually started in the same niche his names is Miles
on a link to his video channel below you know, he started behind me, He started after me,
he posted like a video a day, he just went crazy he’s really much for that on his business
and I just seen the consistency of drilling out his content where I was just like all
throw up a video a week and then I’m going to go figure out how to hack Facebook and
along with his channel and other channels that I’ve been watching grow the momentum
that really like right now in 2017,that seems to be that really does seem to be the way
to go, now am I going to play around with Pinterest because I know it’s cheap? Yeah of course and I’m going to still runs
of my going to do some YouTube ads for you guys because I can get views for like three
cents a click, hack Yeah but am I going to run Facebook traffic to a landing page that
doesn’t convert I mean, face it so that enough. Here you guys want to know the numbers, the
numbers here it was a dollar I’m looking at my screen because I need to hear, so it was
one $1.60-$2.30 per click so you need to double that right because Facebook always gives you
wonderful numbers.So, that actually means it was $2.60 so it was actually it was closer
to $3-$6 a click, it just was round up ridiculously and the conversion rate on the page you know
was like point eight it was dismal of course at the end of the day, I only got 36 hits
to the website after mucking through all the garbage with Facebook telling me I got a thousand
people and you know and installing analytics incorrectly,36 people and I go to my home
page not to you know take all of my credibility, when I go to my home page on my site Jasonwhaling.com
and it’s a 20% opt-in rate like what?? you I just looked at the other day we were what???
and I don’t drive, I don’t drive any direct traffic to that right it’s people who see
my YouTube channel now if I put it on a link in my Instagram, you know profile actually,
no I took away, I took away the link in the Instagram profile that it links to here and
so all the signs and directions of pointed to content marketing working versus advertising
I was confusing because of advertising over here.So,content marketing working versus advertising
and one of the great things about I mean content marketing is you create an asset and it keeps
going, keeps going kind of like you know writing a book which is ironically what my course
was all about, so I wasn’t even doing what I was teaching but I wanted to I wanted to
prove both ways, I really want to see which one works better and so the big takeaway here,
I’m saying that for the 3rd time in this video, because this is really, (not clear) So the
big plan is to, I’m going to go if you guys haven’t seen the vlog,I’m going full force
and YouTube creating content and so what I’m going to start doing is showing you guys a
content first approach to selling this particular course. So, what I have going on is, I have this webinar
sales forum and of that and I have the YouTube channel that I’m just growing because I want
to build an audience for a SAS based application for Entrepreneurs and marketing essentially
is going to be a it’s a marketing platform idea and it’s just an idea by the time it
launches, it will be completely different because timing is everything.So, I keep a
running list of holes or gaps in the marketplace so when my audience grows to the size where
I can launch something really quickly I can take advantage of that gap and provide a tremendous
amount of value to you guys. And so that’s kind of the big, that’s a 7-year
plan, right? and then we have the webinar sales forum that supposed to be up here and
then somewhere in the middle, we have a digital marketing agency, right and we have other
business other business ventures that may come along and so when all we’re doing is
number one I’m going to be I may be closing down clickfunnels, because the only reason
I have clickfunnels is for this project specifically, I picked it up, I wanted to show you guys,
do all this stuff and you know what if I’m not saying because I failed like you guys
are going to fail too, just saying that it doesn’t make sense to pay 97 bucks a month,
that’s a big burn rate for an application that’s not helping drive sales. It’s not something drive leads and so I’m
going to be you know the last episode,39, I did those income those brackets of cost,
I’m going to go down the $175. So, I’m going to leave active campaign, I’m
going to go to the free version of MailChimp, I’m going to leave Clickfunnels, I’m going
to go back to optimize press, I have elegant themes installed on my site right now and
so be doing a lot more research into pretty much doing everything on WordPress because
as much as I like click funnels and insta page and things like lead pages and on balance
it just doesn’t make sense for us who are just starting out and building our audiences,
we’re trying to get to that initial cash flow point and all of the struggles and challenges
I keep notes of right this is a huge diary because when I go back and build that piece
of software that I’m going to build way back here, you can better believe that everything
that came before it is going to contribute to this and so people who go down the same
path we do have a much easier time I guess that’s what we all want right? We’re all willing to do the hard work but
unlike school where you know you’re going to you’re going to graduate, you know you’re
going to get it a grade this is so ambiguous you know we can work for 5-6 years and just
then get the results you’re looking for. And so, I hope you got some value out of this
video and I wanted to be just direct and real as possible with you guys because it’s mile
No 1 of the offertory overgrown the yellow brick road as you know doesn’t and it doesn’t
end. Well yes in Wizard of Oz the movie version
of light ended at the city but you can see how it stretch out across the entire the point
is there’s there are cities or destinations but the road itself is endless and the house
to me that you do that part so we’re out of we’re at about 30 minutes here, so I’m going
to go and I want to just thank all of you guys who stuck with me and kind of watching
so please don’t take this as like he’s given up, he’s wasted all my time, I’m just being
upfront and honest like this is, this is the income video you know how they have those
income videos and. You know sales (Oh my Gosh) sort of. How they have those income videos and sales
courses you know or webinars I say I made all this money this is the opposite, this
is I worked all of 9 months and well actually I guess minus because of all the cost but
I’m going to figure it out and when I do, I’m going to help as many people as possible
and then help every single person I come into contact with to circumvent the process that
I’ve gone through. But I mean, the just I mean you guys have
seen it the garbage I mean the absolute, the that absolute garbage and silly, silly, silly
common things that just aren’t true that everyone tells us are true when it comes to building
a business as this kind of gut wrenching and it takes a lot to just keep going especially
when you just keep getting sometimes you feel like you just keep getting punched in the
gut and it’s like man, how did how did anybody else do this? I was anybody else you really kickin butt
and I’m sure there’s lots of different pass, I’m definitely not taking I know for a fact
I’m not taking the easiest one, there have been things I’ve said no to, but I want to
do it transparent as possible and as sustainable as possible. So goodbye click funnels, Hello WordPress,
migrating everything over there and hello content marketing strategy, focus, goodbye
paper click stuff because that’s just going to keep burning my bank balance and because
I’m full time in this now if you haven’t seen the vlog, it’s important to be really cognizant
of how you’re spending your limited resources when the resources that were supposed to come
and didn’t. So, I hope you guys get encouraged by the
fact that it’s not always pretty but as long as you keep moving forward piece by piece
by piece you’re going to be successful, I’m going to be successful and we can all laugh
about this video you know 5-10 years. So, until the next episode is probably going
to be a week there is going to be a week break because I need to kind of re-gather everything
and pivot how I’m presenting all this info to you guys but I promise, episode41 or Season
2 of season two that silly will just be Episode41 will be awesome this kind of concludes mile
No 1 of the analysts Yellow Brick Road of being an aspiring Entrepreneur. Thank you, guys, so much for joining me on
this journey and I say like unsubscribe but if you’re still watching you’re probably already
subscribed.So, thank you for being one of the 456 subscribers of this video, I really
do all this content for you guys because I want all of us to be successful.So, until
the next video, keep building the business you love. Take care.

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  1. Content marketing is for traffic but paid advertising is for re-targeting. Video is for sure the best content so you are doing fine.

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