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Connect Facebook Lead Ads to Google Sheets: How to Create an Integration & a Leads Database

Connect Facebook Lead Ads to Google Sheets: How to Create an Integration & a Leads Database

Managing, organizing, and sorting new
leads is a job unto itself. And it usually involves downloading a CSV from
Facebook lead ads and uploading it into a CRM or spreadsheet, like Google Sheets. It takes time—but what if it didn’t? With Zapier, you can connect Facebook
lead ads to Google Sheets in an instant and send your leads to a spreadsheet as
they come in. If you don’t know Zapier, it’s an
automation tool that makes connecting all your apps happen in a matter of
clicks. And Zapier is going to help me send my leads from Facebook to Google
Sheets with a Zap, an automated workflow. All I’ll really need to do is
connect my Facebook and Google Sheets accounts and then match up information
from my new lead to the columns in Google Sheets. First, I’ll connect my
Facebook account. We have links to our privacy and data policies in the
description but basically, we keep your account information secure with bank
level-encryption. Okay, Facebook’s connected and tested. This down caret
button means I have to select the Facebook page that Zapier should be
monitoring for new leads. Let’s pick a sample lead we can use to set up the
Google Sheets step. We connect to Google Sheets now. This gives Zapier
permission to create a new row in my spreadsheet. And now we just match
information from Facebook to Google Sheets. When you see this button, that
means you can grab information from the first step, from Facebook,
to populate this field. I’ll do that with all my lead’s information so my Google
sheets database can be as thorough as possible. When I click test, we’re
actually going to create a row in Google Sheets so keep that in mind when you
test your Zaps—Zapier is actually making the action happen. Looks like the success so let’s check out Google Sheets. And there it is! Just
like that, we connected Facebook lead ads to Google Sheets. Now, every time a lead
fills out one of my ads, this Zap will run and send the lead to Google Sheets,
building me a leads database automatically. To set this Zap up, I used
a Zap template. They make it faster to create a workflow and come with the apps and actions all ready to go. If you clicked on “Create a Zap” or your editor
looks a little different, don’t worry: The principles are the same. For more
information on Zapier, this Zap template, and for more resources, check out the
description. We hope this helps you be more productive!

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