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Cómo integrar Facebook Ad e Instagram en Sirena

Cómo integrar Facebook Ad e Instagram en Sirena

This integration of Sirena allows you to communicate instantly with your leads generated through Facebook and Instagram ads. When a form from an Ad on Facebook or Instagram is submitted, a message
immediately goes to your entire team, and whoever responds first continues to work with that client. For this configuration, you’ll need to link your Facebook business page to Sirena. We will show you how to create this integration. In the app’s channel section, click on this button. Then, select “Facebook. Give this channel a name and login to your facebook business page here for syncing. You will be given Sirena the authorization to receive the leads from the specific facebook pages. Now you can select which forms from your ads you want to receive in Sirena. And you can, as an option, assign another name per campaign or social network. Finally, click on the activation switch and save it. Now let’s look at how the integration works: Let’s leave our contact details in this ad as an example. You can see here in the News section that it is simultaneously received in Sirena. You can see the message and the source, which is Facebook. You can also find out the name of the sender and how long ago it was received . We can start working with the client by sending a message. When you want to work with this client going forward, you can find them in the “My portfolio” section.

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