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Commercial Background Instrumental Music / Music For Adverts

Commercial Background Instrumental Music / Music For Adverts

Listen, try and license this music for your next video! Enjoy!

37 thoughts on “Commercial Background Instrumental Music / Music For Adverts

  1. We've been subscribed for a while before it dawned on me that the trailed off endings might be on purpose to enable loops back to the beginning? Wondered if you'd do strong endings here instead with just a note as to availability of the loop thing.
    Your music is frequently suitable for gymnastics, figure skating, and acrobatics routines – and there's a huge market for that sort of thing. 🙂

  2. And give us a couple freebies as a reward?? 🙂
    (We'd give you credit on our own channel which is only very new but has a growing following).

  3. "Be Free" is an inspirational, uplifting, positive, guitar based tune with electric guitars, piano, drums, bass and synths. Perfectly fitted for presentations, slideshows, voiceover, kickstarter campaigns or any other purpose that needs an uplifting piece of music.

  4. Very good for my schoolproject! We are doing a advertisment about detergent. Lots of thanks for this music!

  5. i made a commercial with this, its in my gallery comment and like if you wanna know my product name😊😊😊😆😆😆😆😎😎😎😎

  6. Always amazing things coming from your channel. Time to get back in the studio. I can’t wait to hear what you have coming up! ❤️

  7. Commercials have too much music in it if I want to listen to music I'll turn on the radio I don't want it in television it's too distracting and it blocks out what people are saying if they would play the music when there's nothing said in the movie it would be better than covering up their voices

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