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Combating Counterfeits in Online Ads

Combating Counterfeits in Online Ads

for ten years averages to helping businesses
reached more correct a lot of the space today they’re over one million appetizers
using averaging more than a hundred ninety phx a small percentage of advertisers use services
like at least provoked unaffected we work hard to combat those companies in the last half of two thousand similar we
terminated fifty thousand experts and to tell if it happens just how do we find comfort we want legitimate
businesses to send feedback to simply click who else is better able to verify couldn’t
products authenticity and the company that actually makes cooperation because this is a sensual but
bill does its part as well we use the setup automated tools which analyzed
thousands of students every step of the cat was advertised spirited attack violations
in our policy whenever an appetizer signs up for an account the tools automatically review the information which accused accessed keyword in website
for falsifying versions and by the subsidies that have been happy with it no one signals enough mishaps billing address in current location
might mean the company has mobile office by analyzing these segments we can better stats
for the account description decide whether to let the i’d go through well for the crude emma constantly improving
smart as counterfeiters adapt their techniques we
did week incorporate needed at that time of impact
and that’s a little more activism if we decide we miss classified ad this cult of people predicting speech analysis
as well differ brand for the lets us know about someone
trying to sell counterfeit we can take down here incorporate that fit into security measures
twenty four all of which helps the streets safer more useful in positive attributes pairings
for businesses and consumers

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