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Cold Calling 101: 13 Steps to Cold Calls That Work!

Cold Calling 101: 13 Steps to Cold Calls That Work!

Do you struggle to make your cold calls feel like they’re really
a good use of your time? I cannot tell you how many
salespeople tell me that, you know what, cold calling
is just a waste of time, it doesn’t work anymore,
there’s no way to make it work. But you know what? It actually can work well. And what I think you’re
going to see is that it works even better in conjunction
with some other strategies. But sometimes we just need to start from the beginning to get it right. In this video, I’m going
to show you 13 steps to cold calls that work. Check it out. Number one. They can’t hurt you. This point can’t be emphasized enough. I find that so many of
us, including myself when I first started making cold calls. I’d get so scared, so nervous
about potential rejection that we really hold back when
it comes to taking risks, and to implementing
strategies that we know are really likely to work. But we’re really afraid to
just put ourselves out there. And it’s so important to
understand that there is nothing to that a prospect can
do to actually hurt you. Quite frankly, there’s
nothing that could do, they can’t even really report you. Yes, I’m sure in some
countries, there is a potential that you could possibly get reported. But the reality is, is
that the risk is so low, it is so minimal that
we need to keep in mind, there’s nothing that they can do. I cannot tell you the number of times, when I finally really
started to get into a groove with cold calling. And I would find that, let’s say, a particular call is
just going to nowhere. It was just going to total crap. And what I would do is, I
would start to get playful. I would start to take more risks, as opposed to getting more nervous. And as a result, a lot of those cold calls would actually get put back onto track. Knowing that they can’t
hurt you is going to really make you so much
stronger than ever before. Number two. Make it a game. Cold calling is about numbers. It is about being able to push through that potential rejection,
until you’re ultimately getting through to someone who is the right fit, who’s ultimately willing to
have any type of a conversation, and is going to lead to
a potential next step. The reason that most people
hate making cold calls is that, with, let’s say, a one or
two percent success rate, that means that in order
to get one successful scheduled meeting, you’re
probably going to have to make 99 calls that go nowhere. And so the more we can make the process of making these calls a game, having fun, being playful about it, the
more likely we are to actually get through those 99 calls
that are ultimately going to go nowhere, no matter how good
you are at making calls. So make it a game. If you start to see a call
going just completely downhill, be willing to take a risk, to get playful, to try something totally new. If they’re being really rude,
maybe step up your game and be a little bit tougher. Whatever it is, be willing to
be playful, to make it a game. It’s a sport, not something
that has any threat to your life or to your safety. Make it a game. Number three. Be willing to take risks. Now, we’ve already gone
through some of these ideas, but we cannot talk about this enough. When you’re taking risks
during those cold calls, you’re going to have a much
higher likelihood of success. For two reasons. One is, that when a call,
let’s say is, going off track. And you need to step in with a contingency that’s pretty gutsy,
we are now, as a result of taking that risk, more
likely to get the call back on track than we were before. So taking that risk actually
can help those calls. But two, being willing to take
risks also makes the process of cold calling that much less painful. When you’re willing to
take a risk and let’s say, potentially screw up an opportunity, you’re not going to live with
that constant discomfort. The reason that most people,
forget your salespeople, people in the world, are
unwilling, at all cost, to make a cold call is
because they’re so afraid of messing something up. When you’re not afraid
of making that mistake, is when good things happen. And you need to be able to
just get through the numbers. You’ve gotta be able
to make those 100 calls to get that one meeting. So, in the process, you’ve
gotta be willing to take risks. You’ve got to be willing to
deal with the consequence of a call going wrong. And you know what? It’s not that big a deal. It doesn’t matter. If you completely screw
it up, it doesn’t matter. I remember one of my first
successful cold calls was with a really high up,
at a major well known brand. Someone who was the head of marketing, essentially for a Fortune 500 company. And I remember being so nervous. But I also remember thinking
that, you know what, I really have nothing to lose. I’ve gained nothing at this point, so if I’m willing to take risks, I’m much more likely to be successful. And as a result of that
mindset, I was able to schedule that meeting which ultimately
turned into a sale. But you know what, if at
any point along the way, that had gone south and it
didn’t turn into something, so what? Like one of my mentors used to always say. Some will, some won’t, so what, next. Number four. Warm it up as much as possible. Now, this might not actually
be what you think it means. I don’t mean get warmed up for the call or get psyched or get into
a good positive energy. In fact, no, the opposite. I think, you just, in order
to start making cold calls, start to making dials, you
just pick up the phone. You don’t think about it, you just do it. But what I mean by warm
it up as much as possible, is warm up the interaction
as much as possible. By making sure that by the time
you actually get this person onto the phone and they know who you are. And that usually includes
incorporating the cold call within a prospecting campaign. Make it a full process whereby
you’re making 20 touches over the course of, let’s
say a couple of months. So that way, by the time
you actually get the person on the phone, they’re much
more likely to be receptive. That means sending them
emails, sending letter, stopping by their office,
doing whatever you have to do to get in front of their face,
so that way, by the time that you actually get them on the
phone, they know who you are. In fact, a lot of recent data shows that most salespeople are
giving up on the first or second attempt when contacting a prospect. But most of the attempts
that actually get through happen on the sixth or
even seventh attempt. In between that, there are going
to be a number of contacts. Be sure to warm up that cold
call as much as possible so that way, it’s not
actually a real cold call by the time you get them on the phone. Number five. Script out the entire call. Now, there’s not many
pieces of advice that I give that gets more pushback than this idea. I get so many salespeople
say, oh I don’t like to use a script, then I’m
gonna sound scripted. And my response always is the same. What’s your favorite TV show,
or what’s your favorite movie of all time? Now, think about what
that is, in your head. Now, do you think when they
shot that movie or that TV show, do you think they didn’t have a script? No, of course they had script. They practiced the script so
that, by time they actually went to film it, it looks
totally and completely natural. You had no idea that
what you were watching, when you’re watching, your
brain is not thinking, oh this looks very scripted. The reason that it’s a great
movie or a great TV show is that in fact it doesn’t look scripted. But it’s very tightly scripted. And the same things goes
for an effective cold call. You want to make sure that your
entire call is scripted out. And what you’re going to
find is that by doing that, your calls going to be so much tighter than it ever was before. Just going willy nilly and off the cuff is going to get you into a lot of trouble. You’re gonna go into diversions,
you’re gonna go this way, you’re gonna go that way. What we want to do is make sure that we’re focusing completely
on that prospect. And we’re not using any wasted verbiage. What I find is that, when
salespeople make calls that are not scripted, they
just go all over the place and the call takes forever and the prospect is completely uninterested and
all they really wanna do is get off the phone. Script out that entire call. Number six. Know your first seven seconds cold. Now, this may sound obvious
or even trite to some people. But what I find is that
we don’t often think about how we’re initially
introducing ourselves to prospects. And by knowing your first
seven seconds, inside and out, you’re going to be so much more likely to get to that next step. Now the way cold calls work,
always has, always will, is that, the first seven
seconds are buying you the next 25 seconds. So what you wanna do is,
use that first seven seconds to catch the person off guard, like oh, so that way, you’re gonna
get another 25 or so seconds. And then throughout the entire call, you’re always fighting for
that next 25 or so seconds. But none of those additional
seconds later on happen without having first that
strong first seven seconds. So know exactly what you’re going to say in that first seven seconds. What we wanna be doing
is, we wanna be using what are called, pattern
interrupts to catch the person off guard, so that way,
they’re like, oh okay, you know, maybe I should
talk to this person. Do I know this person, do
I not know this person? Should I be polite,
should I be rude, right? We need to catch them in a
place where they’re thinking, oh, okay, yeah, I’ll give
this person 25 seconds. And so there are a couple
of lines that tend to, the data shows, be most effective. And one of those lines is,
something that sounds like this. Hey George, Mark Wayshak calling. How have you been? Now notice what that line said. It’s not how are you doing. It’s saying how have you been. Now what you’re doing is,
you’re catching them off guard in a way where they’re saying,
uh, do I know this person? Do I not? It’s not a trick. But what you’re doing is,
you’re using the script in a way that actually, the data shows
is about six times more likely to get you that next 25
seconds than had you not used that types of a line. Know the first seven seconds cold. Number seven. The more you talk about
you, the worse you do. In fact, the data shows
time and time again, that salespeople that are going on and on about their own company
or about themselves are going to do significantly worse. The more you’re talking about yourself, spending time introducing
yourself, talking all about how great you or your company is,
the worse you’re going to do. And by a factor of many times. What you wanna do is, you
wanna get through that initial introductory part
really quickly and you wanna get in to the purpose of your call. The purpose of my call
is and get right into it. So don’t spend time, you know, lots of sentences talking
about your company and your story and all that stuff. That’s junk, no one cares about that. Remember the prospect
doesn’t care about you, they care about themselves,
solving their challenges, accomplishing results. Get through that part about yourself and right into what they actually about. Number eight. Focus on the challenges you’re seeing. One of the best ways to engage prospects in a conversation during a
cold call is to really focus on the challenges that you’re
seeing in the marketplace. What this is going to
do is, really twofold. The first is that it shows that
you really have your finger on the pulse of what’s actually happening. You’re showing that you
have real expertise and you’re not talking about
yourself, you’re providing some real value about what
are those key challenges that maybe other people that
they know are dealing with. And then two, if you’re
talking about, or you mention a challenge that is going
to be something that they relate to, now you’re
more likely to engage them in a conversation. You’re more likely to get them talking. Again, the data shows
that the more you can get a prospect talking, telling their story, talking about their challenges, talking about what they
care about, the more likely you are to get that second meeting and ultimately close that sale. So focus on the challenges you’re seeing, using a line like this. You know George, right
now, I’m finding that a lot of companies in your marketplace are dealing with the following. Right and blah blah blah,
challenge one, challenge two, challenge three. Get right into it, focus
on those challenges that you’re seeing. Number nine. Engage them to start talking. This cannot be emphasized enough. The more the prospect
starts to really talk in a meaningful way,
the more likely they are to stay on the phone and
thus schedule a next step and thus turn into a sale. We’ve got to engage them
in a way to start talking. And what I find is that so
many salespeople are focused on pitching whatever it is that they sell, that they fail to really
engage that prospect in a two way dialogue. It becomes more of that
one way monologue or that pitch or that presentation. And in this call, it’s too early. What you wanna do is engage
them to start talking because once they’re talking, they’re in. And so let’s say for example, after you’ve talked about
some of those challenges, you wanna finish that little paragraph with something that sounds like, George, did any of these
challenges ring true to you? And what you’re doing
is, you’re inviting them into the conversation. And let’s say they say no. Then maybe you follow up with a question that says something like this. Okay, fair enough, sounds
like this conversation doesn’t even make much sense. Before I hang up, could I ask
you just one last question? And they’ll always say yes to that. And then this is the question,
it’s the last chance, it’s the hail Mary. But it might sound something like this. If there were one thing that
you could be doing better with, and fill in the black,
whatever it is that you, related to whatever you sell. If there’s one thing that you
could be doing better with, your sales, what would it be? Silence. Let them fill the space. Engage them to start talking. Now I use sales because that’s
what I would use on a call. But what is it for you? Is it marketing, operations,
food services, whatever. Get them talking. Number ten. Dig into what’s really going on. Now, this requires that
you’ve engaged them in the conversation, right? You’ve got them going. And now what a lot of
salespeople get wrong is as soon as they start to
get a challenge or two, they go right into pitch mode. Well, you are in the right
place, we have this awesome new service, this incredible
product that’s gonna solve everything for you. And by the way, it’s at a low price of just nine ninety nine. Whatever it is, they go
into pitch mode because they’re excited cuz they
feel like they’ve got a fish on the line. A great fisherman, when they
feel a pull on the line, they don’t just pull it out. What they actually do is, they
give a little bit more line to let the fish really bite onto the hook. That’s exactly what we’re doing here. When a prospect says
oh yeah, actually, well one of the challenges that
we’re dealing with is this. You don’t say, well I’ve got the solution. You say, tell me more. You go in, you dig in, you ask questions around those challenges to
really make sure that A, it’s a fit and B, that
they’re seeing the value of solving those challenges. And again, they’re feeling engaged and they feel like you understand them. Dig into what’s really going on. Number eleven. Get that next step locked in. This is really the most important part of closing out a call. Any kind of a prospecting call is that you are establishing a next step. I always ask salespeople,
what’s the purpose of a prospecting call or a cold call. And they always say, oh, to get a sale. No, that’s not true. Yes ultimately in the long
run, a successful cold call can lead to a sale. But really the goal of any cold call, is to get a clear next step. This means that we need to ensure that we lock that next step in. Whether it’s a face to face
meeting or a webinar or whatever it is that next
step is, be very defined and make sure you lock that in. Make sure that you have
a very clear next step with a calendar invite that goes out, with a accepted invite, with a date, with a time, all of that. So that way, we know exactly
what that next step is and we know who’s going to
be a part of that next step. Number twelve. Confirm the next step. Now I already gave this away a little bit but it’s so important. And it’s a technical next step but it’s really really critical. Which means that when you get
someone to agree to a meeting, while you’re on the phone with them, you send out that calendar invite. You make sure that it
gets into their inbox and that they accept the invite. So it’s something like this. Let’s say you’ve had a good conversation. Say George, can I make a recommendation? How about we set up a meeting
where I’ll come to your office and we can really dig more
deeply into this and I can share with you some best practices
on how many of our clients have solved these challenges before. Would that make some sense? And the prospect says,
sure, yeah, absolutely. You say, okay, great. So what would work for you? And then you go back and forth
and you nail down a time and a date and you say, okay,
great, are you in front of your computer or your phone, your smartphone by any chance? They say, yeah of course. You say, okay great. I’m gonna send you a
calendar invite right now. And just be sure that you
see that come through and so that way it’s in, we can
avoid any back and forth. Does that make sense? And they say, sure. Send out the invite,
get it locked in, get it into their calendar so that
way that step is very clear. Confirm that next step. Number thirteen. Don’t run away from the
phone after each call. Now, this is so important. Because like I started
this conversation with, ultimately, cold calling is about numbers, it is about making a lot of dials. And what the big difference
between effective people who make prospecting calls
and ineffective people, is that the effective
people, any time they get off the phone, they pick it right back up and get to the next call. Now there are a lot of services
that even do auto dialing so that way, the person
never, you never even have to hang up the phone, you never
even have to physically put down the phone or anything like that. We don’t have to go that
far but don’t run away from the call after each call. Get right back into the next. I have never seen people
who are great cold callers making only five cold calls at a time. The most effective cold callers
are making many many dials each and every single day. So that might mean, 20, 30, 40, 50 dials. Maybe a hundred dials in a day. And the only way you get
through that number of dials is that you don’ get away from
the phone after each call. Even when you have a successful call, use that momentum to go
right into the next call. Don’t run away from the
phone after each call. So there are 13 steps
to cold calls that work. I wanna hear from you. Which of these ideas did
you find most useful? Be sure to share below
in the comments section to get involved in the conversation. And if you enjoyed this
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100 thoughts on “Cold Calling 101: 13 Steps to Cold Calls That Work!

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  9. I am so guilty of running away from the phone after a phone call. But you're exactly right you're the way I turn it into a game is man I hit the green button and it starts calling and there's nothing I can do about it. I just have to go. But the thing is, I do have to read my notes from the previous calls so I know where I'm going with it. it doesn't mean I'm bad at doing cold calls. It just means I get nervous. It actually means I'm very thorough and I care a lot about the calls. but yes if you have any tips on how to get faster, I need to know. I think I make the best call than anyone I work with. But I take five times longer as well. It takes me all day to make 25 calls when it's supposed to take 2 hours. I really get nervous with the ones that have said sorry we're not interested before. Because then I just feel rude when I call again. And I try to pry for more information to work go a different angle. I even had a prospect last week tell me that I was being rude and not respecting the fact they said they weren't interested.

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    If people can reach you, they can hurt you

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