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Coco Pops Cereal Milk Frappé #Ad

Coco Pops Cereal Milk Frappé #Ad

Do you like a good frappé? Do you like all things chocolatey? Come on, who doesn’t? Do you have a secret fetish for cereal milk? Well lucky you, because this is our Coco Pops Cereal Milk Frappé. Made by a chef And tested by regular guys This is the perfect concoction of Mexican horchata with cereal milk, famed from Brooklyn in New York And a frappé. And to prove how easy it is we’re gonna put it to the test And now for the recipe itself. Now the best mouthful of any bowl of cereal is that final spoonful of milk. That’s the cereal milk. To get it, we want to steep a bowl of cereal in milk and a little bit of water. Horchata, typically made from rice so we’re gonna use Coco Pops so that way we get the chocolatey flavour, the rice flavour and the cereal milk flavour. Another ingredient common in horchata will be a mixture of seeds, sesame seeds, or nuts, maybe almonds. In this case, roasted peanuts, a generous handful of and then we’ve got the chocolatey flavour. But to bring that out, a whole bunch of other staple kitchen ingredients. So a pinch of salt, a drizzle of honey, a pinch of ground cinnamon and a drop of vanilla extract And to stop the whole drink becoming too rich, the zest of about half a lemon just freshens it up. Give the whole mixture a stir and then leave it to steep in the fridge for 20 minutes. Fancy word, it means let it go soggy. After 20 minutes we’re going to blitz it until it’s smooth and then strain it through a fine sieve until it is super smooth. That’s the basic drink and all the flavours have had time to mingle. Let it down with a little bit of extra cold milk so you’ve got a consistency that if you wanted to drink it through a straw it would work. For the extra bit of optional fanciness we’re going to do a Coco Pops rim. All that is is take the glass you’re gonna serve it in and dip it into honey to make it sticky. Then dip that into crushed up Coco Pops. You can either use a food processor or a Ziploc bag with a rolling pin. And then serve over ice For that perfect drink. And there we go. Our chocolatey cereal milk infused with lemon and cinnamon, super easy, sorted. And there we go, we can taste it. Good. Yep. Oh. Uh. Grab a straw and have a slurp. *general noises and laughter* Thanks for making one each. Yeah thanks Ben. Ooh. Ooh yeah. That is great. That is very good. Although I do think the straws defeat the point of the uh Coco Pops rim. Super super delicious and really, really easy. And to prove just how easy it is, we’re going to put this to the test. So we’re gonna to split into two teams. Team A, me and Jamie. And Team B, Ben and Barry. Jamie has been blindfolded so it’s up to me to guide him to make the recipe. For Team B, Barry will be making the recipe but we’ve put headphones on him so he can’t hear. It’s going to be up to Ben to instruct him, but Ben can’t speak. Let’s see how this pans out. Okay so everything but the ice goes in a bowl. So Coco Pops first, 150 grams. Right hand right– Yeah THAT’S IT. Got it. Yep. Yep. Down down down down down down down. Down down *laughter* You put He’s put his *laughter* finger in it Yeah. Showing off What are the big lumps? What’s that? What is that? *laughter* I forgot there’s a lemon in the bowl! Left left left left. That’s right. Oh Left left left left left. That’s your grater. Yeah that’s probably the right way round. You’ll feel it when you take your knuckles off. Oh my goodness, that’s pretty good! Did I do it? Not now no! Oh right. You probably need *metallic banging as bowl falls on floor* Yeah. No! Forward forward forward! What do you mean forward? Forward what’s forward? What’s forward? No! What’s forward? Left hand forward. Right. Left hand forward. Forward. Why did you panic? I’m gonna go for oh. *laughter* Right. There. No! That’s towards you! Right. Oh. Okay. No! No no stop! Higher. Now tip. No! Forward forward forward! *laughter* Right hang on. Mate. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Stop! Smashed it. Oh wow that’s bright. Yeah, now brace yourself for carnage. Ooh wow. *laughter* One word. One syllable. First syllable. A cup? Pour the vanilla. The monkey? Clever. What the? Milk! Mi – ah my goodness Thank you. Anyone? One. Table! Spoon. Not turned on. Glasses. Cold. You look really hot, you don’t look cold. Glass. Round the Round the edge. Put it in something In what? In Coco Pops! Nailed it! Sorted! Do you know what? Results all round. Good job mate. That’s fantastic. If you’re not to picky about presentation that makes a really good evening snack. Yeah and super versatile. You can sub out the lemon for other citrus for cinnamon for mixed spice. Or take out the Coco Pops gives it the chocolatey flavour and why not use just cornflakes So comment down below. Let us know what flavour combos would you go for? The world is your cereal milky oyster. And if you enjoyed this video then please let us know by giving this a like. Until next time. Goodbye. Bye. Ciao. Got any ideas for snacks using Kellogg’s cereals, share your photos on Kellogg’s Facebook page using the hashtag #BecauseYum

100 thoughts on “Coco Pops Cereal Milk Frappé #Ad

  1. Watching that while having a sore abdominal was the worst idea ever 😂
    Oh my god that was brilliant and hilarious! I would absolutely do this recipe on my cheat day as a treat 😍

  2. Ok, that was probably the funniest thing I have ever seen….and I can't wait to try the recipe here at home. Great job Jamie and Barry! Ben why were you pointing to your bottom?

  3. if you dont drink this with those cocopop straws (or were they nesquick…??? theyre like waferish straws with chocolate inside anyways) then youre losing

  4. How about insttead of letting it down with extra milk and THEN serving it on ice, you would freeze cubes of milk and use that instead, so it wouldn't get watered down?

  5. These guys are the kings of taking sponsored videos and making them just as entertaining as the rest of their content. I love it!

  6. Could they make this for someone who's lactose intolerant? What type milk alternative would you use to substitute the milk?

  7. Barry and Ben worked so well together, they truly are the best of friends. Did you know that they live together in a country cottage? They take baths together 'cause they love to save water. SCRUB MY BACK, BEN. (comment of the week)

  8. Hey sorted! I've been watching you for a long time and have learned a lot. In that time I've both become vegetarian and discovered I'm lactose intolerant. I was wondering if we could maybe see more "strange" ingredients that have health benefits? Things like wheat germ, TVP, soy curls, bulgur, etc. that I think most people don't know how to cook. Maybe this is a niche request but I also think it might be cool to see the creativity that comes from it!

  9. not sure if this counts as a snack, but what about friend fish with a cereal coating? i know it sounds odd and maybe even disgusting (and super unhealthy) but my mum used to make my brother and i beer battered fish but substituted beer with sprite and coated the fish in rice crispies for my brother and frosted flakes for me. we thought it's be disgusting and she made these for fun, but they ended up being such a neat and whimsical dish!

  10. …is it possible to get the same general chocolate flavor with something like Cocoa Krispies? I haven't seen Coco Pops in the US, so…

  11. Barry wearing the headphones while Ben couldn't speak kind of defeated the point of Barry wearing headphones, but it looked amusing either way.

  12. Why would you put water and milk in the same drink? I dont think that would taste good. Why not just freeze some of the mixture in an ice tray?

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