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100 thoughts on “COCO MADEMOISELLE Eau de Parfum Intense – CHANEL

  1. Каждый раз когда смотрю внутри все переварачивается.Это очень красиво💖

  2. a 00:13 si vede all'estrema sinistra una statua fatta da anelli, qualcuno sa dirmi se si tratta di una lampada a piantana?

  3. just seen this at tv, and wanted to know who made the soundtrack, this is amazing! love the way it's synced.

  4. Anna Nicole Smith would have been the Total face for Chanel 5. But they wimped out because they "don't want to take any chances" with business. :0(

  5. I am amazed with this commercial. So happy that so many people enjoied this music as well. i am hooked on it since i heard it for the very first time. And i love how everything comes together. this commercial describes scent so well. Sophisticated yet miserious and sparkling at the same time . Just magical 😍💖

  6. أرقى عطر اعشق العطور النسائية وشانيل بس اصدار كوكو موزموزيل كان خرافي وجذاب بشكل والعطر الثاني كوجي برائحة زهرة الليمون وبلاك اوبيوم ونارسييو الوردي عشق باريس الجمال

  7. alguien mas se dio cuenta de que la canción es un plagio de "like spinning plates" de radiohead? ponganla en velocidad 0,75 para comparar mejor, o hasta en 0,5

  8. That's what I call shooting a commercial: it's perfect, with anything out of place. Keira is amazing (as always), the story told is amazing in its simplicity and also the soundtrack is memorable, as I'll never get tired of it. Looking at it after Karl has gone, makes me feel a little melancholic…

  9. Krister Linder just released his Second Solo Album "Across the Never" – and wrote the Music for several Soundtracks like "Metropia" – and the latest one is called "The Nile Hilton Incident". Great Music for your ears and Soul.

  10. La música está excelente, tendría que haber un remix u otra versión más extendida 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  11. Alguien sabe como se llama la música de fondo,la neta no se que me pasa cuando la escucho ME ENCANTA me hacer recordar momentos bueno no se pero solo se que quiero saber el nombre😫

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