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Clive Palmer’s $60 million election advertising blitz | 7.30

Clive Palmer’s $60 million election advertising blitz | 7.30

It’s an unprecedented type of political campaigning. This is an astronomical amount of money we’re
seeing spent so far by Clive Palmer on the campaign – probably in Australian history,
it’s one of the highest figures we’ve ever seen. The United Australia Party will fight for
you. We have got to put Australia first. Vote United Australia Party. Gold Coast businessman, Clive Palmer, is on
an advertising splurge – the kind usually reserved for major brands and fast food companies. We have an extensive advertising campaign. The media is putting it at $31 million. I
believe he’s spent more than that. It’ll end up going to about $60 million. The United Australia Party is contesting every
seat across the country and according to some polls, is in the running to pick up at least
one senate seat. People tell me they’re sick of seeing Clive
on the TV. I said, “Isn’t that good. You’re not missing it,” and I don’t think anyone
is missing it. The party’s founder and leader, controversial
businessman, Clive Palmer, has clinched a preference deal with the LNP, further boosting
the prospects of his political movement. We figured out the devil you know is better
than the devil you don’t. No-one can deny the fact that Morrison has
delivered good economic numbers and a strong economy. We think, frankly, Bill Shorten and the Greens,
Labor and the Greens, would be far worse for the economy, and Clive Palmer thinks the same,
and the United Australia Party thinks the same. Having the Coalition come out so strongly
and identify where their preferences should go, to Clive Palmer is like endorsing his
brand as well. It is like giving a celebrity endorsement. The United Australia Party is a rebranded
version of the now defunct Palmer United Party which at its height five years ago controlled
the balance of the power in the Senate, with a bloc of four crucial votes. Jeremy Davey was a member, candidate and deputy
leader of the Queensland branch of the party during these halcyon days. What was it like to work inside the party? Very disorganised. I think Working Dog actually
could make a comedy series on it when they’re finished with Utopia. Clive had oversight over everything. I remember
a day of trying to buy $100 worth of stamps but it couldn’t be approved until Clive got
back into the office. The golden age for Palmer United lasted only
months. Two senators resigned, Clive Palmer retired
from politics and the party was eventually deregistered. The
vacuum left by the demise of Palmer United was filled by Pauline Hanson’s One Nation
but One Nation had its own problems and last year its New South Wales Senator Brian Burston
defected to Clive Palmer’s renamed party. After speaking to Clive and his vision, I
thought, well, it lines up with most of my political aspirations and thoughts for Australia
and I thought it would be a good move. I knew he had resources behind him. Senator Burston says the United Australia
Party is not as extreme as his former party. We’re to the left of One Nation, particularly
in regards to our immigration policy. We’re a non-discriminatory immigration policy.
It’s not based on race, religion. It’s based on everyone being equal and what they can
contribute to the country. Clive Palmer’s party is out there to get vote-share
from One Nation. He’s more centre and that centre does appeal to people who are looking
to put their votes somewhere but who don’t want to go to the left. But Clive Palmer is no political cleanskin. For the past three years he has been dogged
by controversy over the closure of his Townsville nickel refinery and the non-payment of tens
of millions of dollars in workers’ entitlements. Last year, he was denying responsibility. It’s not that I can’t pay people. It’s that
I don’t owe people. I’m going to make sure that the administrators pay those people for
the unconscionable behaviour they did. Undoubtedly Clive Palmer has made some extraordinarily
insensitive comments and we’ve seen him, I think, display an inordinate amount of ingratitude
to the people of Townsville and that’s a real disappointment. Clive Palmer has since changed tack – last
week announcing he is providing funds for outstanding payments. Considering the hard times being experienced
in Townsville and in fact, although I was just a shareholder of the holding company
of Queensland Nickel at the time, with no personal liability, I had arranged for a payment
of $7 million for that purpose to be paid into a solicitor’s trust account. The tens of millions of dollars Clive Palmer
has paid for advertising over the past eight months has more often than not had a positive
message. The best life is a family. The best country
is Australia. Love Australia and put Australia first. If anything, Clive Palmer’s campaign is very,
very similar to what we see with a commercial campaign being run. So it is very much by the commercial playbook
of how you might do a commercial marketing campaign but it’s now been applied to politics. The United Australia Party doesn’t operate
like a conventional political party. Its official headquarters here in Brisbane
shares the same office as Clive Palmer’s private company. If you ring the listed telephone number all
you get is an answer machine and all the Brisbane candidates 7.30 has approached for an interview
have said they’ve been directed by the party not to talk to us. Clive Palmer himself also declined 7.30’s
interview request. He held what his office described as a media conference in Brisbane
today but Mr Palmer read out a prepared statement and walked off without taking any questions. We have to put Australia first and we’re here
to win. Thanks very much. Mr Palmer… He seems to be trying to get elected without
actually putting himself under scrutiny, the scrutiny that we would normally expect. So it is a very different type of campaign
here in Australia and of course it’s backed up by the great wealth that he has accumulated
from his business dealings. The rebooted Palmer Party holds no appeal
for its former Queensland deputy leader. I got the invite letter to go back myself
which… Did you take it seriously? No. It’s all a bit of a circus and really,
it’s a bit insulting. But Senator Burston believes Clive Palmer’s
business controversies aren’t affecting the party. According to our polling, we’re polling double
figures in all states. So if that translates into seats, it should
translate to six senate seats and hopefully a number of Lower House seats in some states. Irrespective of the outcome of the election,
Clive Palmer may have already achieved his objective, with an LNP preference deal, the
businessman has won back something he lost four years ago – political influence. Maybe the money he spent, the $35 million
so far he has spent and outlaid in advertising, is the best investment he’s ever made because
if his objectives and he can influence policy in areas he wants to influence policy through
the Coalition, that’s all he had to do, right, that’s all he wanted to do.

100 thoughts on “Clive Palmer’s $60 million election advertising blitz | 7.30

  1. If you can't look after your physical health Clive, how will you look after the countries health?

  2. LOL, trust the corrupt media to claim he owes tens of millions, when in fact it's only 7 million.

  3. You only spend that much on advertising if you think you'll get an even greater return, hes not spending $60m to help his fellow Australian, he wants the power to enable his own businesses!
    This is corruption 101

  4. Yer we don’t need an Aussie trump ….. u really think he wants to help Australians ? The moment he gives money to charity is the moment I’ll give a shit

  5. Minute 1:50 that Chinese guy standing there, We all know why They want Asians to see him and vote for that party. But I hope they are smarter than this.

  6. Clive claimed to Alan Jones the resort was back in business.

  7. Scott Morrison: I took $16 billion dollars from public schools and gave it to rich private school

    Clive Palmer: Hold my 100% Australian made beer

  8. Clive says he will raise the old age pension by 150 per week.

    Who is going to pay for that?

    Labour says they will hit the top end of town.

    Does anybody believe these lies?

    Kevin Rudd tried to introduce the mining tax and we all know what happened to him.

  9. It is ok when the Liberals and Labor spend millions of dollars on annoying advertising but not when Clive Palmer does? Bring back the Mining Tax and make it even higher. Cliver Palmer is robbing the Australian Public.

  10. Wouldn't vote UAP even with a gun at my head, he's as dodgy as a $3note. If he can spend so much on this election then why can't he pay his debts??

  11. Go Clive. There's so many disillusioned voters out there. I'll be voting United Australia Party in the House of Reps and One Nation in the Senate. Vote for libs or shifty Shorten and you will get more of the same crap (definition of insanity: Keep doing the same thing while expecting a different result). Nuclear reactors for South Australia = cheap power.

  12. Ad hominem attack rather than addressing the points he makes … not a fan of Clive Palmer but the points he makes in his advertising are TRUE … Labor can't address the issues because they know he is RIGHT

  13. He is like tRump. He's spending all this money knowing that he will be in a position to get it all back, plus interest.
    Once in government, I expect his companies will get a lot of government contracts. And like tRump, his record in business is not too good.

  14. Well if he did indeed won a couple of seats he and his party will have the last laugh. Just saying don't laugh until the fat lady has left the building.

  15. Give the bloke ago. He answered every question did not side step any issue, let him run the country a successful business man like he did his personal wealth. A proven track record of accumulation. Give the non-politician ago at politics, ours, yours and his.

  16. Lets not forget the mine workers not been paid yet ? For the miners to claim their entitlements, sneaky fat clive has implemented a series of measures designed to slow down/discourage worker's making claims for wages owed to them. Clive's business practice has been far from satisfactory. He has no conscience nor principle for righting his wrongs. It's all about himself, filling up his back pocket. His a disgusting piece of work. Once a dog, always a dog. 👌🏻👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  17. He still owe his workers salary. But spent over 50m+ on campaign. We should trust such a person as a politician.

  18. Clive is a giant idiot. Instead of spending 60 million on forcing us aussies to look at his big dumb face everywhere we turn. Clive should have paid the workers his former employees who are still waiting for their stolen wages. No matter how many times I see his big ugly face I still do'nt want to vote for him. It actually makes me can't stand him more.

  19. DONT SKIP THE ADS he pays more if they play in full. Just mute them. Let Google get the $$$ off him his employees can’t get. Daily ad spend goes quicker, less people see the ads. ITS YOUR OZTRALYAN DUTY 😜😜😜

  20. Getting in inbed with the libs is like putting a turn ontop of another turd. This party is a joke.

  21. Chinese Communist Government! Shut the hell up and go for a bike ride ya fat prick, fix townsville before you ‘fix’ anything else (‘fix’ meaning run the economy into the dirt.)

  22. ABC is Funded by the Taxpayer .. and THIS BS has been created as a smear campaign against a RUNNING candidate.

  23. What happened to unbiased reporting, why not have an interview with Clive Palmer where he can at least answer you accusations. No you just wont to spew lies & accusations with your commentary with out interviewing anyone to defend themselves from your accusations. Typical abc lift wing biased lies, why are we made to pay for this left wing propaganda juggernaut. abc sucks!

  24. There is no point in ranting against China – his last soldier in the Senate before the Double Dissolution was the Chinese.

    I could write books about Germans cheating – so why does Palmer sound like the Chinese are the only ones in the cheating game? He should read Alan Sugar's memoirs, of Amstrad – the stuff about the hard drives.

    We have to deal with them all, bright and ugly – and always consider that the person (could be Pompeo!) is lieing, cheating, and stealing. What put me off completely was the advocacy for nuclear power stations. Does he understand the clean up costs of Sellafield, Fukushima, and Chenrnobyl? Cheap (?!) power today – big costs tomorrow. No Clive. Done the voting today, but not for you.

  25. Have a Tim Tam , fat pig your a insult to the intelligence of Australian voters , you can not buy votes ,

  26. I hope that it buys him absolutely nothing. I think Australians are too smart to vote for Clive and will outright reject him at this election. Let's wait and see.

  27. We've still got Fukushima spitting poison into the ocean and this twit is advocating that South Australia go Nuclear…

  28. I have already voted and pleased to announce that I put Fat boy and his dumb party 3rd last Pauline 2rd last and very last was Anning and I put him last as he reminds me of Hitler

  29. Huh? So he’s taking votes from the pool then aligning himself with the party that gives him the biggest tax cut? Makes sense… when you have a billion dollars a mere 1% translates to ten million dollars

  30. Egomaniac pr!ck always believes he can pay his way into parliament. Hope his political career will be like his dinosaur park, extinct.

  31. Clive palmer lives in la la land – if he really thinks his ads won Scott Morrison election – Clive needs to go strait pass GO COLLECT $200 so he can start paying back all the workers there money and admit himself into a mental hospital and stay there, so he is out of every bodies way

  32. Yes, Clive Palmer spent over $ 60 million on his campaign, so what! Jealous people who have nothing; try to vilify him, but in anycase, he is not going to succeed. Why? Because if a good looking educated, well-spoken man like him, has not enough self- discipline, humility nor self-awareness to control his intake of food et al and looks so bloody bloated and overweight. It is a no-confidence vote for him as a leader. How he can not see that beats me.

  33. His advertising blitz showed me how Labour was selling airports to China .Nobody should be allowed to sell Australian land to a foreign power.

  34. Typical ignorant and biased reporting from the ABC…but then I don't expect any truth from them! Poor reporting ABC!

  35. This is the problem the reason why he is advertising so much is because of how big liberal and labor is it’s to hard to tell people that other parties exist basically.

  36. He is so corrupt. It’s just a shame he never thought to give any of his stolen cash to a decent tailor or hairdresser. He always looks like a walking dog haired carpet.

  37. He just want to be Donald. Haha. What a loser couldn’t even be original. You know why china fail because it copy. And now you just did the same.

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