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Clients Say, “I need to do some research” And You Say, “…”

Clients Say, “I need to do some research” And You Say, “…”

– So, what was the issue? What did he say before you
guys got off the phone? – [Steven] So pretty
much, we’re talking about you know, what the J.V parlor looks like, I ended up saying like, at the
end I was pretty much like, “Hey, trust me on this one”,
because he wasn’t so sure. “We’ve done this in the past”, and I had to do a lot of
reassuring in the end. And in the end he was like, “(sighs) you know, I have to
do a little bit more research.” – So, he’s a bit on the
fence, but he knows how the joint venture would work? – [Steven] He understand
how it works, I don’t want– – He’s done J.V.’s before, right? – [Steven] He’s done it before, yes. – Okay so, so his objection is, “I want to do more research on this, “I want to think about it.”
– That’s right. That’s right, that’s
exactly what happened. – When he said that, what did you say? – [Steven] I was basically like, “Dude like, trust me on this one. “Like, we’ve don’t this many times before. – Mm. “It works for other people,
I’ve looked at your channel, “I’ve researched what you do”, right, “and your audience.” I really tried to keep
the attention on him, but still he was like,
“(sighs) I don’t know.” I think that might have
actually pushed him away, I can’t tell though. – Mm, so at the end, you
were justifying a little bit? – [Steven] 100%, you hit the
nail on the head (laughs) (Dan laughing) – Okay, okay. Lets role play this a bit, okay? So,
– Okay. – when someone says if, they say, “I want to do a little bit more research”, that’s not the truth, right? That is
– Okay. – not the truth, that’s
not what is going on. What do you think is going on? What is he thinking? – [Steven] Maybe he has
to talk to somebody, and maybe, I think its just lack of trust. – Lack of trust, yes.
– Maybe you jumped the gun too soon maybe a little bit too pushy.
– Uh, fear of making a mistake, don’t know if this is
the right thing to do. – That’s right.
– He could clearly see, this deal will
make him a lot of money, but he’s a little bit on the fence right? – Yes.
– So he needs a reassurance, the problem
is the way that you did it. If you told him, “Oh, just trust me man, “we’ve done this a lot, we’ve
done millions of dollars “with J.V. partners, you
can just trust me on this.” That actually has the opposite effect, right?
– Okay. It’s like you tell people, “I’m honest just trust me, right? – [Client] Mm-hmm. “You know I’m a Christian,
it’s okay.” (laughs), right? – [Client] (laughs) Yes. – You know a trust worthy
person doesn’t need to say that. So, instead of saying that, next time if for the next
potential J.V. partner, what you could do is, so, when someone says,
“Oh you know what Steven, “I need to think about it a bit, “I need to do more research.”
– Mm-hmm. – So, I want to know if
that’s the truth or not, so I want to cut through the B.S. – [Steven] Okay. – Okay, so lets role play this. So pretend you’re the
J.V. partner and I’m you, and I’m talking to you, okay?
– Okay. So try to go ahead, tell me you want to do some more research. – [Steven] Okay. Yeah, that sounds great, everything you shared with me makes since so far,
– Mm-hmm.=I’m just going to you know, take what you sent me, and shared with me, I’m gonna review it, and do
a little bit more research. – Hey you know what Steven, let’s pretend you do your research, and
you’ve done the due diligence and you like what you see,
what’s going to happen next? – [Steven] If I like what I see then, yeah, I would send you a message, and we’ll just, lets do it. – And we can move forward with this? – [Steven] Correct. – Okay, pause off the role play. So from there, I want to get a commitment. – [Steven] Okay. – I want to see if, cause otherwise, if he says, “well, after I
do my research then maybe “we’ll do something.” Or, “maybe we’ll do something six “months down the road.” Well, that’s not the truth. – Oh, sh*t okay.
– Right, so that’s just a lie, right? ‘Cause prospects lie. So, if that’s, I want to find out if he actually wants to do something or he’s just B.S-ing me right? – [Steven] Oh, got it, okay. – So, in this case he
does want to do something. But, just a little bit
on the fence, right. – [Steven] Mm-hmm. – So, lets keep going,
go back to role play. – [Steven] Okay. – So, what’s going to happen next? Lets pretend you like what you see, and what’s going to happen next? – [Steven] Well, I would just get started, everything you shared with me makes sense. – I’m sorry, what? – [Steven] I said, if I do my research and everything looks good,
and everything that you say, I can verify everything you say, then let’s move forward. – Okay. Well Steven, before we get off the phone, tell me, let’s just bottom line this. What would it take for you
and I to do business today? What do you need from me, in
order for us to move forward? – [Steven] Hm, what I
really need to know, is whether or not, because
I took the time to build up my audience, I want to make sure that this is something that
they would actually accept. I want to do maybe like, a smaller test. Is that something we could do? – Ah okay, bingo. That’s the truth, right? – [Steven] Mm. – That is what he’s thinking about, okay, I don’t know if
I want to burn my list, what if it doesn’t work? What if this is not something
that they want to buy, right? – Mm.
– Let’s handle that, then you can go back, okay. Let’s pretend that we
could do a small list. Like, how would,
– Mm-hmm. – what would that look like? Maybe instead of doing an
email to all your entire list, maybe we select from the list, instead of doing maybe five videos, why don’t we test just one video, and see how that works, right? Or,
– Yeah, I’m cool with that. – Yeah and then, you can also ask him, “Well, what information
do you need from me, “in order to do the deal?” – [Steven] Mm-hmm. – Then he might say, “well I just want to make sure
that this product is gonna “be beneficial to my audience.” Okay,
– Mm. – then you can ask him, “well,
would testimonials help?” – [Steven] Mm-hmm. – So, lets go back and role
play a little bit, okay? – Exactly, you know Steven,
and when you do research exactly what are you looking for? What were you hoping to find? – [Steven] Well, I would
like to just make sure that this works out for my audience, because you know, I don’t wanna leave a bad taste in their mouth, this isn’t something
that we’ve tried before. – I can appreciate that, so suppose I could give
you some testimonials from our graduates, and
successful students. Would that help? – [Steven] Absolutely. – How many of testimonials
would you like to see? – [Steven] Just a couple, I could probably get my editors to put a, like, edit them into the video
themselves that we put out. – Okay, so, like say two or three? – [Steven] That would work. – Okay, so I’ll give you two or three– – [Steven] As long as they are good ones, like yeah, two or three is enough. – Sure, sure, and I know
your particular audience, and we know that we have
students and clients in the same demographics right, the same kind of background. So, I think that
– Mm-hmm. – you’ll appreciate those. Actually, we probably
have, if I calculate, we’ve got over 1000 testimonials, but I’ll pick three or four that I think would, that’s what you want to see. What else do you want to see? – [Steven] Aside from that, – What about in terms
of our refund policy, would you want to know that? So, if your students
– Yeah, that would be great to know.
– don’t like the program, they have like 30 days
to change their mind. So, that’s okay if they, ’cause we only want students who actually get benefit, and
enjoy what we give them, right? – [Steven] Mm-hmm. – Would that help? – [Steven] Yeah, for sure. – Okay, what a–
– Any way that you can take care of the students, I fully trust you Dan. Anyway that you can take
care of the students, – Yes.
– I appreciate that. – What about, would you also want to talk to a maybe couple of J.V. partners that we have done business with? – [Steven] Yeah, sure I know that we have a few mutual
friends, but I want to, I’d love to talk to
some of the people that you’ve worked with before. – Yeah, so to know a little
bit about the process and what’s their experience
like working with us, right? – [Steven] Mm-hmm. – Okay so Steven, lets
pretend I could give you the testimonials, the
two or three testimonials you’re looking for,
– Mm-hmm. our refund policy,
– Mm-hmm. as well as, a couple references
from past J.V. partners you have done business with.
– Mm-hmm. – How do you feel about that? – I’d be ready to go. – I’m sorry, what? – [Steven] I’d say, I’d be
ready to go, sign me up. – Okay boom, see how that’s done? – [Steven] Mm. – That’s how you do it,
don’t buy into what they say. You gotta lead, you gotta ask questions, and dig deeper, and find
out what’s the truth? What’s holding this prospect back? That’s what I wanna know. Right, from there, then it’s not so much I want to do more research, the thing is it’s not that I want to do more research, what he’s saying is, “I don’t
trust you guys enough yet.” – [Steven] Mm-hmm. – So lets reassure the J.V.
partner what we need to do. He needs a little bit
more information instead of having him go out there
and do whatever research that he does, it may not be accurate. Why don’t we provide
– Yeah. – exactly what he needs so
that he can move forward? And some times when you
do this, they’ll be like, “You know what, forget
about it, I’m ready to go.” They’ll be like, “you
know, I don’t need more. “I don’t need more
prof, I don’t need more, “I don’t need to do that.” – Mm-hmm.
– Right, Got it? – [Steven] I got it. – Okay, awesome. So,
next call try that out. – [Steven] Alright, thank you CFU. – Okay you got it, goodbye. – [Steven] Okay, bye bye.

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