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Clickfunnels Pricing & How To Get Clickfunnels For Only $19 per Month

Clickfunnels Pricing & How To Get Clickfunnels For Only $19 per Month

hey guys Rachel esli here and in this video I’m going to show you how you can
get clickfunnels for as low as free and as low as 19
dollars a month and go over the various price options with you guys I’m going to
share my screen so click photos it comes with a free 14-day trial and that’s
whether whether you get it from the home page or through someone’s affiliate link
and I would always get clickfunnels through someone’s affiliate link so you
get their bonuses if they offer bonuses so the cool thing is you can get a share
link to get it for $14 a month I’ll explain to you what that is in a funnel
so like I have this funnel it’s a membership site funnel you can have a
webinar funnel and opt-in funnel a website funnel this is a membership site
funnel with an opt-in page a membership access page and a membership area page
where you can have like an online course so what I’m gonna do is go into my
settings and I’m gonna give people this funnel I give people this funnel they
get access to the share link so I’m going to take the share funnel URL copy
and send it to someone and let’s say this is what it’s going to look like
when they paste it in here it’s going to pop up it’s going to
convert it into a page like this where it says Rachel Lee has shared this
funnel with you and the little video explains like welcome to the quick
funnel share page and by downloading this you’re going to get four pages here
one funnel imported into your account so get your 14-day free trial and create
your account now and then it’s going to take you to this
page to get it all set up so they have three options here limited share funnels
only click funnels at 97 a month and then 297 a month you can also
get these for cheaper by paying in bulk it’s just that’s not gonna be from this
share funnel page that would be from a different affiliate link so if you do
want to buy it like if you have the money to get a better deal then do that
but this video is more about how to get it for cheaper so let’s say you want to
get it for the $19 a month you’ll do your limited share funnels only and it
says a share funnel plan is limited to three funnels that have been shared with
you you can only edit and use these funnels without the ability to add new
ones or new pages meaning exactly what it says you can just have three funnels
and they have to be from a share link so if you wanted to get started you could
ask someone like me or go onto my site or into my Academy and download three of
the free funnel templates and you could pick like do I want the one that’s a
Membership Academy funnel like do I want the one that’s in just a simple opt-in
do I want one that’s a done-for-you affiliate marketing system do I want the
one that looks like a website so just start with one like sign up with one
once you have that one you can get your other two and if you want to completely
change a page just delete elements on that page and that’s how you do it and
then 14 days it’ll charge you 19 bucks or you could just cancel if you don’t
want it you could also put your account on hold which charges a small amount
each month but then you don’t lose your funnels but really to get results you’re
not gonna get results by like putting anything on hold and honestly even if
you get this lower one you will want to get this $97 one eventually because
you’re gonna want more funnels and you’re going to want more pages and
you’ll see how powerful this software is you’ll also maybe once you get it’s
really easy to fill up a hundred pages and 20 funnels then you’ll be ready to
get the unlimited plan and you might see how great click funnels is working for
you and your business that you’ll know it’s even better to get a big bolt plan
where you’re paying for the year but you’re still saving money for
so that is my little presentation on the clickfunnels pricing right now and how
to get your funnel for 19 bucks I’ll make sure I have some links for some
share funnels so you guys can access that and if you have any questions you
know where to find me on social media everywhere message me and DM me let’s
get in touch and I’ll see you guys in the affiliate marketing for
entrepreneurs Facebook group – okay bye

31 thoughts on “Clickfunnels Pricing & How To Get Clickfunnels For Only $19 per Month

  1. Hi Rachel, with share funnels plan, how many visitors or views per month is allowed? and also if I am using a membership funnel with a shared plan, is there any limit to the number of members I can have and also how much video bandwidth I can use?

  2. HEY ! girl I want to afiliate witn your link, I have couple of question before, where I can contact you? I want 1 free funnel, for survey, want to know if i can edit later, and other questions

  3. Does this count towards my affiliate Dream car program? And Would I get monthly commission if I sign up someone for $19/month.

  4. Let me know your thoughts in the comments! Like this video?
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  5. You see how you lie and manipulate people just to make them click to your website. It's not possible to buy membership at clickfunnels for $19, it costs $97 per month. So don't lie !!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Hi Rachel, this looks great. If I did a 14 day trial of the bigger one then backed out, can I hop onto shared link with you or am I "dinged" in the system with the other person? Thanks. And where are you on social? Can you put those links in your pinned comment?

  7. Hi Rachel, I'd love to get a link to your share funnels so I can get started with the $19 clickfunnels and see how I go with it? 🙂

  8. Hi, If I send funnel to someone and this person use this funnel and pay every month $19. Can I get a commission form this person?

  9. Hi dear, this is very helpful! Thank you! Could you please, help me with these few questions? I am writing them here instead of emailing you personally because I think your other viewers could benefit from your answers as well. 🙂 Ok, here are the q's:

    1. If I sign up for the $19 option via your link – and get the membership site funnel – can I host my membership content there or do I need to connect it to a third party content hosting location? My content would be a mix of pdfs, audios and videos.

    2. What does it mean that we have a limit of max 10 pages? Is it 10 pages per funnel (for each of the 3 ones we get from you) or is it 10 pages total for the 3 funnels together?

    3. Do we receive some training to help us guide visitors to our optin page? My plan is to start a blog based on my area of expertise and capture leads first. Then ask them what they most want and create products/courses based on that. So it will take a while before I see some cash :-). That's why I need to decide:
    – whether to start with a cheap website on Wix (with complete optin pages and other pages in a ready to go template – for around $60 per year) and spend more money on Online ads (google, Fb etc) to get leads.

    – or whether to start with your 3 funnels on clickfunnels plus the ad costs. Compared to Wix this cheapest plan is still $228 per year. Then my ad budget goes on top of that. Your answers to these questions will help me decide…

    4. I would like to know if my limited Clickfunnels acct would have tutorials to teach me how to create profitable FB ads and Google ads…?

    5. And lastly, would I be able to connect this limited $19/mo membership plan to my free MailChimp list management account?

    Thanks a lot for your great and clear presentation. Much success to you,
    Love L

  10. Hi Rachel!!! I am so lost with all this funnel stuff. Do you sell anything other than more subscriptions to clickfunnels? It seems very circular to me. The other kart apps don't seem to be as anway-ish or as pushy about reselling the app through the kart of the app (i'm getting dizzy just typing this). Let me know your thoughts on this! I would love to actually make my business that I currently have more amazing and not just start selling subscriptions to click funnels! Also yes, the 19.99 thing is very helpful because I think 300 bucks is so much money if you don't know if the software will even help someone to do better business for what they currently have. I have seen all this bootcamp stuff, they train people to make youtube pages and sell more clickfunnels… it's kind of bums me out. What kind of an economy is this? It's like… a cult or something!

  11. Is it possible to use the free trial version for 14 days and have access to the shared funnels for $19/month afterwards. Or would I need to bypass the free 14 day plan?

  12. Wow I didn’t know you could get it for that cheap! I just jumped right into the $297 a month package. 🤦‍♂️ Now I’m working on growing my YouTube channel to promote as an affiliate. I only have 3 subscribers though. Trying to get on your level girl! Keep up the great work!

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