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Clever Google Ads – Navigate your app’s dashboard

Clever Google Ads – Navigate your app’s dashboard

Need help navigating your Clever dashboard?
Look no further! In this video we will outline exactly what you can find on your Clever Dashboard
and where you can find it. After watching this short video, you will be a Clever Dashboard
Expert! So sit back relax, and let us do the talking. Hi, I’m Hope from the Clever ecommerce team
and I’m happy to welcome you to your Clever Dashboard where you can easily check your
Key Performance Indicators and make changes to your campaigns as you see fit. Let’s have
a look! On the box menu you can find the total number
of impressions your Clever campaigns have received. This tells you how many times your
ad has been shown to your selected audience. Moving on to the next box, you can see how
many of your impressions turned into clicks. Essentially, this just tells you, how many
visits you have to your store because of people viewed our Clever campaigns.On this menú,
you can also find your total cost. Here you can see how much you’ve spent. This allows
you to calculate your cost per click by dividing your total cost by the number of clicks. Next, we have conversions, here you will be
able to see exactly how many of your clicks were converted into actual sales thanks to
our campaigns. Lastly, the conversion value section,shows
the total amount of money your clients have paid for the purchases they’ve made. Remember, you can always adjust your daily
budget and turn your campaigns on or off as necessary. You can also see the impressions, clicks,
and costs of other campaigns that you may have created on your own. Returning to the main menu at the top, you
will find Reports. On that, you will be able to see all of the compiled data and graphs
for your campaigns spend and you can also get an idea of what device your traffic is
coming from, so you can target accordingly. The next tab is Banners, here you can check
on your current banners and also customize them if you are Premium plan user. Make sure
you have your ad blocker off, otherwise you won’t be able to see your banners. The next tab is Dynamic Remarketing, which
is only available to Premium users. Here, you can preview your dynamic remarketing ads.
Click on pop up at the top of this video to watch how premium features can help you get
the most of your Adwords campaigns. Unlocking these awesome premium features is very easy.
Simply click on the “Go Premium” button found on your dashboard. By clicking on the Discount tab, you are able
to create and schedule special offers and discounts that you might want to offer to
your clients. This is a great way for bringing some extra traffic to your ecommerce! Did this video help you understand how to
find information and manage your clever campaigns through your dashboard?. If the answer is
yes, please like this video and share it with your friends. . If you have any questions
or doubts , feel free to leave your concerns in the comments section below! Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel
and follow us on social media for more useful ecommerce content! Congratulations! You are now a Clever Dashboard
expert!! feel free to spend some time exploring and improving your newly learned skills. To go to the Clever application, click on
the link at the top of the screen. If you are browsing with your mobile device, you
will find the link below in the description of the video.

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