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Clever Google Ads – Google Adwords campaigns

Clever Google Ads – Google Adwords campaigns

Do you want to know all about what Clever
Adwords can do for you? Are you curious about how your campaigns are created? Find out how
our marketing tools create the most complete adwords campaigns for your business, and understand
how exactly these campaigns work. Hi, I’m Hope from the Clever ecommerce team
and I’m going to help you understand how Clever campaigns are created and how they
work. To lead you on the journey to success, Clever
Adwords creates display, search, and remarketing campaigns. We make it super simple – so keep
watching for some quick tips and insight. First we create your display ads and banners
to raise customer awareness of your product or service. Did you know that over 2 million
Display Network sites reach over 90% of Internet users worldwide?! This can help you reach
your target customers as they browse on the web. Our display process includes creating customized
banner ads which will advertise your product images and logo on websites, Youtube, and
Google Display Networks. We will also create search ad campaigns which
will help your company be seen by potential customers while they are searching for any
of your products on Google! This is a crucial point in the process as our search campaigns
are what show a customer’s consideration of your product. Your ads will be shown in
the Google search box, Google maps, groups, and with Google Search Partners. We are creating
your keywords and ads based on your product names and collections to reach interested
customers. This will help to bring relevant traffic to your online store! Our remarketing campaigns aim to drive customers
to make a purchasing decision. These relevant ads are shown to people who’ve previously
visited your store. Remarketing allows you to reconnect with those customers who may
not have made a purchase the last time they visited your store, have shown interest in
your products. As soon as you finish the installation process,
our software, supervised by the Clever team, begins working diligently to create the best
campaigns for your business. As you can see, this is a very detailed process. Please be
patient with us as this may take some time. However, do keep in mind that we offer excellent
customer service to aid you with anything you may need while you wait. So don’t hesitate
to reach out. Once your campaigns are ready and uploaded
on your AdWords account we will send you an email. You can then check out Clever campaigns
on your Adwords account. Let’s see what you will find. When looking at your Adwords
account, you may notice that your various campaign titles can appear confusing at first.
However, they are much simpler than you think after your first impression. Each portion
of the title represents a very important factor of our marketing strategies. For example,
a search campaign will always look like this. As you can see, the “S” stands for search
campaign, the next section shows the specific collection. Following that, the language is
set: for example if you chose your campaigns to be in English, the language code would
appear as “en”. Following that your acquisition campaign code is set, which is finally followed
by the country code for which countries you want your campaign be shown in. Display campaigns
are set up nearly identical with one small change, they will always begin with a D to
signal display ad instead of a S. As you can see, although these titles may seem overwhelming
at first, they are just a simple tool we use to further better your campaigns to get you
the best results possible. You can also see your campaigns on the Clever
AdWords app dashboard. Here you will find the same campaigns, but with a normal name.
Your Clever Dashboard also shows you important statistics and data about how your campaigns
are performing. You can see your clicks, conversions, and impressions as well as your conversion
value from both your own campaigns- if you have them – and your Clever campaigns. On
your Clever Dashboard you will find a lot of useful information to help you make the
best decisions for your business follow this link to learn more about it. Did this video assist you in understanding
how Clever campaigns work? If this was helpful to you, please like our video. If you still
have questions feel free to leave your concerns in the comments section below! Don’t forget
to subscribe to our channel and follow us on social media for more useful ecommerce
content! Overall, it may seem difficult to get the
hang of understanding how clever adwords works, but with this information we hope that you
are able to become more confident in managing your Clever account. However, you can always
ask your account manager about any concerns you may have. To go to the Clever application, click on
the link at the top of the screen. If you are browsing with your mobile device, you
will find the link below in the description of the video.

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