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Cleaning Franchise Pros an Cons – Should You Invest Your Money?

Cleaning Franchise Pros an Cons – Should You Invest Your Money?

Cleaning franchises pros and cons. What are they? Well, we’re going to talk about that today. Hi there. I’m Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House
Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house
cleaning question and I get to help you find an answer. Now, today’s show is brought to us by MyCleaningConnection.com This is a resource hub. It has all different kinds of things that
will help you in your cleaning journey. It’s blogs, it’s podcasts, it is books, it’s
uniforms and cleaning supplies and equipment and reviews and experts and all kinds of things. MycCleaningConnection.com Check it out. You owe it to yourself. All right, on to today’s show. We’ve got a couple of guys that called into
the show. They both have questions about franchising. Here are their questions. Mike: Good morning, Angela. My name’s Mike and I have a question for you. I was recently looking at starting a business. A cleaning business in particular. And ran across a franchise opportunity called You’ve Got Maids. And I was debating the pros and cons of trying to do this on my own versus taking advantage of a franchise opportunity. Do you have any opinions on franchise versus doing this on your own? Thank you. Speaker 3: Hey, I had a question. I’m making a decision to go with a franchise company or start my own house cleaning business. I have done a little research, but I recently
seen your YouTube videos and they are the most informative and realistic videos I have
seen so far. I wanted to know your opinion on starting
with a franchise house cleaning business or starting my own, the pros and cons. Thank you. Angela Brown: All right, cleaning franchising
pros and cons. All right, here we’ll start with the franchise’s
first. Then we’ll talk about do your own, and we
will talk about the pros first. When you buy a cleaning franchise, one of
the pros is that you’re buying an existing brand. It already exists, so you do not have to reinvent
the wheel. Yay! All right, now what that means is that you
do not have to create colors or logos or uniforms or wrapped cars or any of those things. Those things already exist. You’re just stepping over into an existing
brand which is super awesome because it saves you years off of the learning curve. Another thing that’s great about having a
franchise that you’re working with is that they have a training program already in place,
so you do not have to reinvent your own training program or piece together little elements
of whatever is on the internet. You can just jump into an existing program. They will teach you everything you need to
know. So booyah. All right, another thing that’s awesome is
they have national marketing. This is super cool because instead of you
trying to do all your own website and SEO and all of these things, they already have
all that in place. You just pay money every month, and they run
Facebook ads and they run different things on the website and they have Twitter accounts
and they have contests and all these things that they do. And you just pay every month for them to do
it instead of paying someone from Fiverr or whatever. They already have an existing program in place. One of the pros of belonging to a franchise
is they’ve already worked out all the bugs and kinks. They’ve already learned by trial and error. They’ve already made all the mistakes so that
you don’t have to. They’re going to train you how to run the
business so you can just jump in and go seamlessly from beginning to end. All right, now let’s talk about a couple of
the cons. There are a couple of cons and who knows if
they’re really cons. They’re just things that you need to consider. The cost of entry is very expensive, and so
a lot of times they will look at your bank statements and they want to go back for a
couple of years and make sure that you have a couple hundred thousand dollars in the bank
and that you have liquid capital to operate off of while you’re getting your business
up and running. Lots of house cleaners don’t have that, and
so it makes the entry a little bit more difficult. But if you’re a business owner and this is
a side gig for you and you’ve got the money, it’s a great opportunity. All right, another con is many times in order
to participate in a franchise, they will request that you have a business degree. So you have to go to college for a couple
of years, have a business degree before you can even be considered to be part of the franchise. All right, another thing is if you are a self-starter
and you don’t like hovering, you may not like a franchise because they will have a mentor
that is assigned to you to make sure that you run the business exactly the way it is
designed to be run, because you can’t come in and start making your own rules and changing
the system, because even though you might be creative and you might have a better way
of doing things, that is the way it is done, and that is what you are paying for. Just like if you were to go to McDonald’s
and you bought a McDonald’s franchise. You don’t get to come in and start making
your own sandwiches. People expect a certain thing when they arrive. So whether you’re creative or not doesn’t
matter. What matters is that you can come in and follow
the rules. So if you have a problem with authority or
you have a problem with following the rules or if you’re super creative and you like inventing
things on your own, the side business, starting it on your own, is going to be a better bet
for you. There are lots of pros and cons to owning
a franchise. The franchises, they already have all the
cleaning chemicals, all the training, all the branding, all the marketing, all of that
stuff in place. And in exchange for that, you pay a hefty
upfront sum that can be anywhere from $7,000 to a couple hundred thousand dollars, depending
on where you go and which kind of franchise you get involved in. Also, everything that you earn from here through
infinity goes back to the company. There’s a percentage that they get paid on
everything you get paid. A little chunk of your profits go back to
the franchise every time you earn money. Some people say it gets very expensive. All right, so now let’s talk about for a second
starting your own business. Starting your own business is a huge learning
curve, and you have to have some business knowledge. If you don’t have business knowledge, you
have to learn it as you go. I would be a fool if I stood here and told
you all you need to know is cleaning, because there’s so much more to running a cleaning
business than just cleaning. You got to know marketing and accounting and
people skills and hiring skills and onboarding skills and training skills and a whole bunch
of stuff. You can learn that as you go. It’s not as big an investment. Nobody’s going to ask you for a college degree. Nobody’s going to ask you for any money upfront. The good news is you don’t have to go out
to the bank and take out a loan so that you can participate in the cleaning franchise. If you’re starting your own, you just start
with the money that you have and you build as you go. Now, the cost of entry is very low in a housecleaning
business. You’ve got uniforms. You have vehicle expenses. You have cleaning supplies, and then there
are a couple of legal expenses you’re going to have, like bonding and insurance. Maybe you get an LLC. Maybe you trademark your logo. So some startup expenses are going to be small
in comparison to those of the franchise. You can start pretty much anywhere you are
and learn as you go. All right, there are a couple things that
you have to think of, and I’m going to call these cons. Not that they’re cons, but just they’re going
to require a lot from you. If you don’t know about how to manage people
and you don’t know about employees, you’ve got a big road ahead of you, because every
day for the rest of your life you’ll be dealing with people, and those will be your customers
and your employees. You got to figure out how to manage all of
the differences, the nuances, the anger, the excitement, the drama, the chaos, all that
stuff that goes on when you work with humans. There are management skills you must learn. There are also business skills you must learn. You’re going to have to teach yourself your
own cleaning processes about how fast you work, what equipment you use and how you use
that equipment and how much of that equipment you use on every job. If you’re going to have uniforms, you get
to put those together yourself. If you’re a creative person, you’re going
to love starting your own business. And if you’re unsure right now which to go
into, if you have the money, go for the franchise, because it will take all of the troubleshooting
away from you. So that might be a better bet. If you’re not sure and if you don’t have the
money, my suggestion is that you go with the do it yourself route first. Learn as much as you possibly can. When you have the money, then you may want
to switch over and then invest in the franchise. There are pros and cons to both. And I can’t stand here and make the decision
for you because I don’t know your personal situation, and I don’t really know the nuances
of what you’re going through or what you’re looking for. I don’t know your background. I don’t know if you have years of business
experience and you are a master at marketing and you’re going to come in and just blow
the independent thing out of the water, or if you are more of a follower and you’re looking
for direction from a mentor that’s going to keep you on track and you just run a well-oiled
machine from beginning to end and pay them their cut every month. I don’t know. But both sides of the coin have very successful
business models. I’ve seen franchises fail and I’ve seen independent
business owners fail. I’ve seen franchises succeed. I’ve seen independent business owners succeed. It really depends on who you are, and I have
to say this. What it comes down, the big caveat for making
either side work is the person in the middle, and that’s you. Who are you? Who are you? Are you willing to learn? Are you teachable? Are you reliable? Are you going to show up every day and you’re
going to do something to grow your business? Because if you’re looking for the easy route,
neither of these is the right business for you, because both of these require an enormous
amount of work. And I would be amiss if I did not stand here
and let you know the realities of running a business. Most small businesses fail, and they fail
for a variety of reasons. But what it comes down to is who is the person
in the middle, the puppeteer that’s pulling all the strings? Who is that person and how skilled are they? If you don’t have the skills, you can learn
the skills. But if you’re hoping to buy into a business
because it looks like an easy way, that’s kind of a misnomer. So do your homework and do your due diligence
and then figure out which one is going to be best for you. And you can always switch gears midstream
should you decide you ever want to go the other route. All right, I hope that helps you a little
bit. If it does, please pass it on to a friend. If we’ve earned your subscription, please
subscribe. And until we meet again, leave the world a
cleaner place than when you found it.

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  1. I forgot to mention in the video that when you join a franchise they assign you a territory. You are not allowed to clean outside the territory and they don't allow other franchise owners from your company work in your area. That said, there is nothing they can do to prevent competing franchises or independent cleaners from entering your territory.
    One of the biggest complaints I hear from franchise owners is the area where they live is "taken." So when buying into a franchise, they often end up with a territory that is 40 to 400 miles away which means moving or commuting – or hiring a manager to run the franchise from a distance.

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