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Cleaning Ads That Work and Get the Phone to Ring with Carrie Knight

Cleaning Ads That Work and Get the Phone to Ring with Carrie Knight

What cleaning business secrets do you need
to know in order to catapult your business above all of your competitors in your marketplace? Guess what? We get to talk about that today. Hi there. I’m Angela Brown and this is Ask a House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house
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about it, go check it out, HousecallPro.com/Angela All right, now onto today’s show. I am super excited about today’s show because
this is one of the cleaning business secrets that if you learn this, you’re never going
to look back. All right, the cleaning business secret is,
how do you create an ad where you don’t offer discounts and give away the farm because you’re
trying to just bring business in the door? I’ve got a special guest here joining us today
and this is Carrie Knight, who’s the owner of Maid Brigade. She’s been there for 12 years in Tampa Bay,
Florida, and she runs an amazing empire down there. She’s going to share that with us today. Please help me welcome Carrie Knight. Carrie Knight: I love marketing. So I always say to people, marketing is my
jam. I didn’t discover it until a little bit later
in life, but I really love marketing. I actually study the game of marketing and
I really can’t get enough. So this is definitely my expertise and I’m
happy to be able to share my knowledge with all of you. Angela Brown: I tell you what, every house
cleaning business owner at some moment wakes up and they have this “Ah!” moment where they’re
like, “I got to write an ad. I got to get more business in the door. And what words am I supposed to use? What am I supposed to say?” So take us down that rabbit hole and tell
us where do you start when you’re writing an ad? Carrie Knight: So I have five tips, I guess
when it comes to writing an ad. And all of us are basically writing an ad
in either like a local newspaper or a local magazine. So you’re tailoring it to your local audience,
whatever your demographic is. So the first thing that I’m going to say is
that you want to make sure that your ad is, that it’s captivating, it captures the audience. So whether that means you have some sort of
image or there’s great colors on the ad, or maybe it’s funny, you want to make sure that
you have something that’s captivating and catches their attention quick, because we
all know that our attention span is less than seven seconds. So you have to have something that really
engages your potential prospect. Who’s looking at your ad? You know, if you’re talking about Facebook,
like a sponsored ad on Facebook, the equivalent is stop the scroll. So you want to have an ad that’s going to
make somebody stop and look at your ad. And that’s the same thing, if you’re going
to be putting something in print advertising, you’d have to stop the scroll or stop them
dead in their tracks to look at your ad. Angela Brown: Let me ask you a question about
images, since you brought that up. On the images, does the image have to be relevant
to the thing that you’re advertising or can you just have a picture of a cute cat, because
it will stop the scroll and people like cute cats. Carrie Knight: The cute cat certainly is not
going to stop the scroll. And here’s the thing, neither is a picture
of a house. So if you show me a housecleaning ad and it
has a picture of a house, it’s not enough. That doesn’t stop people in their tracks and
say, “Oh, let me call this cleaning company because they showed me a picture of a house.” It’s just not enough. So it’s something, again, that grabs their
attention. Because that image, you just can’t stop looking
at it. That’s what your image needs to be in order
to call people’s attention to your ad. Angela Brown: And so would it be fair to say
that only one image would be good for an ad instead of having like a collage of images
or three or four images in the same space that detract from each other or compete with
each other? Carrie Knight: Well, I think so. I mean, in my opinion, I would only have one
actual image and then maybe your logo. If you have multiple images, you’re talking
about a small space to begin with. So once you start consuming all of that space
with images, then there’s nothing left for words. And it’s the words that are also going to
draw people into your ad. My personal opinion is to lead with one image
and then one logo, which would be your company logo. Angela Brown: And you just mentioned words. Are there special words that you should use
to make an ad that makes people stop scrolling? Carrie Knight: Well, that’s my number two
piece of advice. So number two is what I call, and we’ve all
heard this before, but WIIFM, W-I-I-F-M is “what’s in it for me?” And it’s not me as a business owner, it’s
the customer. What’s in it for them? So the words that need to be on the page or
on your ad is what is most appealing to them. They want to see an ad that solves their problem. So specifically, are you tired of cleaning
every weekend? Are you sick of coming home Friday night to
a dirty house? Whatever that is. Those are words that speak to your audience
because that’s the problem that they’re having. And your ad has to prove to them that you’re
the right one who’s going to solve their problem. Angela Brown: So I’m going to ask a question
you’re probably going to throw rocks at me for, because in the industry I know that you
are against discounts, but if I’m creating an ad trying to get business in the door,
is it okay if I have like $25 off or I have some kind of a discount just to get people
in the door? Carrie Knight: So the thing about discounts
when you lead with a discount is you’re attracting a discount customer. So the discount customer is the opposite of
the customer you want to have in the long run. That’s not your long-term customer. So, if you’re looking at this from a strategy
standpoint, a discount customer isn’t a long-term, biweekly customer. They’re purely a price shopping customer who’s
going to be one time or maybe once every two years. And that’s ultimately who you don’t want to
do business with because they’re going to be a lot of work and a lot of trouble. Angela Brown: And then my question is, because
we talked earlier about stopping the scroll, is there a different type of ad for direct
mail than there is for say Facebook? Carrie Knight: I mean Facebook just gives
you a lot more options. Like obviously you could do a video, you could
do a customer testimonial inside of Facebook. So I think you have a lot more options. And then even within Facebook you can actually
find the customer that you want. You can go right after that particular zip
code or the demographic that you’re looking for. So I just think that Facebook does give you
a lot more options. But I’m led to believe in our industry, most
people are doing print ads and not so much Facebook advertising just because the knowledge
base isn’t there online Angela Brown: In your experience, which is
more effective? Carrie Knight: Well, you’re talking to somebody
who’s kind of more on the digital side of things. I truly believe in the world that we live
in today, in 2019, your best customer is on Facebook. It’s a different customer now who’s on print,
who’s picking up a newspaper or magazine, that’s a completely different customer now. My mom, let’s just say she’s 72 years old. She’s going to look at the newspaper every
single day. She’s going to look at that flyer that I find
so annoying in my driveway every Wednesday. She’s going to open that up and read about
the local activity. She knows the local businesses. That’s the demographic who’s reading newspapers
today. Having a local presence is important. I personally believe in 2019 if you want to
build a strong business, a legacy business with repeat customers, your best bet is Facebook. Angela Brown: This is a sidestep from the
original, what do you write in the ad? But would you suggest hiring somebody that
knows Facebook ads? Or would you suggest that the house cleaner
themselves kind of doubled down and learn the ins and outs of Facebook advertising? Carrie Knight: You know, there’s so much inside
of Facebook advertising. I personally believe that this is something
that you outsource. Just make sure that you’re hiring somebody
who can show you proof in their numbers, to make sure that you’ve seen that they’ve had
with other businesses. It’s not expensive to hire an agency to run
your Facebook advertising. So it’s expensive for you to run it because
of the time loss on other activities that you could be doing to generate more revenue
inside your business. So something like Facebook advertising, I
think hiring a marketing agency is your best bet, unless you want to study or buy a course
on how to do it. You can do it. It’s just the time that’s involved in you
learning versus paying somebody. I just think the gains are quicker when you
hire somebody who knows what they’re doing. Angela Brown: It’s interesting that you said
that because I run five different Facebook groups for different elements of my business
and there’s not a day that goes by that somebody doesn’t post an ad and then they ask other
people that do not know ad copy and they don’t know images and graphic design and all these
things, they are asking, it’s kind of like the blind leading the blind, “Hey, what do
you think of my Facebook ad?” Well, they’re actually asking not their customers,
but they’re actually asking their competitors, “How do you like my ad?” And then I can only imagine that some of the
advice they get is, I’m going to say wayward. So what do you say to the people that are
getting advice from their peers and colleagues and competitors rather than from the experts
themselves? Carrie Knight: That’s such a great question,
Angela. My answer to that is, your customers vote
with their wallets and their opinion is the only opinion that matters. So when it comes to any business, you know
that it’s working, your ad is working when people call you and they’d give you money. And that’s the only opinion that matters at
all, is your customer who breaks out their wallet and gives you money. Angela Brown: That’s fantastic advice. Is there anything else you would like to leave
our listeners with as far as how to get an ad opened? Carrie Knight: So there’s one more element
to this that I teach to students in my training is that, a lot of times in our industry we
get caught up with throwing up on our customer all these things about us, right? We’re licensed, we’re bonded, we’re insured. Well so is everybody, right? We’re going to come and clean your house. We’re green cleaning. So is everyone. I mean it’s like we’re all so redundant in
what we do that we’re kind of a commodity business. So you have to do something that’s different
to stand out from everyone else. And I can’t tell you what makes you different. You have to decide that within your own company. But if you don’t have something that makes
you different, then you’re probably going to be left in the dust. Because in this industry we don’t compete
on our strengths, we compete on our differences. And that’s really important that you define
who you are as a company and communicate that in all of your advertising of what makes you
different. So if you don’t have that in your ad, again
going back to what makes people pick up the phone and call me, you need to make sure that
this is something that they want. What is it that they’re asking for? Put it in your ad and show them how you’re
different from your competitors and that’s what’s going to make people pick up the phone. Angela Brown: You mentioned a minute ago,
this is what you teach in your training. Can you tell us a little bit about your training
program and where our listeners can go to find you and hire you so that they can learn
to write better ads and get their customers to stop scrolling and click and call? Carrie Knight: I’m actually teaching a lot
about marketing. As I said, marketing is my jam. And I want to be able to help cleaning business
owners with the right marketing for their company. Because if you’re not doing marketing then
you’re not growing your business. So I really want to be able to help people
with shortcuts, like the ones that I didn’t know about when I started my business. So I’m offering a program called Cleaning
Boss University. It’s a 12-week program where I teach you all
facets inside the business. It’s heavy on the sales and marketing side
because that’s how you grow your business. And I am offering, like I said, a 12-week
coaching program. It’s coming up here on August 25th is when
we’re actually getting started. And you can take a look at that at www.CleaningBossUniversity.com All righty. And that is Carrie Knight. Isn’t this fantastic? You’ve learned something today that’s going
to revolutionize your business. Thank you so much, Carrie, for sharing this
information with us. And I’m going to leave links in the show notes
so you guys can race over there and get all of this stuff she just talked about. All right, now I want to thank
you. Thank you for tuning in and watching the show. Thank you for coming back day after day after
day. Thank you for subscribing. Thank you for your questions. Thank you for being part of the tribe. Without you guys, this would not be a show. You’re a part of it, so thank you from the
bottom of my heart. And until we meet again, leave the world a
cleaner place than when you found it.

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