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CLEAN & CLEAR®: How to Spark an Audience Conversation | YouTube Advertisers

CLEAN & CLEAR®: How to Spark an Audience Conversation | YouTube Advertisers

Woman: We just found Cinderella and took her
to the ball. So I do want some of that like authentic “Oh, my God, this just happened
to me. Let me share this with you” to come through. Alison: What I’m trying to drive with our
marketers at Johnson & Johnson is to have them think in a much bigger and different
way around content and how we connect that content to consumers. Amy: We’re developing a relationship with
the consumer where we never had one before. It’s a direct relationship. And we are acting
more as a friend to her than we are a big corporate company. Cyrille: It was about two weeks ago we got
a comment of somebody saying, “Oh, Clean and Clear is just trying to sell you products.”
Somebody reacted to that comment and actually said, “Yes, they try to sell products, but
they also try to help us find the courage to show the real urge [SP] to express ourself.”
And then create a discussion because people kept responding to this. And so we could see that, one, the consumers
were understanding the message that we’re trying to deliver. Two, they cared about it.
And three, they were even willing to be our advocates. So that’s the key piece when you
go from not just engagement but to involvement. Jeff: Content models are less about spending
your time measuring and more about making sure you’re engaging with your consumer. And
so that’s been a big shift for our organization to think that way and to do it bravely.

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