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CLEAN & CLEAR®: How to Create a Content Strategy | YouTube Advertisers

CLEAN & CLEAR®: How to Create a Content Strategy | YouTube Advertisers

Male: Marker. Got it. Female 1: Action. Lauren: Hi, I’m Lauren. See the real me. Allison: We’re in a world today where people
are on 24/7. They have much more choice about what they look at and when they look at it
and so into order to be relevant and to continue to connect, we have to do things differently. Kacey: When we take a look at creating 120
pieces of video content a year, we’ve actually had to develop a completely new model. Amy: The hero of content for us is really
the reimagining of what we would traditionally call our media activation or tent pole opportunities. Kacey: It’s content we’re putting money behind
and really pushing through paid channels. We might be using it as pre-roll for some
of our other videos, more similar to what we’ve done for television advertising in the
past. Amy: The hub content is much broader in reach.
It’s more more a lifestyle or passion point focus. And at the opposite end of the spectrum
is much more of a pull content that is very product or functionally focused that your
consumers are already coming to you for. Kacey: The expectation from our audience is
that we are putting new content out there at least once a week, sometimes twice a week.
One of the things we’re working on is driving a link between the big hero moments where
we’re getting a lot of audience and we’re putting money behind it, all the way down
into why you should buy our cleanser to help manage your acne. Jeff: Developing over a hundred pieces of
content in a single year for a brand, that’s something this company has never done before.
Clean & Clear is showing the way to do that.

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