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Classifieds For Free Online Advertising

Classifieds For Free Online Advertising

Hey everybody its Netti and I just wanted to go over Something with you guys That I hope can be of benefit to you now, I’m using Facebook’s new screen sharing tool So I can’t necessarily see when people are actually coming on okay so But let me jump right into it so I want you to not overlook the classified ads When you are marketing and advertising your products and services Okay, so there are plenty of places Where you can advertise? your product or your service for free Yes free Free 99 one of those places that I have discovered is called classifieds for free com okay, and here You can advertise to your heart’s content Now a lot of us know about Craig’s Craigslist and Craigslist is great however Craigslist Especially for us online marketers can pose some issues you know We might not be able to post as much as we’d like okay Yeah, you might get flagged a lot But here what I found on on this particular site. Is that it is very post Friendly if you will so let’s just go in and take a look at it Of course when you first come on you’ll have to create an account And give you know some some very basic information Create a username password your email address that sort of thing my information is already in here So we’re going to log on Okay and as you can see It pulls up where I can post an ad now the beauty of this is I have a bunch of ads on here all right and I’ll just I’ll just show you my ads My internet pardon my internet connection, okay, but eventually it’ll come up so I have a bunch of ads on here and as You can see it even tells you how many times your ad was viewed all right? Which is a good thing you know you know Hey, if the ad is on point or whether it needs to be tweaked right so there’s several Ads that I have on Okay went to the next page here But the other thing about this particular site is There’s no limit to how many free ads you can post you can post post post post posts Right so you as you can see some of my ads are getting hits Which is a good thing You can post in any city that you like Also, this is uh? This has a global audience – so you can post you know outside of the USA So let’s just go look here to post an ad what does it take so they ask you several things? What state you’d like to post in? Let’s just choose Illinois City I’m a shy child girl for right now We’ll do Chicago But you don’t have to post in the city that you’re located in you can post anywhere all right It gives you the option of posting in a world city or out side of the US so if I wanted to post in Argentina I could I know I’ve got at least one Australian friend on here Narnia if she wanted to post in Australia she could Okay, so it’s it’s a awesome little tool here Again, let me remind you. This is free free 99 So a header You know this is what will stand out to people Make money Wow You sleep okay? I’m just I’m just coming up with something here folks now What one thing you want to do is you want to make sure? You’re posting in the appropriate place and for those of us in online marketing Okay internet marketing more than likely you’ll probably want to post in the business opportunities section or Maybe business services I tend to post in business opportunities, okay? Then you can put a contact email Okay Phone number For price, I don’t put anything about price. I’ll put a description in okay and You can put in a URL. You know a web page now This is this is just hot. This is really hot here if you wanted to put in a YouTube video you know that’s like a short intro presentation or a full Presentation to your product or service you could do that right here right here. Yes And you can add images you can add images and you could add more than one I tend to add one and Then you just post your ad as you can see I got some images down here all right now the beauty of this Once you would get through filling out all of this information right once you were filling all of this information Then it will bring you to another screen, and it will ask you if you want to coast again So you can post it again in a different City? so What I’m trying to communicate is it is very simple very easy very user friendly Where you? Can post an ad post an ad for free? $3.99 get your message out to more people more people Remember if people don’t know about you. They don’t know about your product or service they cannot mine so There’s really no excuse in terms of Marketing your product or service online there are tons of places to market your services your products on line and to do it for free free free people still pay attention to the classifieds So this is just this is just one place, and it is not Craigslist it gets you It gives you an alternative there are many more Free classified places out here, but this is just one that I’m highlighting for you today I’m sending it out with love to you now if any of you out there in internet land Would like to work with a person such as myself who? knows some tips and tricks and Places where you can advertise And has made money online Then hit me up. Oh you hear my dog. They’re sick Send me a private message and say hey Neddy. You know I heard you talking about working online making money online How can you help me my go is to help at least? 10 families 10 people through the end of this year Learn that they can make money online. It’s real It’s real folks so with that. I hope that you have found our value and I’ll talk to you later bye-bye

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