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China’s New “Silk Road”: Future MEGAPROJECTS

China’s New “Silk Road”: Future MEGAPROJECTS

Having recently completed both the world’s
most extensive system of expressways and the planet’s longest high speed rail network,
China is now looking beyond its borders for opportunities to keep building. President Xi Jinping announced at a recent
summit that Beijing has sealed megaproject deals with 65 countries throughout Eurasia
and Africa to construct ports, power stations, rail lines, roads, and all the tunnels and
bridges needed to connect them back to mainland China. At a total cost of over $1 trillion, the One
Belt, One Road initiative is unprecedented in size and scope. So is the bold funding mechanism: China will
use its large, state-run banks to provide most of the financing, a risky move, when
you consider how few of the nations in the O.B.O.R. could afford something like this
on their own. “Oh,” say the leaders of economically-challenged,
underdeveloped Laos, Yemen, or Ethiopia — or the blood-soaked regime of Bashar al-Assad
in war-ravaged Syria — “you want to loan us billions of dollars to build some cool
stuff in our countries? Of course, why not!?” China is hard-selling the project as a way
to boost its westward connections, an update of the silk road trade route that played a
significant role in developing China and the rest of the region 1,000 years ago. But many analysts see this comparison as little
more than a marketing pitch. Al Jazeera clip: “Is the real point of this,
East-West service then simply to boost China’s westward connections? [Pauline Loong] “Well I wouldn’t say simply
to boost China’s westward connections, but I totally agree with Charles that it’s more
a PR stunt. To call it the “Silk Road,” that’s really
brilliant—evocative of romantic camel travels in the past. When, you know, you have these lovely silks
and trade and so forth. And it’s good, because look at all the headlines
it has been getting, but in practical terms, it’s early days yet.” [Bryce] Aside from the lessons China learned
from its own recent infrastructure boom, Beijing is also drawing inspiration from the American
Marshall Plan which financed the rebuilding of Western Europe after it was decimated during
the second world war. That program was worth the equivalent of $130
billion in today’s dollars and ensured the US had reliable export markets for the manufactured
goods and machinery its growing economy had become dependent on producing. China’s modern version — first announced
in 2013 — is the signature initiative of President Xi Jinping. Several projects have already been completed. Earlier this year London became the 15th European
city connected directly to China through an ever-expanding global rail system, meaning
freight trains loaded with goods can now arrive after a 12,000km journey all the way from
the east coast of the landmass. And, at a cost of $4 billion, China also just
completed Africa’s first transnational electric railway, which runs 466 miles from Djibouti
to Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. Chinese companies designed the system, built
the line, and supplied the train cars. The many other projects under the O.B.O.R.
umbrella include: A $6 billion, 260-mile railway connecting
eight Asian countries. Desperately needed power plants to address
Pakistan’s chronic electricity shortage, part of a larger $46 billion investment by
China in Pakistan aimed at offsetting the American and Japanese-backed building boom
happening in neighboring India, China and Pakistan’s mutual rival. Train lines will connect Budapest to Belgrade,
Serbia, providing another artery for Chinese goods to reach Europe after arriving in a
Chinese-owned port in Greece. And — in a move that adds prestige to O.B.O.R. — China is financing more than a third of
the $23.7 billion cost of the Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant in southwest England. Part of the challenge in analyzing whether
this building boom is ultimately good for the world is its sheer complexity. Nothing like this has ever been done before
in human history. Yes, providing underdeveloped countries a
chance to have better transportation infrastructure, or cleaner power plants is a good thing. But, by funding infrastructure that’s designed
to enhance commerce and trade — instead of basic services many of these countries
need more, like clean drinking water, affordable housing, and better education — China’s
motives seem to favor the wealthy, elite business class. Here are other factors that explain why China
is undertaking a project of this magnitude: The Communist Party has staked its reputation
on non-stop economic growth. Since they hold all the power, the Chinese
people expect them to deliver. But with its domestic megaproject boom nearing
completion, China must find new buyers for all the steel, cement, and construction machinery
its economy produces, or many of its factories could grind to a halt. It has decided the solution is One Belt, One
Road, but lending hundreds of billions of dollars to many countries with weak credit
ratings and unstable political systems is very risky. Which reveals an underlying sense you get
when you look closely at One Belt One Road: China’s increasing desperation. The country’s national debt is already very
high, but borrowing continues to accelerate at historic levels as state owned banks loan
more and more money to state owned companies. The prime example of the risks associated
with the tight rope the Communist Party is trying to walk was the government bailouts
issued during China’s recent stock market collapse. That crisis was caused by the same sense of
impatience that’s driving O.B.O.R.—the Party’s need to feed the insatiable economic
growth monster. Using its powerful propaganda machine, Beijing
urged its own people to invest their savings heavily in its immature, unstable market—causing
inexperienced citizens to treat investments in companies like bets at a casino, creating
a huge bubble that, naturally, burst. The government then suspended trading for
a while and pumped billions into the system to avoid a total collapse. So really, when you step back, the core motivation
for One Belt, One Road boils down to the Communist Party’s need to buy itself more time in
order to come up with its next scheme to prop up the economy, because when it inevitably
slows down, which it’s already starting to do, the Party’s promise to deliver a
fantastic economic dream world will have been proven false for everyone in China but the
elites. The silver lining is that many of the ventures
China has undertaken will pay long-term dividends, like building up its high-tech manufacturing
sector, with the anticipation that when OBOR’s transportation networks are complete, it will
be ready to use them to deliver higher-cost goods like iPhones, drones, and green energy
technologies to the rest of the world. The other major motivating factor here is
the unmistakable opportunity to gain even-power status with the United States in Asia. The election of Donald Trump, and then his
decision to walk away from the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal that would have hurt
China, are massive geopolitical mistakes—completely unforced errors that China intends to take
full advantage of. When it first announced the O.B.O.R. back
in 2013, Barack Obama had just begun his second term and the US pivot to Asia was in full
force. With rivals like Japan, South Korea, and Vietnam
challenging China’s efforts to control maritime trade routes, it was clear China was being
hemmed in on its Eastern flank. Despite the election of Trump, this is still
true. So by instead turning instead to the vast
land mass to the west for new opportunities, China minimizes its reliance on maritime trade
routes that could be cut off in the event of a destabilizing military conflict. At the end of the day, China is all about
business. It doesn’t matter if you’re a democracy,
a dictatorship, or a failed state, China wants to work with you. But this willingness to embrace some of the
world’s more unsavory characters could backfire. Just look who Xi is sitting next to at the
O.B.O.R. summit: Russia’s Vladimir Putin and Turkey’s Erdogan—two men who look
more and more like dictators clinging to power with each passing day. That’s not a good look for China, and it
reminds us that the Communist Party is even less transparent. But in a world where the President of the
United States is a bumbling fool, these partnerships create much less of an image problem now than
they would have just a few months ago, when the widely admired Barack Obama was leading
the free world. If you ask the Chinese, the O.B.O.R. is all
about peace, an embrace of the concept of coop-etition. A generation ago it was unthinkable for a
country to invest billions of dollars on infrastructure in another country, but in our hyper-globalized
world, dominated by interconnected markets, it may become the norm, especially when we
consider the intangible benefits—greater economic interdependence lowers the risk that
groups of countries will want to fight with other groups of countries, many of whom are
bound together by military alliances. Every one of these projects increases China’s
soft power, giving Beijing more and more leverage in any future negotiation or military conflict. The many foreign seaports it will build and
manage for the next half century will be particularly valuable chess pieces. Its understandable that Chinese policymakers
are romanticizing One Belt, One Road as a crowning achievement for their nation—further
recognition that it has regained its former status as a great civilization that deserves
recognition around the world. But the reality is that it still has a long
way to go. Combined, the following factors may weaken
the optimistic sales pitches being made to foreign officials: a recent Oxford business
school study argued that half of Chinese domestic megaprojects actually destroyed, not generated
economic value; a few of China’s previous efforts to build megaprojects in foreign countries
— like the A2 motorway in Poland — failed miserably; landowners and their representatives
in the national assemblies of host countries are pushing back hard against attempts to
take away their land; and public demonstrations against some the projects are beginning to
take root, and spread. Another dose of reality that should sober
Beijing is that— after analyzing China’s overleveraged financial position — its credit
rating was just downgraded by a major agency, whose analysts concluded that its borrowing
is raising red flags, and its economic growth will continue to slow down. Of course, none of these speed bumps is going
to stop the Communist Party from attempting to execute their great leap. They are committed 100% to embracing a fundamental
history lesson — one we were all reminded of by Brexit’s improbable win and the unlikely
ascendence of Donald Trump — that fortune favors the bold—at least, in the short run. Thanks for watching. Get caught up on all of China’s major domestic
megaprojects with the mini-documentary I made last year, which started some interesting
conversations. To learn even more, and to support our work,
sign up for a free 30-trial of Audible.com — linked below — and you’ll get one
free audio download, like the great courses on The Fall and Rise of China. Until next time, for TDC, I’m Bryce Plank.

100 thoughts on “China’s New “Silk Road”: Future MEGAPROJECTS

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    On the other hand we don’t see or experience before Chinese army crushing down forgiven nations, particularly the third world countries, killing million innocents people.
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