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Child Sponsorship Improves Access to Education | World Vision

Child Sponsorship Improves Access to Education | World Vision

There are millions of children around the
world who don’t get to go to school like we do here. There are lots of reasons why. But poverty is the biggest. there lots of challenges but
generous Canadians like you have been helping kids around
the world living in poverty for more than 50 years by sponsoring
kids with World Vision Canada. here are just a few examples of how your monthly donations are helping kids around the world get an education. In just one
community in Uganda, we more than doubled the
enrollment in primary schools. In one year alone almost
4,000 students in the area of Bangladesh were coached before exams.
And recently in Nicaragua the parents of more than a hundred
kids who did not go to school were given school supplies & bicycles
for the children and money for transportation and tuition fees so their kids could go to school.
And that is what we did in just one 1 community.
We also gave chairs, learning materials, toys and library
books to students in Armenia. and trained preschool teachers
there about child development. With programs like these
and thanks to you so many kids now have hope for the
future. Because when kids can go to school it gives us a chance. A chance to be the best that we can be.
Thanks to you that’s what child sponsorship
is doing every day.

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