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Cherry advertising review

Cherry advertising review

We came to Cherry Advertising in search of an Agency to improve our internet advertising Cherry Advertising was recommended to us by our associates, to whom we are grateful today. Because our work with Cherry Advertising was quite fruitful. At the beginning we started a joint project in June 2014. From the very beginning, they impressed us with the speed of work, accuracy and attention to detail That each ad was sent to us for approval. in order to be sufficiently accurate and to adequately represent our services without making any mistakes. Later on, we entrusted them with the support and advertising on our Facebook account The results are significant, we have a publication each week that they send for approval and it is published literally in minutes on our Facebook page. They work very quickly, very accurate, we almost do not have to make any changes. Since the beginning of this year, 2019, on their advice, we have set up an Intsragram profile, Up to date (4 months) we have over 1000 followers. We decided to give them the support and development of our two web sites. We are very pleased with their work. After four years of working with Cherry Advertising, we decided to commission them to produce banner ads for an important event. They were ready in three days for which we thank the designers and copywriters. Extremely fast and professional. Their suggestion was what we needed and we expected. Cells4life highly recommends Cherry Advertising!

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