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Channel Memberships | Making Money Beyond Ads ft. Simon and Martina

Channel Memberships | Making Money Beyond Ads ft. Simon and Martina

What is the new channel membership feature and what do you
need to know about using it successfully? Well, stick around because
we’re going to talk about it coming up and about all the things
we’ve learned about doing it. Hi, I’m Simon, from Simon and Martina where we run
a YouTube channel called ‘SimonAndMartina’ where my wife and I
have been making food and travel videos in Japan and Korea
and other parts of the world. We’ve been using
the channel memberships programme now for over half a year or so and it’s actually been
a great addition to our channel. So, today we’re going to share with you
our approach to channel memberships what we thought about it,
how we chose our perks and how we deliver
this content to our audience. So, if you’ve never heard of
channel memberships before it’s a way for creators to engage more deeply with their audience members
that purchase monthly channel memberships. In turn, the creator gets more money and we end up
delivering them badges, and custom emojis and other different perks
that we’ve decided to give them. Of course, this is a no-brainer,
you do want to connect with the audience more and you want to make more money on the side. However, this isn’t a feature
that you can rush into implementing. So it actually took the two of us a good month and a half
of discussing it back and forth ‘what are the best ways to implement this?’ because we were actually really worried ‘what if we alienate
some of the people that can’t afford this?’ I don’t want really
anybody to feel left out on our channel. So there are a lot of
different approaches to channel memberships. Some of you guys might
want to go the route of ‘VIP’ special access, you might want to
have exclusive, behind-the-scenes content but for our audience
and our message, that wasn’t a good fit. Our channel membership
isn’t a way for us to be like ‘sell this, buy this, it’s a hot commodity’. We were looking for a way to
connect more with our audience members. So, we tried to view
our channel memberships as something like our audience having a way to say ‘thanks for all the hard work,
we want to give back to you guys’. So, once we finally did agree that channel memberships was something
that we wanted to implement on our channel it took us a good while to figure out
what our custom perks were going to be because we didn’t really want to
have a whole new line of programming that’s very different
from what we usually do. We were trying to think about something that kind of adds
more value to our more dedicated audience. There are tons of different and new things
that we could do for channel members but we were also concerned,
‘hey, we don’t want to make anything that’s actually going to take away
from our main channel and burn us out’. You don’t want to hurt yourself working on all these perks
that might be not sustainable for you to do in the long run. In the end, we came up with a set of perks that our audience actually really values and it’s something that we could
keep on doing for months and years to come. So, for us, communication
with our audience is critical, it is key. We spend all day
talking to them in the comments section we’re all over the Community wall we’re always having live streams
and interacting with them there. So when we were coming up with our
ideas for channel memberships and our perks we wanted it to be something that
would represent this aspect of our community. So, for example, whenever we post our videos we usually have right at the very beginning the notification squad come in
and they write ‘notification squad!!!’ with a whole bunch of exclamation marks. We made a custom emoji that’s a bell kind of looks like a notification bell,
except we made the bell look like our cat and this is a kind of inside joke
that we have with our audience along with other inside jokes
that we’ve made into these little emojis. And, for us, it’s actually great
seeing our emojis used in action and these inside jokes
as little emojis as well and other people that aren’t channel members will wind up asking
‘hey, how did you get those emojis?’ and then that kind of
brings them in on it too. So these small touches
like these custom emojis and these inside jokes
between our audience members it was something that once we did it it was done. It wasn’t something that was unsustainable that was taking away from
the main videos on our channel. But what it represents
is close communication with our audience members. OK, let’s talk about
the video perk we share with our members. So, what we do once a month is we take tons of footage
that doesn’t make it into our main videos it might just be something funny
that happened that we record on our iPhones it might be extra footage
that doesn’t make it into our main videos we just have so much footage. We even have old footage
from like 8 years back that we include. But one of the key points is at the very beginning of video,
we talk to our channel members they’re the Rainbow Ladder Support Team and we tell them that we’re
going to share our feelings of the month our stories of the month but it’s going to be raw and unedited which is unusual,
because normally we edit our videos. Having this unedited, raw footage it helps us be closer
with our audience members and our audience members
feel closer to us because of it. And to us, this is what
channel membership is all about. So, once we figured out
the perks, the badge, and the emojis we knew that it was very essential
for us to make an announcement video so that we could explain to our audience
what channel memberships means to us what it means to them,
and how we’re going to be implementing this in our future videos. We knew that this video was essential
because if we just launched the feature and just hoped that
people would click on the button we knew that people
wouldn’t really engage with it all too well. We have over a million subscribers not all of them are going to sign up,
though it would be pretty awesome if they did and we know for
the other people that don’t sign up I don’t want them to feel excluded so we had to make this video
to explain how our future videos would be with this channel membership in mind. So, once we had everything laid out,
and we had the announcement video filmed we launched the button, and
it actually has been doing really well for us and one of the things that we really enjoy about those people that are members is that we can engage with them
privately on the Community tab. There’s actually a drop-down function
where you can post for channel members only. So we’ve been able to share some
secret photos before a film shoot went out or put up some polls and it’s been a really great way
to communicate with them more closely. So, being able to actually interact
with people in the Community tab and heart their comments,
and see them coming up in the live stream is something that we really value. After all, your audience members are
spending their money on you monthly. These are recurring payments,
and they can cancel any time they want so we really want to say to them ‘thank you so much,
we really appreciate this’. So that’s it for
this video on channel memberships. If your channel is eligible, and
you’re interested in implementing it yourself make sure you find
an approach that works for you. We just explained
the approach that works for us because of our connection with our audience but you have a totally different connection with your audience so make sure you find
something that resonates with you and the people that are watching your videos and best of luck to you. And if you want to be a member of our channel I highly recommend it,
super great, we’ve got some lovely emojis. – Woo!
– Woo! Also, if you have
any other questions, leave them below. There are lots of things
we couldn’t discuss in this video we’re going to try to answer
as many comments as we can because this is something
that we’re really interested in. Thank you for listening to this video. I was super nervous filming it
and this took way too many takes. Oh boy. Run away ducky! – I am sweating so much.
– Run away!

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  6. with all respect and humility I say many thanks to this channel who has given enlightenment and direction through this video, hopefully I can succeed and succeed in following in his footsteps

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