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Channel 4 Advertising Research and Development Apprenticeship

Channel 4 Advertising Research and Development Apprenticeship

[MUSIC PLAYING] So the Advertising
Research & Development team is quite a long-winded way
of saying that we basically support the ad sales team in
helping them sell advertising. Obviously that’s
really important because Channel 4 can make great
programs based on the money that it makes
through advertising. This role sits within the
Consumer Insight team, which is a department which
helps Channel 4 understand the attitudes, behaviors, and
views of the audience that are watching all of our content. We report back to the
commissioners and people who schedule the programs and
what time they have to go on. And we give them
advice on how we think that they should
schedule the program depending on how successful it was. I’d say that you’ve got to
have a very strong passion and you’ve got to be
willing to do stuff, and you’ve got to actually
want to work here. Audience research is
really super interesting, as is advertising research. So it’s important that you have
a look about what it’s about before you apply so you
have an idea of what you’re going to be doing. Just a general interest, because
that’s what they want to see is somebody who’s
new, young, fresh, and wants to learn about
Channel 4 as a brand. Being an apprentice at
Channel 4 brings with it a lot of opportunities. So we get to experience
all different things. So I’ve shadowed departments. I’ve been to events. Loads of cool stuff. And every day brings something
new as an apprentice here. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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