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Chair Massage: Pregnancy Chair Massage Techniques – Part 1

Chair Massage: Pregnancy Chair Massage Techniques – Part 1

So the technique with a
pregnancy massage is always light, right? But there’s a trick to it. You don’t want
to be too light. You don’t want to be too deep. You have to be just right. It’s the
Goldilocks technique, okay? If you’re too light, it stimulates the lymph and that’s
not necessarily good unless you really know what you’re doing. I for one don’t
do lymph massage. And if you’re too deep then you stir up way too many metabolic
toxins like deep within and that can be dangerous for her as well. Especially
when she’s not very far along. So the technique with this is you want to
ground with a soft touch and you just want to let the tissue melt under your
hands. Kind of think of your hands as like hot stones. So just let the traps
the tissues kind of melt and then as you feel them melting then you can start to
do some really really slow petrissage techniques. Or you could do some kneading some
back-and-forth slight rocking. But whatever you do, it needs to be very very
very careful, very mindful. You gotta keep your head in the game and really
pay attention to what your hands are doing and also instruct your client to
let you know if there’s any discomfort whatsoever. Okay. So you can go with the
traps. The erectors are really nice. Now the pressure you don’t want to go
inwards. You don’t want to be directly in towards the heart. You want to be more
down or up but not in because that will, again, do the curvature of the spine
which could be painful. So…so I’m doing the erector right here, right now and I’m
doing more of an out. I didn’t wait for the tissue to melt for the second time. Now the other side…. and a low back. I’ve never been pregnant,
but I’m assuming it sucks, right? So you want to do right close to the spine,
very soft fists, and just letting the tissue melt under your hands. Okay. Another really awesome spot for pregnant
ladies is the hip flexors. Yes? I’m assuming so. So the hip flexors, thighs, glute area. So, don’t
neglect that area. It’s not just neck and shoulders and back. You can get your
forearm with the nice blade right here and sink in. And then you can just roller pin down the leg—not forcing it, not assuming it’ll go anywhere. Just roller
pin it and let the tissue do the work. Not you, not her. Another really good idea before you
begin the session is to ask her to remove any layer she feels comfortable
with and jewelry so that you’re able to work in the hands and the head the neck
area without worrying about all that. But what you don’t want to do is ask her to
remove her shoes because that’s…that’s mean. All right, so that’s technique front-facing. Now, we’re gonna try it the other way. So now your lady is a good six to
eight to nine months pregnant. All right, again, make sure the seat is as
low as it can go but with the back cushion—you want it to be as low as you can. This is a good situation when a pillow, two pillows come in handy.
Stuff the pillow right here too. So, Amelia have a seat. Then when she leans back you—hug a pillow for me—you take the face rest off and you turn it around for
the neck support. Okay, lean your neck back. Is that a good
spot? Yeah? Okay, now if you really set up for this and you know you’re doing
pregnancy massage another really good idea is to have—what do they call it? A
foot bolster or ottoman or something. If you have it handy. If not, your lap works
just as well. And this is where you want to take the shoe off for your client.
And you can ask them, you know, “I’m going to remove your shoe. Are you ticklish on
your feet?” But if they’re like “oh, no, no, don’t do that,” then whatever. But pregnant ladies have that nice edema going on so, again, you want to be very gentle and mindful. Very slow Milty compressions. Again, think of
your hands as hot stones where it’s just nice and melting the tissue. And I like
to work from the bottom of the foot to the knee. I believe it helps the edema. So, another really good…

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