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Centennial College: Advertising and Marketing Communications Management

Centennial College: Advertising and Marketing Communications Management

♫♪ MUSIC ♪♫ Creag Munroe – Student: Well I’ve always loved advertising. I love like seeing advertisements in the world and just being blown away by how cool they are. Or you know, picking apart the ones that I
don’t find as great. And I got to be thinking, I would love
to be doing that like making the great ones. [Dean Cowell – Faculty: Advertising and marketing communications program. It’s a three year six semester advanced diploma. [Rachel Lin] – Student: I hesitated when I first decided to take the program. Because English is not my first language. However one day I sat down and I think about it; what advertising means to me and a great ad it’s really just a
simple concept that instantly triggers people’s mind and get’s people moving. We go into a lot of depth in those three years. The
first two years are very general and they cover all the major areas
in an advertising agency account service, media and creative. Then once you spend two years getting
the core knowledge finding out what’s right for you, you get
to choose one to specialize in for a semester. And then after this
specialization you’re right into an internship actually get experience in the workplace
for what you’ve chosen. So it leads you it gives you a good path to follow This program has the only program actually in the GTA that has a 14-week full semester. internship. It does give the companies a
great way to get to know the students. And for the students to get to know the company. And it often turns into a job infact over 85 percent of
the time it turns into a job. Shane Rampersad – Student: The faculties great, they all have like and insane amount of experience. In the industry itself, so they
have real-world experience they applied to the classroom lessons
like every day We have a lot of presentations. A lot of the works are group work. like the creative concept. Aasimah Patel – Student: So it’s a full
presentation about 20 minutes you do a bit of background
and then you present the creative. And the cool thing about this class is. One of my teachers is actually from the industry. She’s currently working as an art director
So to be able to show her my work. I mean in this class I’ve had her last semester as well. So I’m very keen on impressing her. Just other things that make this program unique. Not only our full semester placement, which is very important. The fact that we have three streams but
we also have TILT which is our student-run agency. And
students get real experience working on real clients, they’re smaller of course. But they’re real clients and they get in experience working in account management,
media and creative. So it’s just like setting up a regular agency We have some awesome opportunities to do cross
program worked with TILT We work with the graphic design program, the PR
program and so on. and it really is a great experience. Infact HR people in the industry look for TILT students because
they know they’ve had the experience that they need to come into a real
advertising agency.

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