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CDC: Tips From Former Smokers – Terrie’s Voice Tip Ad

CDC: Tips From Former Smokers – Terrie’s Voice Tip Ad

(Terrie) If you’re a smoker, I have a tip for you. Make a video of yourself, before all this happens. Read a children’s storybook. Or sing a lullaby. I wish I had. The only voice my grandson’s
ever heard is this one. (announcer) You can quit. For free help, visit

100 thoughts on “CDC: Tips From Former Smokers – Terrie’s Voice Tip Ad

  1. Its disapoiting that stores still cell cigarettes when they know those things do this to people and they know they can be addictive I mean relly stores should stop Celling cigarettes

  2. Smh I'm reading some comments and y'all have to be 10 because y'all out here saying "This is scary" "she's not normal" "Why does she have that thing in her neck"
    1st of all this isn't scary and you cannot say its because of her voice I understand why her voice is like that because she smokes but for you to just say that as if she's something different is rude
    2nd again she's normal she's just has that voice because she smokes
    3rd I can't really get mad for people who didn't know but it kinda feels rude asking that know that people who have it are embarrassed or ashamed by it. The thing in her throat helps her speak so you can hear her clearly

  3. Im in the 3rd week of my quit, and this was the most disturbing yet eye opening video ive seen so far. I havent made it past the 10 second mark and ive already gotten the motivation i need to stay a quitter! Screw this, not worth it!!

  4. Thank the lord I just kicked that habit about a month ago and didn't even have a hard time; contrary to what I previously thought. No one needs to smoke cigarettes no matter how much people try to defend their smoking habit. You're essentially paying a corporation to kill you. Its so obvious.

  5. love how gov allows these to be sold then the excuse is people are dumb for smoking it when its as addictive as crack cocaine with man made chemicals added.
    population reduction and mind control at its finest.

    cigarettes are a soft killer a slow acting poison. and who are the victims the mentally ill the depressed.
    it really is a dog eat dog world survival of the fittest the weak helpless and needy are exploited or destroyed. same as animals in nature just different means.

    facts are that smoking not only provides money to the growers and tobacco company's but also provides quite a bit of money to the medical scam, if there were no smoking a lot of people wouldn't have jobs.

    so smoking cancer and a slow death is good it sends peoples kids to collage and gets them that nice house with a nice boat.


  7. Never in my life have I ever been smoking even when my friends tell me to do it or when my dad and uncles tell me to do it I had never done it cuz I knew the trouble life that smoking was going to bring me.

  8. This scared me when I was little but not anymore I feel 100%, sad for her. Also if everyone wants to stop smoking, why are they still making the cigarettes? They already know what's happening to them.

  9. This sounds heartless, but she sounds like Marge Simpson. I didn't laugh about it, I simply took this to mind and vowed to never smoke. It's a hard decision, since addiction can happen in a snap, but I'll just watch this video and make the change. It's very inspiring.

  10. Smoking tobacco and chewing it, which has killed millions of people, including terry, and is highly addictive: legal in 50 states

    Doing cannabis, which is well known to be a good medicine for people with PTSD, severe Anxiety, and many ailments and is even less addictive than PAIN MEDICINE: illegal in almost half the US.

    What kind of world do we live in where a recreational drug like tobacco can kill many, while drugs like Marijuana are illegal just because of an archaic law? Don’t get me wrong, I am not a marijuana smoker, and I haven’t even tried CBD oil and hemp, but I just want people to know that you cannot make drugs that kill people like Terry legal, while there are CLEAR safe alternatives to that drug. Now, vape exists, and it is significantly safer than smoking tobacco, but it still contains nicotine, which can cause people to have an extreme dependence on it. Marijuana on the other hand, has helped people who have suffered from extreme trauma and illness, and the CBD from it has helped sufferers of CANCER. Now I know no one will agree with the argument I am making, but all I wish to do is make the world a better place.

  11. Her voice is not scary! Have you guys ever watched a horror movie?! How old are you, 9? I've heard scarier voices while trick or treating!

  12. ty as of 1-8-2018 i quit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! everything tastes better, my teeth and nails are wow no more yuk………cigarettes ran me 2 -250 a month…the $ savings are wow tytyty the smell of cigs now almost familiar with fingernail polish and glue just yukkkk. tytyty and your a savior 4 shur to this man tytyty…..

  13. These ads are way better than the 'truth' ads they have going now. If they kept using these, I guarantee you that there would be a much bigger drop in the use of this stuff.

  14. I still don’t get why smoking and alcohol is legal. Looking all the bad its done to humanity.

  15. 😭 shes saying, "Because youre gonna end up like me if you keep smoking, record your voice before you lose it"

  16. See the NEWS!!!!!! HPV……………for those of you that like to put your mouth were it doesn't belong will also take out your voice -SERVES YOU ANIMALS RIGHT.

  17. Smoked my last cig a minute ago….and this video is motivating me to quit for real. Rest In Peace Terrie.

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