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CDC: Tips From Former Smokers – Terrie: Teenager Ad

CDC: Tips From Former Smokers – Terrie: Teenager Ad

(Announcer) You can quit.
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100 thoughts on “CDC: Tips From Former Smokers – Terrie: Teenager Ad

  1. I enjoy a good smoke after a whiskey…terrie admitted she went downstairs after a procedure in 2000, to smoke a cigarette through a hole in her throat. She was addicted…I know I'm not.

  2. It's so sad seeing her so young and beautiful and then looking at how much of that was taken away from her in only 40 something years, all because of cigarettes

  3. she is my hero fly high beautiful angel I love u u are my hero and a lot of other people's hero to I can't wait to meet u one day we will be great friends bit until then take care and fly high gorgeous angel.

  4. Everytime i point out this commercial to my mom cause shes a smoker too she would always put the TV on mute or change the channel and it really breaks my heart that my mom ignores the tips and shes still smoking to this day 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 i dont wanna lose my mom over a stupid little cancer stick both smoking and drinking took my dad down and its taking my mom little by little

  5. 0:20 She is beautiful, radiant, a beautiful person I like her eyes, her big mole under the throat. I am single and I would really like to meet her

  6. A very extreme case of what smoking can do to you in one of the worst scenarios. Most don't suffer like this. If we want people to quit smoking we have to be realistic, or we are liars. Many will have heart problems early in life. Many will develop stomach problems, skin problems, tooth decay, ect. But in most cases it doesn't start to show until later in life. Most will grow old early (mid 60s) and just die of what would seem to be natural causes.

    On the opposite end of the scale, many smokers have lived well into their 90s and are just fine.

    There is a bigger picture at hand. Do you smoke and also get very little exercise? do you drink too much? do you eat processed foods? if so, then smoking on top of an unhealthy lifestyle will kill you fast. Personally, I think we have a bigger health problem with our food and water systems that are contributing to health issues.

    Smoking contributes to only a small part of our modern health problems. If you smoke, but are otherwise living a very healthy lifestyle, chances are, you'll out live a non smoker who has an unhealthy life style.

    I don't smoke, but there's some narrow mindedness going on here.

  7. Danilo me trouxe aqui, mais alguem?

    Ainda bem q nem fumo, acho tao desnecessário isso, ha tantas outras formas de aliviar o stress.

  8. I literally know hundreds of people that have smoked since they were 18 and they are around 60 now. She had to have something else wrong with her to become like that.

  9. My mom has just stopped smoking when I was only 10 years old thanks to my little sister, my maternal grandmother has died from smoking when I was young, I discover that smoking cigarettes has caused the death of millions of people and I said no to the cigarettes because smoking causes serious health problem like lung damage, lung cancer, depression, cancer, oral cancer and other sicknesses that is potentially deadly for health.

  10. I feel so bad for Terrie Hall and her family, it must have hurt seeing her go like that. I have watch the videos where she does a big presentation and she seems like a very nice lady. Both of my parents are smokers and i'm worried about them. I even tried to hide the cigarette pack from them one time, but they still found it.

  11. Lot of people smoked 50 to 60 years and they passed away without cancer , cancer is unknown reason , lot of children’s and teenagers died with cancer they were non smokers , smoking is too bad but not confirmed it cause cancer … only god knows

  12. I'm not trying to be mean or anything but she kinda looks like Supreme Leader Snoke from star wars which is very ironic since snoke is one letter off from smoke.

  13. If it’s too late for her, then it’s too late for my dad. My dad has been smoking since he was a teen. I don’t really know the exact age, but he was a he teen. He’s now 49 and turning 50 in September 2019. But, I know he’ll turn out exactly like her. He’s gone on and off for years with smoking. He says he’ll quit, he tries, but he doesn’t try hard enough. He was even trying to quit when my mother left him. But when she left, he went straight back to it. I live with my mom, I’m almost 13, and I barely see my father. Mostly due to personal reasoning, but also his smoking. I hate the smell of it. I hate hate what it does to us humans. I don’t even want to be around it. So, I can barely have fun while hanging with my dad because he’s either pulling out a cigarette or he smells like one. He’ll never quit. Not until the day he dies. It’s terrifying to know, that the man who gave life to me. The man who took part in bringing me and my siblings into this world, will die before I do. That is if I stay alive.

    I don’t want this to happen to him. I don’t want to face that this is reality. I don’t want to think about it. But knowing that it’s going to happen. Knowing that one day I’ll lose my father, I have to think about it.
    I have to.

  14. My dad died on april 1st 2019 he was 54 he was heavy smoker ..started since his teen years..on the dad he died he had stroke fatality was caused from brain bleeding due blood pressure was high burst in his vital brain parts practically he was gonna be a veggie if he survived so it was no point docs said condition was slim…as u can see smoking increases BP and stroke…he ate good food and worked out regularly fit for his age…IM TELLING U NOW…DONT EVER SMOKE AND QUIT NOW BEFORE ITS TOO LATE NO MATTER HOW FIT U MAYBE SMOKING REVERSES ALL UR GOOD HEALTH HABBITS & BENEFITS.. rip dad if only u listened to mom and us telling him to quit long before ☹

  15. I know to all of y'all this is old but i just saw this on tv for da first time about 10min ago. I thought it was a meth ad until i looked it up cuz i caught da end of this commercial. Its sad. She died 2 days after filming.

  16. I've tried everything to get my parents to stop smoking, taken away their cigs, showed them videos of former smokers who are now dead, told them how I feel, etc. Nothing seems to work, i'm just so scared they're gonna die and i'll never forgive myself for them not stopping. I don't know what to do anymore.. she also said if she ever was diagnosed with cancer she'd commit suicide.

  17. Omg smoking can kill people. My aunt and uncle smokes cigarettes or pipes. Oh well they don't want to make a change of quitting doing that.
    Keith Martin smokes cigarettes, Paris smokes
    Oh well perhaps they should see this video.

  18. My mum started smoking to keep my friends grandma company and I think she will get addicted

  19. hate to use her misery as a warning story but put this as an ad on national tv or youtube and everyone will think twice before putting a cigarette in their mouth

  20. I grew up in a city up North where over time I saw public smoking reduce and get stigmatized more and more (as a kid i remember smoking in restaurants etc). Just moved down South to Richmond and I have a hard time getting used to it. The majority of people I see here smoke, PhillipMorris offices are right down the road.

  21. I’m never going to smoke. Smoking can destroy your entire life. If you smoke you will end up dead. If you smoke now, stop..

  22. Teens usually get smarties candy now a days and then smoke them are we gonna have concerns about that…. (just saying)

  23. As a life long non smoker, I see this type of anti smoking ad fear mongering. If I was a smoker, I'd think sucks to be that person.

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