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CDC: Tips From Former Smokers – Terrie Don’t Smoke Ad

CDC: Tips From Former Smokers – Terrie Don’t Smoke Ad

(announcer)You can quit. For free help,
visit cdc.gov/tips

100 thoughts on “CDC: Tips From Former Smokers – Terrie Don’t Smoke Ad

  1. My dad smokes and I always tell him stop but he is like, oh it helps for my disease, I'm like" ARE YOU SERIOUS

  2. Rest In Peace Terrie. You will always be remembered. There will be those who will take your words to heart and quit smoking and those who will not. Either way, you send warnings and messages throughout the world and hopefully those with common sense will be able to quit, like you wanted to long ago. RIP.

  3. Tip from a former smoker…….smoking kills…..thanks I think we got that memo back in 1965. Now can you just let them die young and pay huge taxes to pay for roads and bridges while there doing it.

  4. Who has heard of death from smoking marijuana No one How many people die of cigarettes more than World War II A screwed up world Stop people who smoke healthy and let people smoke Chemical junk It's legal Because governments make good money on cigarettes

  5. Ok, just because probably 100000000 people "died" in your part, from smoking, doesn't mean you should stop smoking or you're going to die.

  6. 86 dislikes… I mean this woman is dead now and your disliking her last message… you are horrible people.

  7. I was watching a video on ducks, searching through the comments when the commercial came on and that voice scared the ever loving crap outta me! Very effective commercial whoever made this!

  8. She deserved mockery, not empathy. I'm the same age she was, and I can tell you it was proven back when I was a kid that cigarettes cause cancer. She knew, and she did it anyway. She's only useful as an example. Anyone who ends up like her deserves laughter.

  9. I got inspired not to smoke I mean everybody talks about smoking in school and one this kid asked me if I wanted a cigerette and I did not know what to say so I sayed.."umm no I actually quite" but I have never smoked in my life I just was scared what could have happened if I did .

  10. the nicotine game sure is dangerous.. even social smoking causes permanent DNA damage .. smoking has been the biggest scientific experiment in the world

  11. I’ve been smoke free for one year now. Thank you Terrie for helping me to quit something I don’t need. Rest in peace 💕

  12. If you smoked, and you see this video (watch until the end) you will find out you can die!
    Terrie, what are you doing?

  13. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭R.I.P. Terry, she was so beautiful before smoking.

  14. Rip Terrie, me and my friends will for ever keep you in our lives as we like calling ourselves Terrie in your honour xoxo

  15. "My tip to you is, don't start smoking, and if you do smoke, quit. And don't give up at just one try, keep trying until you succeed. I don't want anybody to have to go through, what I'm going through." – Terrie Hall

    1960-2013 R.I.P

  16. She lost her ability to speak in this ad, that means she is dying. But it was great she prerecorded it before she had appeared in this ad. I never smoke and i never will.

  17. Wait what happened to her in this video? she was doing alright for her self in the other ads she was thinner R.I.P tho fr

  18. I don't even smoke and I want to quit smoking. That's how much Terrie's story has me shaken. I hope those who do smoke will at least attempt to stop smoking after watching this. Smoking has no type of benefits, and it harmful to everyone that is in contact with it. Please find the strength to stop smoking.

  19. So sad that she passed away. Cigarettes are no good. I do remember (like other people said in the comments) watching earlier footage of her anti-smoking ads. And then to see this one a few years later.. so pitiful.

  20. I remember seeing all these commecials as they aired. This one was so jarring and disturbing. You can see the hurt in her eyes. It felt like looking at a ghost who had yet to move on. Rest in peace, Terrie, and thank you for being willing showing people the horrors that smoking can cause.

  21. I don’t smoke but here in canada, all cigarette packs have graphic images of what smoking does to you….like this

  22. We had a similar woman to her here in canada who came to schools 15 years ago to talk about the effects of smoking. Her name was Barb “tar box”

  23. Thank you, Terri. My grandma died from bladder cancer caused by smoking at 80. My uncle died at 69 from lung cancer related to smoking…as did his brother and sister, at 45 and 43, respectively. It’s a wicked addiction. Hopefully people in my generation listen to this message.

  24. I think smokers have santenced to jail until they can quit smoking and destory all the tobaco factories will make sure the best result of anti smoke.

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