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CDC: Tips From Former Smokers – Rose’s Ad

CDC: Tips From Former Smokers – Rose’s Ad

My name is Rose. Smoking caused my lung cancer. I was on chemo and radiation. They took part of my lung out. And they put this in me to
drain the fluid. Every day I prayed that
they would remove it. My tip is:
Be careful what you wish for. That chest tube hurt a lot
more coming out than it did going in. (announcer)You can quit. For free help,
visit cdc.gov/tips

40 thoughts on “CDC: Tips From Former Smokers – Rose’s Ad

  1. Poor thing.  My brother died of lung cancer.  He had quit smoking 30 years ago. Donna Summer, the disco queen, also died of lung cancer.  She never smoked.

  2. This isn't a tip, this is a threat, and a classic scare tactic.

    It doesn't work to stop people from smoking. All it does is prevent people from starting. 

    Current smokers will just light one right after this.

  3. I just change the channel immediately.  TV show managers must know that when this comes on, million of people immediately change channels.
    These are nasty images, which do no good at all.

  4. You know what the government makes a big deal out of this and I am with them a 110% why don't they just stop making cigarettes that will save life's

  5. ok, rose is a sweet lady, but everyone loves her because she died. I looked on another one of these ads and everyone hated the woman. guess what? that woman wasn't dead. but anyways R.I.P. Rose

  6. Everyone knows smoking is bad and what it does, in less your in a place where your not being constantly reminded.

  7. I never smoked, but I got melanoma on my lungs, now in remission. But seeing this ad this morning made me want to kill myself before my next scan. Don't they use anesthesia? A very cruel ad for those of us fighting to stay alive. I am so scared to go back to the oncologist now. At some point the treatment is worse than death, and it's up to me to decide when that is. For me, the takeaway from this ad is "don't let them put in a chest tube."

  8. People stop 🚬 I did I feel great if keep 🚬 my might end up taking your last puff you can quite

  9. I cannot believe this ad is 4 years old i just saw it for the first time tonight on tv. these ads are so powerful.

  10. My mom just stopped smoking when I was only 10 years old, my maternal grandmother who was an smoker has passed away shortly after my mom stopped smoking, I discover that smoking can cause serious health problems that was potentially mortal for an human body and that causes lung damage, lung cancer, oral cancer and others sicknesses that turns deadly for health and I said no to the cigarettes.

  11. I feel bad but if you smile and get cancer you had a choice some kids never smoke and get cancer you did it to yourself rip to all the people tho

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