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CDC: Tips from Former Smokers – Cessation Tips Ad

CDC: Tips from Former Smokers – Cessation Tips Ad

The thought of my sons
growing up without me inspired me to quit smoking. I talked to my doctors,
and then I threw away all my cigarettes,
ashtrays and lighters. I started exercising
instead of smoking. Letting my friends online know
I was quitting kept me on track. Staying away from alcohol when
I was first quitting was key. I kept on trying.
Learned something each time. Do whatever it takes. No matter how many times
it takes. We did it.
You can too.

35 thoughts on “CDC: Tips from Former Smokers – Cessation Tips Ad

  1. Her sons growing up without her…I felt that. I really did. It's like she's there, but not really. I can guess she probably used to smoke all the time, leaving her children to take care of their own problems since childhood. Even through puberty, all she did was smoke…hm? My point? Oh, sorry. I was just remembering. It's not spam but delete this comment, if you feel the need.

  2. Actually, she probably meant that she didn't want to die before she could actually raise her children… because smoking is, you know, deadly.

  3. ok pause on 0:15 i will not smoke but drink i think thats gone a bit to far i gota have my jd once a month or so

  4. Why do I get the feeling that the only people watching these Ads are non-smokers?? I hope that that isn't the case. I'd like to see these Ads on TV, morning noon and night.

  5. Exercise does help you to quit smoking, because you can REALLY feel your lungs during exercise!!!! Smoking isn't worth it!! It stinks too!!

  6. I used to smoke. It was about 4 years ago when I decided to quit, because the doctors told me I was expecting. It really wasnt that hard to quit cause I know there was a child growing in me and I did not want to do anything to harm him. I do sometimes have that feeling I would like one, but one look at my sons face changes my thoughts quick. He is my world and I would like to stay in his for a long time.

  7. I don't think folks need inspiration to quit so much as inspiration to NOT START. How colossally stupid to start at all.

  8. well my mom smokes and i breath it in i tell her every day not to smoke. She trys to but it is very hard to quit. I know she is trying.

  9. Finally,some good stories about people quitting this terrible habit!It did my heart good to see this.Its nice to know that it is beatable and people can reclaim their lives like this!

  10. Thanks for your feedback and support regarding the Tips campaign! Nearly 70% of smokers say they want to quit, and half make a serious quit attempt each year. This ad features three former smokers who provide tips on how they successfully quit. Each tip, such as throwing away their cigarettes and ashtrays, exercising, identifying a strong reason to quit, and “just keep trying,” all form part of their successful quit experiences.

  11. What they dont show here is how physically demanding and debilitatig quitting is for some people. Nope, its glamerous and easy for everyone according to this commercial. Then you commit suicide after 2 weeks off of cigarettes. Thats really positive, aint it? You people make me sick….

  12. When my parents were still together they each smoked at least 1/2 pack to 1 pack a day.
    When they split and my dad moved out my mother quit……..which was almost 8-10 years ago.

  13. The goal of the CDC Tips campaign is to raise awareness of the human suffering caused by smoking and to encourage smokers to quit. In addition to profiling people living with smoking-related health effects, the campaign also features three former smokers who provide tips on how they successfully quit. All of the ads contain a very clear and encouraging message to smokers that they can quit and that free resources are available by calling 1-800-QUIT-NOW or accessing Smokefree.gov.

  14. Lol @ quitting being physically demanding and debilitating. Exposing yourself to a level of smoke inhalation equivalent to escaping a house fire every day for years and years is clearly the better alternative. Strong point. Exercising is physically demanding as well, are you going to argue that that is also bad for you? You don't need to justify your own smoking to us. You can do whatever you want with your body. It's yours. If you want to slowly destroy it, no one can stop you except yourself.

  15. the minor issue i have here regard to this video is the "lovely" music in the background, as for the general public to take photogenic people for such crucial subject it's seems not genuine and can be easily done by non smokers for this specific ad.
    on the other side i hereby to announce that i would quit, and yes because of suzy, terrie, and all the other explicit videos i watched. i really hope you will air it on television, that can actually help save people live.

  16. Here's my advice. Don't quit smoking, but quit buying cigarettes and quit bumming them. The idea of quitting seemed impossible but when I refused to buy any and told myself I wouldn't ask someone else for one, it became really hard to smoke. Sounds silly, but it works.

  17. Smoking and drinking do go together for many women (and men). Vaping can help satisfy that craving — plus, you can stay inside with the party! Check out our 1-min video, "Vape and Partay!"

  18. It helps me to here the tips and encourages me to know I can stay quit, too.I am 75 days smoke free.It was taking my life at 55.I have had 7 hospital stays in 3 months.I am so thankful to be free of them.I smell better,feel better,not as nervous,home smells good, but it is still hard at times.I just told myself I refuse to buy any. It is no longer an option on the table of options for whatever emotion I am desiring for. A Cigarrette is no longer an option.I can NEVER be complacent about my quit.

  19. Congrats to those who managed to stay quit. I've been quitting for about 10 years now and I think maybe this time it's finally gonna stick!

  20. I've been researching into giving up smoking and discovered a great website at Quit Smoking Crusher (google it if you're interested)

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