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CDC: Tips From Former Smokers — Brett’s Ad

CDC: Tips From Former Smokers — Brett’s Ad

My name is Brett, and I used to smoke. I quit. But not until I got a serious gum disease. My tip to you is: Your smile says a lot about you. What does this say? (announcer)You can quit. For free help,
visit cdc.gov/tips

84 thoughts on “CDC: Tips From Former Smokers — Brett’s Ad

  1. I had to find this ad just because it literally made my one year old niece bust out into tears and run away as she screamed ew to the top of her lungs.

  2. I never want to see this ever again I feel so sorry for you I would never smoke and I'm glad you quit you are a brave man and I'm proud of you you are lucky to be alive

  3. It just proves that smoking not only stains your teeth, it can cause you to lose your teeth. I don't think brushing and flossing would be enough to prevent this, if you smoke. The poor guy is under 50 and already he has partial dentures. If you smoke but also want to keep your teeth, take this man's commercial seriously and QUIT while you still have your teeth.

    Plus, if your dentist asks if you smoke, DON'T LIE. 

  4. I don't feel sympathetic for someone like Brett or any of these other former smokers in these campaigns. People know the dangers of smoking and yet a lot of them refuse to quit because they have the mentality of 'this can never happen to me.' Now that Brett lost most of his teeth in his early 40s, every time he will smile in the mirror will remind him of his disgusting habit and the stupid decision he made to smoke. Well deserved in my opinion. 

  5. Although I'm sure this is an effective commercial for people who might have recently taken up smoking – I don't smoke anyway so don't need convincing not to – I wish it didn't have to play every 2 minutes on my television. The sound it makes when he's removing those dentures makes me nauseous to my core. Which is obviously the point, but I'm pretty sick of not being able to watch TV without having to change the channel or hit mute every time this grotesque commercial comes on lest I lose my lunch. I mean, at what point does a commercial go from effectively gross to harassment by being on absolutely nonstop and making the innocent non-smoking viewer want to cringe and barf repeatedly? I have moved to feeling sorry for Brett to being angry he is on my TV so much making those denture noises.

  6. I don't smoke, never have and never will.  These ads are disgusting and should not be aired.  The most recent ad airs during family hour when small children can view these.  It is not the CDC's role to educate our children, it is our.

  7. Thank god my dad stopped smoking I begged him to stop it's been 5 years since he has had a cigarete when I show him these adds or when they show up on tv he crys and Hugs me and tells me thank you thank you!! You saved my life I would like to thank the people in these adds thank you! You Savedy dad life

  8. What does it say? It says don't smoke in the first place because it can cause tooth loss and gum disease (obviously).

  9. Honestly this guy was probably the luckiest out of all the other cigarette victims. When you think about it Terrie died of cancer, Marlene gets eye injections, Bill lost some of his limbs AND had diabetes, Shawn had his stoma cut open…the list goes on and on! Still not an excuse to smoke!!

  10. Funny how these ads don't actually specify what these people smoked. Missing front teeth? My go-to explanation is meth!

  11. NATIVE AMERICAN REVENGE: for all the broken treaties, stealing all their land, the destruction of their culture and the genocide of their people. (They thought we came in peace)

  12. what does this say? it says Brett you should've taken care of your teeth by leaving that guys wife alone! ha! instead Brett blames it on cigarettes!

  13. I've been smoking since I was 16! I'm now 78! I guess I have good genetics huh? I mean at 78 even a non smoker won't be able to run a marathon!

  14. Those are some pretty good fake teeth. The first time I saw this I was surprised cause they look pretty convincing. He looks completely fine if they're on.

  15. I won't smoke because it's just not worth the risk. I often barely think of the consequences of my actions, but these PSAs make me look those consequences in the face.

  16. If they smoke their life away than what can we do to stop them? Usually people don't listen until its too late. And I know some that are so addicted even on their death bed all they want is another cig

  17. To be fair he got off pretty easy:

    Loosing teeth sucks for sure, but I’m pretty sure lung cancer, throat cancer, stroke,, emphasimia or heart disease are are way worse

  18. What does it say? It says that you and thousands of other people who never smoked a day in their life wear dentures…maybe if you brushed your teeth more often and went to the dentist, you might still have your teeth…that would make more sense

  19. I feel like crying because he needs a chance of taking care of his teeth and find a way to get his gums right back to normal.

  20. Am I the only one that this stupid commercial just makes physically ill??? I feel the need to throw up every time it comes on. Darn near vomited all over the place the other day when it came on and I was eating something.,

  21. I can’t stand people thinking this type of stuff is funny because it’s not it’s actually really serious and sad

  22. OMG, The noise that it was making his he was pulling his teeth out horrible !!!! 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮

  23. About 6 years ago when I was 8 my dad used to smoke he stopped about 4 years ago after finding these ads these ads Benn existing probably 8 or 9 years

  24. I bet when Brett got gum disease, that is probably what caused him to lose his teeth. The teeth that he pulled out in this ad is fake teeth. He needed it so he can eat foods until he can get his own teeth back. My tip is: Tell other smokers to do themselves a favor and quit now.

  25. He has gum disease from NOT Flossing and Brushing his teeth!! Ugh…My Great Aunt smoked all the way up to 101 years old and when she died, she had a full set of teeth!!

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