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CBOs Are Changing Facebook Ads in 2019, Watch This To Prepare (CBO Facebook Ads Strategy)

CBOs Are Changing Facebook Ads in 2019, Watch This To Prepare (CBO Facebook Ads Strategy)

Hey, what is up guys the Rafael here your seven figure e-commerce coach, and yes You read it right Facebook ads have been changed forever right now Facebook transitioned Well will transition in September 2019 as you can see right here on my computer you won’t be able to turn off campaign budget Optimization I’ve been talking about this for a while. I never expected this to actually happen. This happened on Saturday They announced it on every single account and I started my account and they essentially told us You will never be able to set at set budgets starting from September 2019 So every campaign that you set has to be a CBO a campaign budget Optimization campaign and essentially like I’ve been talking about this for like the past four weeks and all my videos And all my trainings have bit about CBO so I’m I’m pretty glad that they actually just took the answer budgets and put it at at a campaign budgets as a Default you won’t be able to turn that off as it says here You have the ability to set one central campaign budget to optimize across ad sets which is essentially what I’ve been teaching you guys for The past couple weeks on how to get better customer purchases and better results I’ve been teaching Eusebio. Like that’s all I’ve been talking about on on Facebook ads and all my videos like the hundred K in a month the 30 K in a week and the three thousand a day video they’re all about CBO which kind of excites me that they’ve just Taken this strategy and just put it as a default strategy for everyone to use You are will automatically and continuously distribute the budget in real time to your top performing assets This is what I was talking about like campaign budget optimization And if you have no idea what this is if you have no clue what this type of Campaign is that will go into the ads manager when you create a brand new campaign that means that the budget it set add the Campaign budget, so what it does essentially it takes the budget from that campaign. Let’s say it’s $100 a day $20 a day $50 a day whatever it is and it spreads it out across all the ad set inside your campaign So if you have six ad sets inside that campaign It’ll spread it out across all of those at sets you won’t be able to set an ad set budget For each ad set you’ll be able to set out the campaign level and they’ll spread it out The way this works is that it optimizes better than you could ever optimize for yourself. Like I’ve been testing it I’ve been trying and that’s how I’ve been able to do the massive numbers that I’ve been able to do the past couple weeks in This month that we cross $140,000 in revenue was like fifty thousand in profit and you can check my other videos if you go to my channel You go to youtube.com Slash seed San Rafael Center or this channel that you’re watching right now and all of these videos 100k in a month twelve thousand and one day zero two thousand per day thirty thousand a week all of those are with CBL face cats with campaign budget optimization as you can see here with CBO Facebook ads and Then here this one I’m pretty sure I mention it here Yeah how to make a hunter Cain a month with CBO of Facebook ads and Shopify like I’ve been talking about CBO and about campaign budget after I system for a while and if you’re not subscribed to this channel Subscribe right now hit that subscribe button down below right here So essentially like you said the budget of the whole thing of the whole campaign at the campaign level So let’s say it’s a hundred dollars a day. We’ll set that up and Then you create an ad set Let’s say it’s like we’ll just set it as default Default default and then continue and now we’re gonna set up the ad So we set up the ad just like a regular ad, you know, it doesn’t change anything in the process. It doesn’t change How you set up ad sets only at the budget level and then it doesn’t change how you set up Ads so we’ll have to create a new ad browse library. We’ll just pick one of the ads in here let’s take this one and my girl and then I’m gonna put it to seven figure shop calm and Then click this link for more. We’ll just set it up as a random ad click this link or more and Then lower more button and There we go And then you click confirm so that’s confirms the ad right this is just the same process same process It’s just a feature of the budget, right? It’s just a budget feature, but it optimizes the campaign a lot better and you’ll get a lot better results So how this works is you’ll see that when you go on the at set level it says budget using camp and I’ll Expand this using campaign budget. Right right now it’s publishing but it says using campaign budget so you’ll duplicate that and then let’s say I want to create like five ads inside this @ 5 ad sets inside this campaign. All those ads have ad sets will be created and As you’ll see they’re all gonna be Attached to that hundred ad a budget that we set at the campaign level. They’re not gonna be 20 each They’re gonna be a hundred of the campaign levels and then see using campaign budget and then that one has a hundred per day right and then if we go into it all those assets are attached to that one hundred per day, so essentially Facebook is going to optimize for you Facebook. It’s going to do a little test It’s gonna send a little bit of traffic to all this – all these ad sets and it’s gonna pick okay This one is acting better I’m gonna send more traffic in more sales and more, you know Just more results to that ad set so Facebook is essentially going to help you Get a lot better results from now on with this new campaign budget optimization feature. You wanna learn more about it The link is down in the description below. You can check the whole article that Facebook wrote about it at delivery and optimization They’re changing the whole game They’re changing the whole budget game on Facebook Ads You’ll be able to create better campaigns more optimized campaigns And now not have to spread yourself thin with hundreds of absence you can just do it at the campaign level and then put as many assets on you want I recommend four to six and You know why I recommend that I talked about in my other videos you’re going to watch The twelve thousand in one day and then the hundred clean a month step-by-step blueprint I talk exactly about why I recommend CBO campaigns How many ad sets per campaign I recommend and then exactly how to go through the whole process how to scale using this new type of campaign and this new type of optimization You’re on Ramada bar If you want to read more about it, the link descriptions and like like it says here campaign budget optimization CBO Same thing CBO campaign budget optimization can generate more results and lower cost which is that’s very true That’s how we got to 100k in a month is by using CBO by getting lower cost by getting better results and then in real time will capture the most results for your budget and Then they will optimize and lower the total cost per result. So Facebook is doing the optimization work for you You have to do a lot of optimization in terms of scaling the campaigns scaling the budgets But don’t do a lot of the work for you. You don’t have to just Throw 100 ad sets and then start optimizing by ad sets and then changing this and changing that no all you have to do is just use the whole campaign and The whole and all the assets will be attached to that campaign budget So it’ll make it a lot better for you the scale What I recommend is duplicating the original campaign that you set ad campaign budget optimization Right CBO and then changing the ad set. So let’s say conversions number two is this one is a copy we’ll publish that and Then if you have let’s say two or three top performing assets What you do is you cause the rest so you pause the underperformers. Let’s say let’s write until this publishers I mean obviously if you want to watch the whole breakdown of this you can watch the other videos here on my channel the 136 in a month I explained it very well But essentially let’s say these like let’s say the copies are not working. Well on the original is the only one that’s working So I pause all of those I turn them off right turn off all these ad sets. Just leave the original and then I make Variations based on that original so the winning ad set in that CBO campaign to scale or to test more ad sets I just make variations off of that or just Duplicate it inside the new campaign and they change the interest the behaviors the placements the devices Ages gender gender whatever it is that you’re testing You change it inside the campaign with a new ad set and you let Facebook optimize for you essentially getting you a better result I love that Facebook is putting a lot of effort into this and changing it to CBO cos You know us marketers we’ve been talking about it for a while. So I love that they’re changing guys Thank you so much for watching If you want to learn the exact strategy and how I do it go subscribe to my channel right now hit that subscribe button That’s gonna be over here. I’m gonna change it check it incognito so you can see the subscribe button Here’s a channel when you arrive on it, you want to click that subscribe? Button on the right side and watch all these videos The 12,000 in a day is the one that I explained it in very big detail 136 is more of an overview of how to combine Facebook and Google to get to that level and then the other ones 30k in a week 3,000 per day all these I test CBO’s how to test Facebook at CBO again campaign budget optimization you can watch all those videos and truly master You don’t need to buy a course your name to buy anything special. It’s all for free on your my youtube channel So make sure to subscribe right now Thank you so much for watching this video guys if you want to learn more about this as always check my free training down below summit finger shop comm it’s a free training how to combine Google Facebook and Instagram to make $10 for every dollar that you spend. Thanks so much for watching this video. I will see you guys in the next

20 thoughts on “CBOs Are Changing Facebook Ads in 2019, Watch This To Prepare (CBO Facebook Ads Strategy)

  1. (Free Training) Build a Successful Ecommerce Business In 90 Days 👉https://7figureshop.com/secrets-2019

  2. Hey man i love your videos, you're real inspiration. I've legit tried around 30 different shopify stores and other means of making some money online, Would love some help.

  3. What’s up man ! I was running a pur lla 1%-5% cbo and the first 4 days they did real good , but on the 2nd day I raised my budget from $100 to $200 ! It did good for 2 days but today it looks like it’s not preforming good , can I collect the date and say break it down in another campaign or how would you go from here ?

  4. thx Man for ur great video, i have question for you.
    I tested cbo, there are 5 adset in cbo. i found 1 adset have good performing.
    How to scale up this?


  5. This is the ONLY video I found on youtube explaining how to actually create CBOs. All the other videos just tell you how amazing they are, I had no idea how to actually set them up. Thank you SO MUCH for this video! Just discovered you and am a new subscriber 🙂

  6. Do you also have the following problem: 😕

    What to do if Facebook does not register all conversions? Pixel is installed correctly. So now I don't know from which advertisement they came.

  7. Great value man! so to my understanding, CBO is just like the ad set & ad levels.. my cringe about this whole thing is that facebook decides too fast which ad they think is working, therefore spending more money on an ad that maybe was converting at first and not giving the other ad a shot, so im assuming it works the same way with the campaign and ad set level, facebook will choose the best ad set.. So what if you have different ad sets with different goals? how can that be tested? my only solution i think there is to bring it back to the campaign level and split the budget there as if it were the ad set level back in the days and or set automated rules… that way youre testing the ad sets best way possible..thoughts?

  8. Last question: 😘

    do you combine fb and insta placement in 1 addset or separately? If I make 2 separate adsets 1 for insta placement and 1 for fb placement with the same small target group, will they not bid against each other?

  9. Awesome video! Thanks! I FINALLY have an ad that's converting pretty well so I'm ready to scale it. Looking forward to checking out more of your videos.

  10. Hi Rafel! If I have a existing NON CBO campaign, should I or is it okay to switch/ convert it to a CBO campaign? If Yes, wouldn't that affect the performance of the existing ADsets?

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