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CBO Facebook Ads (Campaign Budget Optimization)

CBO Facebook Ads (Campaign Budget Optimization)

Let’s start about CBO real quick… That’s all the talk these days, right? You know, the thing is that 99% of marketers Will actually fail when CBO does come out.. Because they will think, hey, since the algorithm is doing all this for me and that i don’t have to do actual Ad set level budgets.. They think all of a sudden my creative that was not converting Or my audiences that weren’t converting or my copy angles that weren’t converting well, they are going to work now since the algorithm is going to help me so i want to go ahead and show you how adchill can help you create new interest audiences. select 1 and it pops out a ton of new interests to target Then you can say hey Adchill, launch this to my ads Then you can do the same thing for lookalikes and page posts so crush CBO, make sure you absolutely crush it By testing more lookalikes, more interests, more page posts more videos, more images and more angles of copy

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  2. Hello John! Again thank you for awesome video. I have a question, im running ad and im not gettin any purchase, cpc is good some atc but no purchase.. i mean how would you do it at this stage? Is it too early for me to go straight to purchase conv?

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