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Casa de Carne

Casa de Carne

Welcome to Casa de Carne. We take the dining experience full circle. Who’d like to start? I’ll have the baby back ribs, please. Oh they’re ribs, amazing! First time? Yes. Excellent choice. Follow me. Good luck. We’ll be after you. Another one. You gonna do it? Stop, stop! That was awesome! I’ve never done a cow before. It just tastes so much fresher. I know, I feel like a caveman. So Eric, what did you think?

100 thoughts on “Casa de Carne

  1. This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen there making people who eat meat look like monsters it’s the highest level of stupidity

  2. I'm amazed by how many people in the comments are calling this propaganda as though they think that meat eaters do not kill animals to eat them. Cognitive dissonance is a powerful thing.

  3. You think I wont kill my own meat? If anything this just points out the decadence of our society. We've come so far from having to harvest our own food that we now find doing so to somehow be morally abhorrent.

  4. This is a great idea. I experience it every time I harvest animals. Helping the population grow stronger by thinning the herd.

  5. So you want us to remove ourselves from the food chain in which mother nature created. Look I believe animals have rights and shouldn't have their population diminish because of us but we're also animals. So let us take our place on the food chain while still keeping balance.

  6. Because we all know that butchers cut pigs when they are still alive and have the fur on their backs.
    Also, how is this thought provoking? only thought I got was that i got hungry looking at the food during the ending.

  7. Idk about you guys but fucking ribs sounds amazing right now I would love a nice fucking slab sitting on a plate right now

  8. Yea except no resteraunt would ever do that, you get the meat cooked and ready, the animal has been dead long before its arrived at the resteraunt.

  9. I for sure thought this was a Black Mirror Trailer for an upcoming episode. For all we know it is. Also Bacon is delicious

  10. если я окажусь в равных усовиях с животным и мне надо будет выжить с моей семьей и если это будет единственный

    выход тогда я это смогу сделать

  11. Meanwhile in vegan restaurant:

    -What would to eat tonight sir?
    -some potato wedges and a salad
    -great choice, follow me please

    At the doors:
    -here's your peeler sir, enjoy

    What a crap did I just watched.

    And who to fuck kills pigs with fucking kitchen knife?!

  12. My Girlfriend tried to make me vegan, and this video ain’t stopping me from eating some ribs, nice try though

  13. This AD showed up while I watching something completely different! I enjoy a varied diet of whatever the hell I choose just wanted to leave this comment here….oh and of course there wasn’t a dislike button on the AD

  14. What I dont understand is that if people dont eat meat from animal, do they not realize how animals will overpopulate

  15. Thanks for your amazing short-film! 🙂
    I personally think a lot of people would go vegan – I learned from a young age to slaughter and prepare meat, I went vegan for different reasons, never because "i couldn't kill", but I see that really many people don't see what it means to take a life.

    #goVegan! 🙂

  16. I'm all against the few people who keep there animals locked up inside instead of out to roam, I get that. But I didn't climb all the way to the top of the food chain to eat salad and that BS tofu

  17. and I think for what we do to other animals humans deserves to be extinct…we are the most useless, destructive and evil animal on the planet

  18. They actually think this is gonna stop people from eating animals. 😂😂😂. Watched the whole thing and never felt more at the top of the food chain 💪. Always gonna eat pork, beef, chicken, etc. 💯

  19. Oh this is very well done. It drives home the main point – most people would never murder an animal in order to eat it but their OK if someone else does the job. They're not bothered by barbaric cruelty that they don't see.

  20. At least in Mexico we take care of our animals and we do kill few only when we have a party Mexico it's hard to get meat when your in a small town and far from the city a lot still live the old school life you hunt it or you plant it we do both I do wish they treat animals better but I hope this dosent scar people into not eating meat cuz that dumb and wrong cuz it's not a bad thing to eat meat it's good for you unless you can't meat then that's you

  21. This popped up on an ad and as a vegan of 5 years I really didn't wanna see this but I was so happy it existed. I was crying happy and sad tears lmao

    If you eat meat, you are basically killing it!
    All you selfish people don't care about the animals actually being killed, the pain they have to deal with and you only care if it's cooked perfectly or not!

  23. This makes me want to be a vegetarian but I can’t because meet is really good but this will haunt me till I forget I ever watched this

  24. Anyone who can actually do this is clearly a psychopath and should be treated under mental health issues. I wouldn't trust them around my kids/family encase they have some sort of impulse or reaction. These people need help, all i can think of in the end is the guy thinking "You people are sick".

  25. I've watched a lot of these types of videos and I still have no inkling of turning vegan. There are some vegan channels that added even a little bit of fish to their daily diet and they had actually become healthier. It's human instinct and natural for us as primates to eat meat. We may be human, but we're still merely animals with a higher level of intelligence compared to most other animals.

  26. In a sense, it's funny because it shows the hypocrisy of ourselves. Many of us are eating meat and they were not able to kill zwojesprzecia themselves because they were brought up by propaganda, where every animal can be as a pet, it is a false reality, weak society has created emoatie and compassion for what they eat. Personally, if I would have murdered, I would love to live with it and see nothing significant in it. In the end, it's about my survival.

  27. Thanks to this video, I have been vegetarian for nearly four months now. I had given up red meat but I was still eating chicken. I ate chick fill a when I got home March 28th of this year. I was watching a YouTube video that day when this short film came up as an ad. I love short films so I watched and it ripped my heart out. I wanted to puke my food back up but I have a stomach condition so I didn’t. I haven’t eaten a piece of animal meat since. I try to avoid all animal products for the most part. I have a dog, his name is peanut, he’s my profile pic. The pig reminded me so much of my beautiful baby boy. Who the hell am I to decide what animals I love and what animals I slaughter. I’m never going back. Thank you, you gave me the final push that I needed.

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  29. Shrieks sleep in silence. Subdued in the pleasant music of restaurants are the guttural groans of innocents. See how it trots and give itself over to him, trusting in his wisdom, and we just slit its throat open.
    Trivia: The room meaning of the word wisdom is 'vid', that is to see. Vidya in Sanskrit translates knowledge in English.

  30. Brosowski, I hope everyone knows that:
    A: that's nowhere near a full-sized pig, especially not one raised for meat
    B: Why attack a single person's choice on whether or not to kill an animal instead of attacking the food industry and their mistreatment of animals(AND PLANTS BTW. SLAVES GROW YOUR DAMN QUINOA) for profit when that's doing the worse damage?
    C: This is what people in the food industry want, for "carnists" and vegans/vegetarians to be attacking other sides so there's more of a divide between us, and to hide us from the fact that the big businesses that use slave labor in other countries and utterly atrocious animal care including extreme overusage of antibiotics for the animals.

    Why not we all stop fighting, and just go eat/compost the rich, and use that to grow our crops so we can't give any more money to terrible companies like Tyson and Nestle who are big meanies

  31. Jestem weganką od tak pół roku/roku i bardzo się cieszę,że powstają takie filmy,bo spożywanie mięsa w ogromnej skali to jest jakaś fanaberia.Już nigdy nie tknę mięsa i innych produktów zwierzęcych.Zwierzęta też maja uczucia i pragną życ na wolności,a nie by podrosły aby je wziąć na ubój.No nie,bo to jest po prostu chore.CHORE!

  32. fUCK YES

    I went vegan for health reasons but i could easily see this turning someone vegan, or at least making someone consider it as an option

  33. People tend to ignore the fact that things like Veganism aren’t entirely ethical as well. Depending on where you get your meat, the animals could’ve lived a good and happy life so it all just depends on where you get your meat

  34. Weak ass kitchen knife ain’t gonna do shit. It’s more cruel butchering an animal with that instead of the normal way

  35. Saw this as an ad and i was actually kind of angry. Not because they would DARE slaughter a pig, but because they portrayed the meat eaters as.. bloodthirsty psychopaths. NO ONE who kills their own meat is excited for it unless they're genuinely fucked up in the head. It's just a necessary thing to do. I'm not saying veganism is the wrong way and eating meat is the only right way (everything must be balanced, including nutrition, how you do it is your way, as long as you're healthy) but it's not cool to portray meat eaters like this and it will only pit half of your audience against your cause. The real evil is the mistreatment of the animals we eat and the land we stand on and the people around us.
    Not enough of us are truly kind people for the sake of being kind. We fight and abuse eachother and we refuse to listen. EVEN those of you who claim to listen are deaf to certain groups.
    And to any vegans angry at me for saying this? You are one of THE most misinformed eaters i know of. And it's because you rely on fearmongering to get your way. "Farmers kill sheep to get their wool!" "Don't eat honey to save the bees!" "Farmers put nose tags on calves to break their bond with their mother!" None of these are REAL problems and are entirely false information. Farmers do not kill sheep to get the wool, they shear the sheep (which sheep NEED them to to stay healthy!). Not eating honey will hurt beekeepers but beekeepers need that money to properly tend to their hives. Bees produce honey in excess and not clearing it from the hives can be detrimental to the health of the colony. Farmers to not put nose tags on calves to break their bond with their mother, they put them on older calves who will not stop suckling their mother so that the calf can stay with her longer in a healthy bond (excessive suckling hurts and the mother will kick her baby to get him to stop!)

  36. Shame on you for guilt tripping people for being omnivores. It's simple biology, look at your teeth….made for meat and veggies. Next your gonna put carnivorous animals on vegan ….oh wait you are! Putting dogs on vegan diets. I don't care what you eat but keep your shaming to yourself

  37. They didn’t give him any rope, not fair. You gotta tie up the legs and snout. The squeal will blow your ear drums out. Ask me how I know. Oh and wrong knife. Should be long and slim, double edged at least 24”. Right through the heart. And where’s the bucket to collect the blood, makes for some good rice.

  38. First of all, this was an ad I had to back track just to leave a shitty reveiw. Secondly the ad at the end of THIS video was an ad for burger King. Thirdly I would happily be trained to kill an animal in the resturant and then eat it. To force, and because it was an ad I do mean Force, your opinion on me is NOT informative, persuasive, or by any means near good enough to warrant any further research into animal cruelty or slaughter. It did nothing of what it should which is why it is bad. If you are found to be pushy with your ad at least be INFORMATIVE instead of vague.

  39. i’ve been vegetarian for 1 year and 6 months and this video made me so happy, i love how more of these types of ads are popping up now

  40. HA that knife is too small. Plus the pig is to small as well. I believe that's a pot belly pig? Most of those normally used as pets so….yeeee also add totes appreciate if you'd stop sending this ad my way I don't want it. This is the third time I seen this video and the more i see it the less I care. Also pigs will eat anything including humans. So I think they are just as bad.

  41. Brilliant and powerful! Thank you, LCA. I hope this film brings awareness on the fact that we call ourselves "carnivorous" or "omnivorous" when it has been proven that we are not. So, we decide to avoid the uncomfort to kill a sentient being for eating, thus paying others to kill millions of beings whom we don't even want to see in pain. All in an unnecessary process we have believed it is "our right", for the sake of the most addictive and strong sensations there are: pleasure from taste. Beliefs blind compassion and respect for life <3

  42. With humans eating the pigs, pigs are grown and slaughtered.

    Without humans eating the pigs, the pigs as a species die. Save the feelings of the pigs – wipe them all out!

  43. That is among the most retarded, moronic, ignorant, idiotic, unrealistic, and just plain stupid things I've ever seen.  How incomprehensively out of touch with the real world must one be to create, or worse yet, admire that piece of crap? Unbelievable.

  44. lol,ez to cut a pig,they r tasty,people r rly thinking that eating animals is bad?i want to look on them when they will be hungry and the only 1 way is to kill some animalpat to eat it

  45. I bet people here who commented with sarcasm would not last a minute at any slaughterhouses. We humans are species who can sympathize with suffering ones. We are the species who can put our needs behind for the sake of something moral. So please ask yourself if you really mean what you type here about dying animals for extra foods for humans. Do not deceive yourself and what kind of person you truly want to be for suffering ones behind this unreal Youtube world.

  46. I'd honestly be so down to have a chance like this.
    Unfortunately, this is totally unrealistic and they don't even kill the pig how they do it in real life.

  47. Broooo
    Imagine ordering something chicken and being able to have the pleasure of just cutting off the chicken's head with a single swipe as a butchers knife.
    Because clearly vegans think that we always harshly slaughter innocent animals like monsters.
    Sorry that we kinda need the things that comes with eating meat. Plus, that shit taste good.
    These animals die one day anyway. It's like putting down a dog or cat when they get too old.
    But instead giving their meat away afterwards, you bury the puppo because you actually had a bond with the precious animal.
    I'd rather stab a pig a few times (even though that's not how it even fucking works) than put down a pet because a pet has a connection with me.
    Stop attempting in guilt shaming people for eating what's needed in their diet, and then start making up bull shit against us and "where we draw the line between pet and food" etc. 😇

  48. If you found this video through my playlist here on YouTube than like this comment. I'm not trying to get likes I'm just curious how many people found this through my little vegan/ environmental playlist.

  49. No one:
    Literally no one:
    Not a single soul:
    Vegans:you should go V E G A N its S O much better! How D A R E you eat meat! DON'T YOU KNOW WHAT MEAT COMES FROM?!

  50. (Dillard, 2008). A former hog-sticker (worker who stabs hogs to bleed to death) said, “A lot of the slaughterhouse hog killers have problems with alcohol. They have to drink, they have no other way of dealing with killing live, kicking animals all day long. If you stop and think about it, you’re killing several thousand beings a day” https://scholar.colorado.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=2157&context=honr_theses

  51. This is so stupid. A lot of people are weak like this, and they ought to man up, but who the hell would go to a restaurant that makes them do the work? Small production nitpick, I don't believe that they would've gotten their food in any reasonable amount of time, so he probably would've already had the conversation with that couple before they had their food. Not to mention that weird thing in the top right at 1:22 , is that meant to be an observation deck or did the production team just not care enough to fix the shot? Finally, there's no way they'd forcibly kill the animal without having you sign some kind of waiver first, so he would've known it was coming. I disagree with vegetarianism as a solution to anything, but if you're going to make that argument at least do it using logic rather than a poorly produced video with only the argument of "cute animals, me no want kill uwu". Social responsibility and hidden truths my ass, make something worth watching, or at least don't blast this stupid ad around everywhere. I only came to find it because this is the third time I've seen it today and I've been on youtube for less than an hour.

  52. Mankind itself has been hunting since the dawn of time. Animals may not have a say in how they are killed but it is not the consumer's fault. It is the producer's fault. This ad was extremly graphic and triggered my PTSD. I have had constant thoughts and nightmares of abuse and being brutally murdered like this. There are easier ways to get your point though, not this god damn bs that people never asked to see. I went along to try and watch tik tok but no this ad pops up. Youtube has to get it's shit straight and open their eyes, this is borderline animal abuse. Do we know that they didn't just take the pig from a farm and take them just to 'prove their point' in one of the most graphic ways possible, putting it through more stress to only then go through other things we are not shown?

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