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Carrot & Coconut Soup Recipe #ad

Carrot & Coconut Soup Recipe #ad

– Hey, everyone. It’s Barry here. Welcome to My Virgin Kitchen. I hope you are well. In today’s sponsored video from Heinz, we are taking part in the
Super Fresh Taste Test. Probably quite in itself
explanatory title, but it’s also a very cool food pun, which as you guys know, I love. These soups are supposed
to taste super fresh, as if you’ve just made them from scratch despite being stored in the cupboard rather than the fridge. And to test this out, the boffins at Heinz have given us the actual top secret recipe to cook and compare at the end. I recognise that guy from somewhere. Anyhow, the Heinz Soup of
the Day we’re tackling today is gonna be the Fragrant
Thai Carrot and Coconut Soup, which is handily in
this carton right here. But I’m making it from scratch
here in the barn kitchen, whereas Mrs. Barry is making it at home. (upbeat music) Alright, first step, prepare my vegetables. Let’s do it. (knife chopping) (upbeat music) With my stock and vegetables in there, it’s time to simmer this down for 20 minutes with the lid on. (upbeat music) It’s whizzin’ time. (blender running) (upbeat music) I was in a bit of a trance there, that white hitting the soup. It’s looking so, so good, and what I love about homemade soup, there’s no additives, no crazy colorings or preservatives or sugars or nasty bits. It’s all in there goodness. – So, this is basically
just like fresh soup out of your cupboard with no extra sugar or
artificial colorings. – Alrighty, here is my soup
all nice and protected. The smell is phenomenal. I really hope it’s worth the effort. Let’s go see how Mrs. Barry’s got on. Alright, I am back. It’s still warm, which is awesome because I’m only a short drive away. Oh, yours is looking good. – It is. Mine’s ready. – First thing that I’m looking
at is the colour difference. Look at that. It’s quite similar. – [Mrs. Barry] It’s quite similar. It is. – I’m proud of it. Both of them smell nice to be fair. Shall we have a little munch? A little taste?
– Yes, let’s taste them. – Let’s do it. (upbeat music) First up, not gonna lie. Mrs. Barry, are you boosted up there? – Yeah, I am. I’m sat on a couple of cushions to make me look at bit
taller than what I am. – It’s good. It feels good like this. We feel dominant, and we’ve got our soup to survey, but we’re not the only ones surveying it. – No, I think the dogs are
pretty interested as well. They want to try some. – They’re super ah, excited.
– Ah, funny. – I feel like I’m on some sort
of judging show or contest. Sit. Mrs. Barry had the Heinz Soup of the Day Fragrant Thai Carrot and Coconut Soup, and I did the top-secret Heinz recipe, and to be honest, it’s soup. I’m excited either way. Should we go for taste first? – Yes. – ‘Cause that’s the best bit, right? – Let’s try it. – Alright, here we go. – Let’s try the Heinz one first. – Okay. – Mmmmm. – Is that good? I don’t know why my
nose was fooling me now. I could just smell it. – It’s like a chilli, oh my gosh, my mouth’s on fire. – Mrs. Barry doesn’t like chilli. – No, no, I like that though. – Oh wow.
– I like that. It’s a good kick.
– Now that’s good. – A good kick. – A good kick. Actually, ladies first. (laughs)
– Oh, okay. Try yours now. – I put a lot of blood,
sweat, and tears into this. – Oh, is it gonna taste nice now? – I felt like I was like a proper boffin going for it.
– Did you? – I love making homemade soup anyway. What? – That does have a kick to it as well. (both laugh) – Oh, that is good, too. I’ve got to be honest, that is nice, but that’s good. – That’s good. – They’re both good. The only thing I would say about my one, it’s a teeny bit too watery for my liking. – Yeah, it is. – It doesn’t feel like a, I don’t know, maybe I didn’t cook it
as long or something. With that, it kind of feels
like a bit more like (grunts), I don’t know, a bit more texture to it. It’s a bit soupier. – It’s a thick, smooth soup. – Yes. You might not be able to hear it, but it’s so tasty, even the neighbor’s dog’s
getting excited about it. (both laugh) So, I apologise if you hear, I don’t even know his name. Is it a boy? – I don’t know. It’s a dog. – Imagine if his name is Heinz. Heinz! – Heinz! Heinz! – I’m gonna give you the taste on that. I think you just shade it. Although I really enjoyed, I mean, they’re both really nice recipes, but I think I prefer my
soup a little thicker, and there seemed to be a
little bit more depth to that. – Yeah. – This is like a marriage. – Like a marriage. Anyone would think we were married. Wow, this one literally
took me a couple of minutes. I just got the carton out of the cupboard, poured it in a saucepan, and there you go. Let it heat up, and it’s done. What about you? – About a half an hour. So, I guess from a
convenience point of view, if you’re at work having
something for lunch, that would be amazing, but there is something that that’s nice charm of
making your own homemade soup. – Yeah, yeah there is that. It’s quite satisfying, but it’s quite a long, timely process. – And if the criteria is time, it wins. – Then, the Heinz Soup of the Day wins. – (sings) No, I don’t want no faff (hums) nobody like me. Sorry. What do you think no faff means? I think it’s similar to time
in terms of like the effort. – The effort, yeah. So, this one was effortless. – (sings) I don’t want no faff. – So, this is no faff involved. You literally get the
carton out of the cupboard. – Put it in, yeah. – Put it in the saucepan just like– – I think people know how to make soup. – I think so, sorry. – That’s the point of no faff, right? No faff.
– Yeah, it was really simple to do. Really simple. – I just like faff. – No faff. – Faff. – So, if you’ve got your kids
running around screaming– – Faff. – And they’re hungry– – Faff. – You can just get it
out of the cupboard– – Faff. – And it tastes just as good
as fresh soup in the cupboard. – Faff. – You need a good amount of
time to make a homemade soup. – You do. – Like half a day. – Yeah. – Or a day. – And then normally,
you justify the flavour, but now I’m just thinking, “Oh, yeah.” – But they taste pretty similar, so– – They don’t, they. Now I’ve got a second taste, I’m like, “That’s the boss.” – Okay, this one’s the better one? – In conclusion then, Mrs. Barry, I just want to say I’ve always
wanted to sort of square up to like an actual recipe thing that you can get on the shelf like that that you can pick up and go, “Yeah, I want to make that from home.” The boffins at Heinz
have given me a recipe, and think it was a fair fight. – I do, too. – Thank you so much to Heinz
for sponsoring this video. If you want to go to Heinz.co.uk, you can find out much more about
the Heinz Soups of the Day, and I’m gonna just swap over there. Not that I don’t like that. I just prefer this one a little bit. Mmmmm. – Save some for me. – See you next time.
– A little.

63 thoughts on “Carrot & Coconut Soup Recipe #ad

  1. A massive thanks to Heinz for sponsoring the video and ultimately supporting the channel…. if you would like to try the soup Barry made the recipe is here http://www.myvirginkitchen.com/recipe/thai-carrot-coconut-soup/

    Or for more information about Heinz soups of the day, head here http://www.heinz.co.uk/en/products/soup/ranges/heinz-soup-of-the-day/fragrant-thai-carrot-and-coconut

  2. They both look good enough 2 eat but I always go for homemade. You just feel better knowing you made it yourself.

  3. The homemade soup is probably cheaper to make, tho. I mean, look at how much Barry got out of a few ingredients compared to the Heinz stuff.

  4. You're knocking it out of the park with all these videos I love it. That soup looks yummy and I'm talking about your soup I'm sure the other one taste good too but yours is homemade so has an extra special kick

  5. Did I miss the coconut part of Barry's soup? Was that coconut milk at the end you finished it with? Did the Heinz have a natural thickener in like guar or something like that? Carrots have a lot of water in them so maybe a little less water 50-100 ml less would be thicker. Nice video!🙋🙋🙋

  6. the only thing i dont like about heinz is the amount of sugar and salt they have in the ketchup!! and i just google it.. so they have a lighter version, a healthier one which is an improvement :). I need to try and make this soup :P.
    Please make more quick meals, and soups. deserts , cause working mum, i need all the time i can get. good job barry!

  7. An interesting way to make a carrot-based soup that I am thinking of making myself although I will add my own tweaks such as omitting the celery because I don't like celery.

  8. I thought the same thing Barry did when he poured it. His looks a bit more watery. Heinz's looks more chunky. Its soup either way. But Heinz's definetly looks tasty as well.

  9. Don't like carrots & celery, well, not cooked anyway, but I do love Heinz Mayonnaise, tastes like proper stuff, rather than the vinegary yuck sold by "the competition" that also begins with H… 😀

  10. Great video Barry but it seemed more like a advert than the funny cooking videos with pugs 😄🐶🐶

  11. Im sure They both taste lovely but I couldn't help but think that these reminded me of boujee (high class) baby food 😭😂

  12. Well, with the Heinz one, there is the packaging you need to dispose of. Are those cartons recycled in the UK as well?

  13. I bought these this week. Really nice. The parsnip one tastes gorgeous. Surprisingly stays thick too as you eat it unlike some other thick soups on sale.

  14. Thank you for making it clear the video is a sponsored ad, a lot of other channels don’t. I might have to compare these myself.

  15. I'm suspicious only because the ingredients on the Heinz, (even though they advertise it is all "natural"), was not read out or shown. At least with your recipe we know all the ingredients truly are fresh and natural and not the corporate's definition of "natural". Other than that, nice vid.

  16. I’ve got to say i love heinz soup. The fact that they have it in a carton rather than a tin can is so much more convenient 👍🏼

  17. My old dog loved it when I made a massive pan of home made veg soup. 1 pan would last 3 or 4 days and I would mix in the leftovers from the bottom of the pan with his kibbles and he licked his bowl clean every time 🙂

  18. This has given me an idea for a series you can do- Find a product and try and replicate it as best as you can, then get people of the public to try both the homemade version and shop bought version in a blind taste test to see what they prefer

  19. I'm just gonna be stubbornly paranoid and say there's no better soup than the soup you make yourself, so thanks for the not so secret recipe 😉

  20. hey barry could you please show us how to make homemade vegetable stock? i really want to learn how to make it myself but i have no idea how to

  21. This looks like a 😋yummy soup!! And since we don't have this soup in the U.S. In gonna make it homemade!! I love carrots, curry and most of all coconuts!! SO I know I'm gonna love this! Thanks you two! Love seeing Becky on your show again👏

  22. Is there more salt in the pre-prepared one than the homemade one though? Because if its in a package like that, it needs to be preserved some way.

  23. Let's be honest. Premade soups aren't terrible. They haven't been for a while (putting aside the cheapest ones, of course). I've had a few from Campbell's that were just fine for lunch, esp if you can get them on sale. Are they as good as a special Sunday recipe with your own stock and leftovers from the Sunday Roast or Turkey (or whatever)? If you know how to cook, probably not.

    However, if you don't really know how to cook well, a premium premade is probably just as good as something most people can make at home. Price notwithstanding. Price included, *no*. Even as a pro-cook, I'd not buy these on regular price– on sale? Sure!

  24. Please make some unusual soups to upset Stuart Ashen with, as a follow up to your jelly challenge of a year or so ago. Cheers! I do like soup, but I hate coconut – just the thought of the taste makes me feel ill.

  25. I know this is an ad but would you consider doing videos comparing a homemade recipe version to a storebought? Fun and interesting to watch! And Heinz soup is great 🙂

  26. I'm sorry, Barry, but this FELT like an ad compared to your normal videos.
    Normally I don't mind sponsored videos, but this didn't feel real.

  27. I don't think Heinz sells those types of things in the US, but I prefer making my own soups, anyway, and this looks DELICIOUS! I think I'll try it this weekend!

  28. Any one else think Heinz purposely left out/adjusted ingredients in the recipe they gave Barry so the boxed soup would taste better?

  29. Appreciate that this was openly fronted as an advert but this kind of "personal endorsement" ad where the typical content blurs with the sponsored stuff feels really uncomfortable, especially having grown in the UK, where ads have been heavily policed for years to ensure this kind of product placement type ad doesn't happen. It raises doubts about the authenticity of opinions expressed here in this video and indeed about opinions raised throughout the rest of the shows.

  30. Id still rather take the time to make my own soup. There HAS to be added preservatives in the heinz and that has flavor to it. So much rather have homemade

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