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Caring for your Galaxy Fold

Caring for your Galaxy Fold

Caring for your Galaxy Fold A smartphone that unfolds into a tablet Unprecedented flexibility from a specially crafted polymer screen sets the Galaxy Fold apart A display this precious comes protected no extra films needed Just use a light touch The Galaxy Fold is engineered with an articulated spine inspired by the precision of watch mechanics Keep free of water & dust Carefully placed magnets keep it secure when folded be mindful of objects that may be affected A smartphone as incredible as this deserves care like no other That’s why we provide Galaxy Fold Premier Service for the complete experience The future is in your hands

100 thoughts on “Caring for your Galaxy Fold

  1. John Wick 1

    Customer: Nice show Phone boss 18.
    Samsung : She 19.
    Customer: Huh beautiful.
    Samsung: Thanks
    Customer: How much?
    Samsung: Excuse me?
    Customer: How much for Phone?
    Samsung: Phone not for sale.
    Customer: Oh am fan. (Korea) Everything's got a price, b##ch.
    Samsung: (Korea) Not this b##ch.

  2. Samsung vs Apple

    Windows: whats wrong with u people?

    LG: I K R.


    Samsung: The Samsung Galaxy FOLD

    laptop: am I'm a joke to you? I m B E TT E R

  3. Hey galaxy, ur phone sucks, even my iphone 6 plus didn't bend this much, I mean the phone folds on itself for christ's sake! Also, not hammer proof, what is this, 2018?

  4. Cool tech but really not ready for consumer use. I expect a lot of people to be breaking the device. The fact that fingernails can damage the screen just screams disaster.

  5. "Mírame y no me toques", que ridículo.


  6. We shouldn't have to worry about having to take care of our phones like its our child. The phone should be durable and should withstand what consumers throw at it, but consumers shouldn't have to change the way they use their phone to keep it safe. Phones should just work. Why did they release an unfinished device? Just to say "I was first." But, I'm sure if they spent more time on this they would have made a great product that wouldn't have been this fragile. Phones should not be so sensitive that dust and water could break it. Other phones are protected against this, why isn't this phone like that too? Don't tell me its because the hinge can't possibly be waterproof, because I'm sure there is a way. There is a solution to every problem, but Samsung just needed to take their time to find the solution to this problem. But of course, Samsung didn't take their time. This is why the Galaxy Fold is pretty much useless, since consumers will definitely break it in a month since consumers really aren't careful.

  7. So basically sterilize your hands, cut your fingernails and don't wear finger jewerly and put inside a tight sealed container when you don't use it.

  8. Is this some trick to pass liability of care to the consumer from the brand?
    "You failed to properly care for your expensive, ultrafragile mobile device as outlined in our video, therefore your warranty is void. So long, sucker."

  9. Rules
    1. Don't put near dust or dirt and sand
    2. Be careful when you fold it
    3. Don't press to hard

  10. LOL are they serious!? If  posted a video like this you know how many freaking youtubers would be having mental breakdowns!? This phone and Samsung are a joke.

  11. Only Samsung would have the audacity to try and spin the utter fragility of this device as something to fawn over. It doesn't mean having to be ham-fisted with the device, but honestly it still speaks to how poorly conceived this is to be requiring there be such delicate use.

  12. i am a Samsung fan but pls dont waste your money on this phone it can easily scratch by even your own nails meanwhile innovation 100% duribelity 15%

  13. This phone has sooo much to compromise for, its already dated, incredibly sensitive, and overall feels like a beta and incomplete design. Not to mention the price, I wouldnt even consider it if it was for 600$.

  14. Use graphene as your displays. Graphene is almost indestructible and does not. Scratch. You can use graphene instead of weak plastic. Plus graphene is easy to make and inexpensive.
    Pls like so samsung can see

  15. Es un telefono que nadie a pedido, y encima es carisimo y de mala calidad…una pantalla que a lo mas minimo que aprietes se queda hundida la pantalla…es un telefono de mierda, con especificaciones de mierda, y un precio absolutamente alto….

  16. A split screen would have made 1000% more sense. I know you wanted to prove you could do it but in the end this will prove to be a very bad idea.

  17. This is another way of saying, "we released a product despite it's clear flaws for a very high price, so it's up to the consumer to not use it like it should be used in order to protect it"

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