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Canva Facebook Ads Tutorial (CREATE A FACEBOOK AD IN UNDER 10 MINUTES!)

Canva Facebook Ads Tutorial (CREATE A FACEBOOK AD IN UNDER 10 MINUTES!)

Hi, are you ready to start running facebook
ads, but you need a facebook ad image. You are not a graphic designer, yo do not
have a lot of time and you are not even sure where to start. If that is you stick around because I’m going
to share with you how to make for free a facebook ad image that could converts in less than
10 minutes. So stick around because you are going to get
all the details. In this video. Are you a creative entrepreneur? You love learning about digital marketing
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& Co. Show. Sharing with you all the best digital marketing
trends to help you grow your business. Hi, in case we haven’t met, my name is Brandi
and I’m the founder of Brandi & Co. and I am a facebook ad and sales funnel strategist. And I’m here to share with you digital marketing. So in this video I’m going to share with you
how to make facebook ad image that’s super easy in less than 10 minutes using a free
yes, I said free tool. And so if you are excited to learn how to
make beautiful facebook ad image and you did not have to be a graphic designer and you
get excited about free and in less than 10 minutes, then go on and watch because this
one’s going to be a good one. Okay So for this tutorial, the only thing
you need is a canva.com, canva.com account and 10 minutes. And that’s all you need. So let’s head on over to canva. Now I’m inside canva. I’m going to show you exactly how to create
a facebook ad, in under 10 minutes, and you don’t need a graphic designer to do this. Www.canva.com is where you’re going to want
to go. I’m already here and when you come in, this
is what it looks like. If you don’t have an account, you do want
to set one up. It’s completely free. I will share with you, I do have the paid
one. It’s only like $12 a month I think, and it’s
totally worth it because you can save your brand colors and you get folders, but if you’re
not creating a ton of stuff, totally use the free one. You get pretty much all the features, so when
you come into Canva, you’re going to type in facebook ad. It’s going to bring this up. It’s the exact size you need so you don’t
have to worry about is this the right size. Now what’s really cool is they already give
you some templates, so if you’re like, hey, I want to do this in under five minutes, go
ahead and click one of these templates. Pop in your photos, your texts, and then you’re
good to go. Now, if you’re not sure what colors you should
be using, made sure to check out my facebook ad design inspiration video and it shows you
exactly what makes a great ad. And so one of the things in that video talks
about putting your face on it. So I’m going to go in and put created one
from scratch. I’m not going to use any of this over here
and so I’m going to go to uploads. I’ve already uploaded my photos into here,
so I’m going to scroll down and find one. So let’s say I’m going to use this one is
my facebook ad image and then I’m going to resize it. You just drag it, the corners you want to
resize. I’m going to make it big because this facebook
ad in my video, you’ll see that you should add your face to your facebook ad or at least
someone’s face. So I’m going to do this and then let’s say
I’m promoting a Webinar, so I’m going to hit text and I’m going to start typing in three
secrets to high converting facebook ads. And so this is going to be my like webinars,
title and so I’m going to bold it. I don’t really like that font. I want something that’s a little bit bigger. So what you can do is just come up here. You’re going to scroll through and find a
font that you like. And so I know I like this one and so let’s
say I don’t want it all lower case, I want to capital, I’m going to click this button
right here, that’s going to make it all capital and then I can drag it to whatever size I
want and I can change this. So let’s do it a little bit bigger. Three secrets to high converting facebook
ads. So let’s also say that I want to change this
color to something bright like pink because that’s in my facebook ad. Inspiration design is also what colors performed
really well. And I think I want it in pink. So three secrets to high converting facebook
ads. Now let’s say I want to add a button that
says, register here, saved my seat. I’m going to go to elements. Let me go back for you. I’m going to go to elements. I’m going to go to shapes, I’m going to click
all. So now I like this one with the rounded corners
and I don’t want it that color. Let’s change it to the bright pink again. And I’m just going to come down here and I’m
going to drag it, get it to the size that are really, really want for Abadan and that
looks good to me. So then I want to add some text. I’m going to go back up to the text, hit that
I’m going to say save my seat. Okay. Then I want to make this the same font and
it’s really nice because it keeps your fonts here and I need to change that size to a smaller
size. So I’m going to go down to 15 and then you
can line these up and you’ll also see that you get those little bars and that shows you
that it’s in the middle of the. Even now that black doesn’t look good. So let’s try a white and that looks good. So three secrets to high converting facebook
ads. Now when I’m looking at this and I’m like,
Ugh, this is a little bland, I’m not sure I love this background. So what I’m going to do is click the background,
come up here and maybe I change it to pink. I’m like, yeah, that stands out way better. And then I changed this to white, I click
here, I changed this to white, and then I clicked my letters and I changed those to
pink. Okay, so I think that this is really gonna
stand out on facebook, but I don’t like where this is, so maybe I select all of that. Hold on. So I’m going to put this in a little bit just
for a second and I’m going to select this section and pick group that’s grouping this
together so it all moves at the same time. I’m going to bring that back out and I want
this even and you’ll see those little bars right there, that pink dotted line that shows
me that that’s in the middle now. So there I have created and let’s see, maybe
I want to do it a little bit more like this and you just play around with it until you
get it just like you want. But I like this. I think this is a great facebook ad. It would do really well with my audience. And then what I’m going to do now is click
download. I’m going to download it as a PNG. I’m going to hit download y’all. That was like so quick and I was from scratch
and I didn’t even have a plan. You should have a play in going in. Okay, so then I’m not done yet. I could have named it here. I would have named it three secret facebook
ads, but I’m going to go over to my next tab and I googled facebook ad text overlay. This is a facebook tool that I talk about
in my design inspiration video, but it’s facebook’s tool to help you check to make sure you don’t
have too much text in your photo. So then I’m gonna hit this and it says it’s okay. So it will tell you right to her image. Text. Okay. And then it’ll tell you if you have too much
and you can go in and change it, but this one says it’s good. So there you go. How simple was that? In under 10 minutes. You’re thinking completely free tool. You have a beautiful facebook ad. So if this was helpful going. Okay, I had been helpful in the comments so
I know and I’ll donate some inspiration for your next facebook ad. That’s okay. I have you covered and download my 28 facebook
ads swipe file for creatives to get your creative juices flowing. It’s completely free on Lincoln and the description
and I create. I hope this helped him, inspired you to go
create your own facebook ad and you’re running amazing facebook ad campaign and so do you
love this. Make sure you hit subscribe and give me a
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my digital marketing strategies for your online and creative business. Thanks for watching.

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