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Can you remove a skin tag yourself? | home remedy for skin tags

Can you remove a skin tag yourself? | home remedy for skin tags

Can you remove a skin tag yourself home remedy
for skin tags 0:00:00.000,0:00:04.140
skin tags are harmless growths and as 0:00:02.280,0:00:07.200
many as half of all adults may be 0:00:04.140,0:00:09.450
affected the tags cause no medical 0:00:07.200,0:00:12.269
complications but they may be bothersome 0:00:09.450,0:00:14.309
of the many at home removal techniques 0:00:12.269,0:00:17.310
marketed some are more effective than 0:00:14.309,0:00:19.199
others while skin tags require no 0:00:17.310,0:00:22.529
treatment and may fall away on their own 0:00:19.199,0:00:24.810
medical removal as available a doctor 0:00:22.529,0:00:26.849
may recommend this for skin tags that 0:00:24.810,0:00:30.539
catch on clothing or otherwise cause 0:00:26.849,0:00:32.189
pain a person may also want skin tags to 0:00:30.539,0:00:34.260
be removed for cosmetic reasons 0:00:32.189,0:00:37.230
especially when they are on highly 0:00:34.260,0:00:39.750
visible areas such as the face home 0:00:37.230,0:00:41.700
remedies for skin tag removal check with 0:00:39.750,0:00:45.840
a doctor before trying the following 0:00:41.700,0:00:47.879
methods 1 a tag removal device skin tag 0:00:45.840,0:00:51.539
removal kits are available for purchase 0:00:47.879,0:00:53.280
online and in many stores a person uses 0:00:51.539,0:00:55.530
the device to cut off the supply of 0:00:53.280,0:00:58.500
blood to the base of the tag with a tiny 0:00:55.530,0:01:01.350
band the medical community refers to 0:00:58.500,0:01:03.780
this process as ligation without a 0:01:01.350,0:01:06.479
supply of blood the cells will die and 0:01:03.780,0:01:09.720
the tag will drop away usually within 10 0:01:06.479,0:01:11.880
days to string some people try to 0:01:09.720,0:01:15.060
achieve ligation with a piece of dental 0:01:11.880,0:01:16.979
floss or string it can be tricky to do 0:01:15.060,0:01:19.710
this without the help of a device or 0:01:16.979,0:01:21.900
another person when the flow of blood 0:01:19.710,0:01:24.810
has been cut off for at least a few days 0:01:21.900,0:01:27.150
the tag should fall away it may be 0:01:24.810,0:01:30.450
necessary to tighten the string or floss 0:01:27.150,0:01:33.000
every day before using this method clean 0:01:30.450,0:01:36.689
the skin string and hands thoroughly to 0:01:33.000,0:01:38.820
prevent infection 3 skin tag removal 0:01:36.689,0:01:41.820
cream kits containing cream and an 0:01:38.820,0:01:44.750
applicator are available usually only 0:01:41.820,0:01:47.070
one application of cream is necessary 0:01:44.750,0:01:48.810
instructions to some kits recommend 0:01:47.070,0:01:51.299
cleaning the skin with an alcohol wipe 0:01:48.810,0:01:53.130
and filing down the tag before applying 0:01:51.299,0:01:56.219
the cream to ensure that it is fully 0:01:53.130,0:01:59.189
absorbed the cream may cause a mild 0:01:56.219,0:02:02.820
stinging sensation tags should fall off 0:01:59.189,0:02:04.740
within two to three weeks for freezing 0:02:02.820,0:02:06.930
kit a person can use a product 0:02:04.740,0:02:08.250
containing liquid nitrogen to freeze off 0:02:06.930,0:02:10.680
skin tags 0:02:08.250,0:02:13.620
these products are often available in 0:02:10.680,0:02:16.920
drug stores and pharmacies as always 0:02:13.620,0:02:19.140
follow instructions several applications 0:02:16.920,0:02:21.810
may be necessary before a growth falls 0:02:19.140,0:02:24.510
away but this usually occurs within 10 0:02:21.810,0:02:27.750
days the spray should not come into 0:02:24.510,0:02:30.090
contact with surrounding skin a person 0:02:27.750,0:02:33.780
may want to apply petroleum jelly to the 0:02:30.090,0:02:36.330
area around the tag for protection 5 tea 0:02:33.780,0:02:38.310
tree oil tea tree oil as an essential 0:02:36.330,0:02:40.700
oil used to treat several skin 0:02:38.310,0:02:43.890
conditions including skin tags 0:02:40.700,0:02:46.830
however only anecdotal evidence supports 0:02:43.890,0:02:49.290
its use people typically apply a few 0:02:46.830,0:02:51.390
drops of the oil to a cotton ball which 0:02:49.290,0:02:54.540
they then affixed to the skin tag with a 0:02:51.390,0:02:57.150
bandage the cotton ball is usually left 0:02:54.540,0:03:00.209
on the skin tag for 10 minutes 3 times 0:02:57.150,0:03:03.180
daily it may take several days or weeks 0:03:00.209,0:03:04.830
for the tag to fall off this remedy 0:03:03.180,0:03:07.080
should be used with caution 0:03:04.830,0:03:10.830
as tea tree oil may irritate sensitive 0:03:07.080,0:03:14.550
skin never use tea tree oil for tags 0:03:10.830,0:03:16.410
located around the eyes 6 apple cider 0:03:14.550,0:03:18.450
vinegar little research has been 0:03:16.410,0:03:20.750
conducted on the effectiveness of apple 0:03:18.450,0:03:23.580
cider vinegar for skin tag removal 0:03:20.750,0:03:25.500
people often soak a cotton ball in the 0:03:23.580,0:03:28.200
vinegar and a fix it to the tag with a 0:03:25.500,0:03:31.500
bandage for 10 minutes 2 or 3 times a 0:03:28.200,0:03:33.930
day until the tag falls away watch for 0:03:31.500,0:03:37.080
skin irritation and discontinue use if 0:03:33.930,0:03:40.470
any adverse reactions are experienced do 0:03:37.080,0:03:43.230
not use this method around the eyes 7 0:03:40.470,0:03:45.840
iodine anecdotal evidence suggests that 0:03:43.230,0:03:48.840
a person can use liquid iodine to remove 0:03:45.840,0:03:51.570
skin tags first protect the surrounding 0:03:48.840,0:03:55.140
skin by applying petroleum jelly or 0:03:51.570,0:03:57.390
coconut oil to the area soak a q-tip in 0:03:55.140,0:04:00.600
iodine and spread the liquid across the 0:03:57.390,0:04:03.299
tag cover the area with a bandage until 0:04:00.600,0:04:05.370
the iodine has dried repeat this 0:04:03.299,0:04:08.489
treatment twice a day until the tag 0:04:05.370,0:04:10.380
drops off 8 cutting a doctor may 0:04:08.489,0:04:13.320
recommend cutting away the growth with a 0:04:10.380,0:04:15.750
sharp blade or scissors never attempt 0:04:13.320,0:04:17.799
this with medium or large skin tags as 0:04:15.750,0:04:20.409
this can cause bleeding 0:04:17.799,0:04:23.199
tags usually measure anywhere from a few 0:04:20.409,0:04:25.900
millimeters to two inches in width only 0:04:23.199,0:04:28.840
consider this method if the skin tag has 0:04:25.900,0:04:30.970
a very narrow base scissors and blades 0:04:28.840,0:04:33.729
should be sterilized before and after 0:04:30.970,0:04:35.979
use seek professional advice before 0:04:33.729,0:04:38.440
attempting this method and never cut off 0:04:35.979,0:04:41.229
skin tags located around the eyes or 0:04:38.440,0:04:42.940
genitals when home remedies are not 0:04:41.229,0:04:46.270
appropriate home remedies are not 0:04:42.940,0:04:48.159
suitable for skin tags that are located 0:04:46.270,0:04:50.770
around the eyes located around the 0:04:48.159,0:04:52.659
genitals very large or long causing pain 0:04:50.770,0:04:55.719
bleeding or itching seek medical 0:04:52.659,0:04:58.530
treatment in these cases the following 0:04:55.719,0:05:01.330
are medical methods of skin tag removal 0:04:58.530,0:05:04.479
cauterization this involves burning off 0:05:01.330,0:05:07.419
the skin tag most tags will drop away 0:05:04.479,0:05:10.240
after one or two treatments cryotherapy 0:05:07.419,0:05:13.360
a medical professional will apply liquid 0:05:10.240,0:05:16.050
nitrogen to freeze off the tag usually 0:05:13.360,0:05:18.610
one or two treatments will be sufficient 0:05:16.050,0:05:21.300
ligation the tag is tied off with 0:05:18.610,0:05:24.009
surgical thread to reduce blood flow 0:05:21.300,0:05:27.370
excision a professional will use a blade 0:05:24.009,0:05:29.620
to cut off the tag skin tag removal is 0:05:27.370,0:05:31.330
usually considered cosmetic and it is 0:05:29.620,0:05:34.389
unlikely to be covered by health 0:05:31.330,0:05:36.969
insurance when to see a doctor if skin 0:05:34.389,0:05:39.279
tags that are large painful or located 0:05:36.969,0:05:39.840
in sensitive areas a person should see a 0:05:39.279,0:05:42.940
doctor 0:05:39.840,0:05:46.029
seek prompt medical treatment if a skin 0:05:42.940,0:05:46.820
tag bleeds itches changes shape or 0:05:46.029,0:05:49.529
appearance 0:05:46.820,0:05:49.529

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