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Campaign Types in Google Ads | Institution Marketing

Campaign Types in Google Ads | Institution Marketing

What are the main campaigns in Google
ads? Now these are search Network campaigns, Display Network campaigns,
video Network, campaigns and shopping campaigns. So what is the difference?
Search Network campaigns show up on search engines only whenever you type in
a certain key phrase that’s relevant to your ad or whether it’s a key products
for example, your ads relevant to that. It will come up, that’s a search Network. Display
Network campaigns basic of images within them and these images can show up on
YouTube, they can show up on various different relevant websites that are
connected to a Google Network. Video ads can basically show up on the intros of videos
and YouTube for example and various other video platforms that are relevant
to a Google Network. And shopping ads basically get triggered whenever you
search a specific products, like an actual item number or product name and
it’s relevant to your ads or product on your shopping ads, then it
will show up.

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