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Caillou and Friends Become Pirates! 💀⛵️ #CaillouHolidayFun | Caillou Full Episodes ADVERTISEMENT

Caillou and Friends Become Pirates! 💀⛵️ #CaillouHolidayFun | Caillou Full Episodes ADVERTISEMENT

– [Voiceover] Hi
parents. This video is an advertisement for
Caillou’s Holiday Toy Box. Visit caillou.com/shop
to learn more. One afternoon while
Rosie was having her nap, Clementine and Leo
came over to play at Caillou’s house. Clementine had just
gotten a new book all about pirates
and was excited to tell her friends
all about it. – So, some of the
pirates were good guys, and some of them were bad guys. And they are always
sailing all over the world on their ships in search
of hidden treasure. – Um, excuse me, Clementine, do all pirates have eye patches? – Hmm, I’m not sure Leo. Maybe not all of them. – You know what
would be really fun? – What, Leo? – We could use your
amazing tree house to pretend that
we’re pirates sailing the ocean in search
of gold and treasure. – [Clementine and Caillou]
Yeah, that sounds great! Yeah, come on, let’s do that! Great idea! – All right, so the
first thing we need to do is assign our jobs. On a pirate ship, there are
many different positions. There’s the captain,
the navigator, and the first mate. – What does a navigator
do, Clementine? – The navigator is
the one who reads all the maps and then
tells the captain where he should drive that ship. – That sounds like
just the job for me. I love maps! – Super! So Caillou
will be the navigator. What would you like to do, Leo? – Hmm, I’m not sure. What does a first
mate do, Clementine? – The first mate
had lots of jobs, but most importantly
was to know the ship inside and out and be
able to tell quickly if something was
wrong with the boat. – Ooh, that sounds like fun. I love fixing things. First mate Leo, at
your service, Captain! – That’s right. That leaves me to
be the captain. Okay, me hearties,
let’s sail away! – Meow. – Did they have cats aboard pirate ships, Clementine? – They sure did, Caillou. Come on, Gilbert, come
and be our pirate kitty. – Wait, what’s that
around Gilbert’s neck? It looks like a treasure map. Come here, Gilbert. Let me see. – It is a treasure map. Now we have a true pirate
adventure on our hands. – The X is in my tree house. Come on, mates. Let’s find that treasure. (adventurous music) – Meow. – Captain, Captain,
we have a leak. We’re taking on water. Send help! – Navigator Caillou,
can you help first mate Leo bail
water out of the boat? – Aye-Aye, Captain,
I’m on my way. – Quickly, quickly! (adventurous music) – The leak is under
control, Captain Clementine. – Well done, first mate
Leo and navigator Caillou. – [Voiceover] Caillou
and his friends were so busy playing
that they didn’t realize it was already time
for an afternoon snack. Caillou’s mother
called for them to come inside for some
milk and cookies. – Caillou! Time for a snack! You busy pirates
must be starving. – That’s right, pirates. You heard Caillou’s mommy. You’d better be walking
the plank to snack time. – [Caillou] Here I go. Whoo! – [Leo] Whoo! – [Clementine] Whaaa! – [Voiceover] It was a beautiful sunny day in Caillou’s backyard, and he and his friends
were out playing in his tree house. Clementine and Leo had come over for a morning play and
they were all enjoying being outside. – Thanks for coming
over, Clementine and Leo. Rosie and I were
very excited when Mommy told us you were
going to be here today. – Thanks for having us, Caillou. Any ideas about what
we should do today? – Yeah, what do you
think we should do? – I was thinking we
could have a picnic. – [Clementine and Leo]
Yay, that would be so fun! Yay, that would be so fun. All right, picnic time. – How do we have a picnic? What do we need? – [Voiceover] Rosie was
still learning lots of words, and she wasn’t
sure what it meant to have a picnic. – Having a picnic is when you have your lunch outside. – You pack a basket full of all of your favorite
foods: sandwiches, fruit, carrot sticks, cheese, and sometimes even apple juice. – And once you have a
lovely picnic packed and ready then you
find a nice spot to lay down a comfy blanket. – And then you have
lunch in the sun with all of your friends. – Fun, fun, fun. I want a picnic too! – Of course you can, Rosie. Maybe we can have our
picnic by the tree house. – What do you think we
need to do first, Caillou? – I think I saw a nice blanket up in the tree house. Should I go and get it? – [Caillou and Rosie]
Yeah, great idea. Go get it, Leo. (cheerful piano music) – Maybe before we
do too much work, we should ask your
mommy if it’s okay to have a picnic. – Good thinking, Clementine. Mommy, can we have our
lunch as a picnic please? – Of course, Caillou. If you get a space
prepared for the picnic, then I will bring it
out when it’s ready. – Yay, woo-hoo, yeah! All right, picnic time! Wow, I think this
cheese sandwich tastes better in the sunshine. – Me too. My apple seems extra
crunchy and delicious. – Yummy carrots! – This is the best lunch
that I have ever had. – [Voiceover] As
Caillou and his friends started eating,
dark storm clouds appeared in the sky. Leo even thought he
heard some thunder in the distance. – Uh, Caillou. I think we might have a problem. – You might be right, Leo. Look at those storm clouds. – Oh no. If it rains our
picnic will be ruined. That would be terrible. – Oh. No picnic? – Don’t worry guys. I have an idea. Grab something from the picnic and follow me. (cheerful music) – Whew. That was a
close one Caillou. – It’s true, Caillou. Look at it. It’s pouring down out there. We wouldn’t have
had much of a picnic at all in that rain. – But instead, we’re
nice and cozy in here. Our fast thinking and teamwork saved our teamwork
from being washed away. (Clementine and Leo laughing) – [Voiceover]
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