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Buying & Reviewing Products Every Instagram Girl is Sponsored By

Buying & Reviewing Products Every Instagram Girl is Sponsored By

– Hey guys. It’s Sierra. Welcome back to my channel, and today we are going to be
doing a little investigation and review of those products that seem to be advertised
by just about everyone that you follow on Instagram. So I do a lot of sponsorships, both on YouTube and on Instagram. I have zero problem with influencers working with brands, advertising products. And even the products that
I’m gonna test in this video, I’m not going into it with
any preconceived notion about the product being good or being bad. I’m trying to remain objective, but there are those products that just seem to get on
your nerves a little bit, because you see them every five seconds. You know the ones I’m talking about. Pretty much every celebrity
has taken that photo with the little SugarBearHair
gummy vitamin in their mouth, doing a little selfie pose. The first time you’re like, “Oh, cool. “You know, a vitamin that
makes your hair grow, “wonder what that’s like?” The second time you’re
like, “Hey, I’ve seen that.” And then the 74th time, you’re like, “Okay, SugarBearHair, I get it. “I really get it.” It’s kind of like two years ago when pretty much every YouTuber was being sponsored by Best Fiends. Does anybody else remember that era? I had them reach out
to me back in the day. I don’t even know if
the game is good or not, but I said no, just
because I didn’t wanna be another one in a million person, who was doing the same
exact advertisement. So in addition to some of
the more harmless products that might be annoying, but there’s nothing really wrong with it, there are also some sponsorships that are very, very common on Instagram that I honestly think
are very problematic. And I’m talking about the diet shakes. I’m talking about the appetite
suppressant lollipops, the detox teas. So those kind of products
I’m aware of them. I know they exist, but I’m
not going to be trying them in this video. The products I’m going
to be trying are the ones that are all over your feed but aren’t actually gonna
cause any harm to me if they’re bad. So I did a little question
box on my Instagram Story to ask you guys what sponsorships that you see a ton of on Instagram. We are doing a video,
where we test products that every Instagrammer is sponsored by. So what kind of sponsored posts do you see on your feeds all the time? And I chose the four most
common companies I saw in that little Instagram questionnaire, and those are the four
that I’m gonna be trying and doing like a brutally
honest review of. If you’re new to my channel
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Tuesday and Friday, and I would love to have you here. And you can check out my podcast if you want more longform conversations about body positivity
and navigating your 20s. We post new episodes
over there every Monday. So make sure to check that out as well. Now, let’s go ahead
and get into the video. So I just sat down and
ordered all of the products on my computer, and now I’m gonna kind of talk
through the ordering process. And then, once the products get here, I’ll be able to actually really try them and tell you guys the honest truth, when someone is not
being paid to say that. What is it actually like? Is it actually worth the money? We’ll get the verdict. So the first one is arguably
the most common sponsorship on Instagram and also the one that I saw most frequently pop up on my Instagram question box. And that is SugarBearHair. So SugarBearHair is a little blue vitamin that is supposed to make your hair grow stronger and longer. You also might know them
from the whole James Charles, Tati Westbrook controversy. SugarBearHair was kinda
wrapped up in that. Some of the Instagrammers
that work with them a lot who you might have seen are
the likes of the Kardashians, Nikita Dragun, Tana Mongeau. I have not worked with them, but I have heard from
other Youtuber friends that they pay a ridiculous amount of money for these sponsorships, which kind of explains why everyone seems to work with them. But we’ll see if the product
is actually any good. I ordered the one month supply of SugarBearHair hair vitamins. It was 29.99, and then the
total for my order was $39.16 with tax and shipping and everything. So once it gets here, I am
gonna take those every day for the full month. And I’m gonna take before and after photos of my hair, so that we can really see if they’re actually working. So we ordered those
SugarBearHair vitamins, and now we just have to
wait for them to get here. The next product I ordered was FabFitFun, and FabFitFun is that subscription box of a bunch of like beauty
and lifestyle products that every girl from “The
Bachelor” seems to advertise on their Instagram Story. I mean, a lot of people
do sponsorships with them. It seems like a cool idea, like I personally love subscription boxes. And I love haircare, skincare, all of the little beauty
products like that. So I feel like this could
actually be something that I would like, but I do see it on my
Instagram constantly. So they do four seasonal boxes a year, and you can either pay
for an annual subscription or just the singular box. So the one single box is 49.99, or you can pay for the annual subscription of four boxes for 179.99. So I just did the single box. With tax and everything it was $54.11. And after I filled out
the little FabFitFun quiz to figure our which products you get, it also gives you the option to choose which big ticket
items you want in your box. I decided not to do that, because I wanted to kind of just do it the way it would happen if the box just got shipped
to you and see what I get. So I’m actually low key
excited for this one. $50 is a lot, but if they have
a lot of good products in it, I could see how that would be worth it. But we’ll have to see what I actually get. Okay, so the next one is SHEIN, and SHEIN is interesting for me. Because I feel like forever, SHEIN has been one of those
cheap, overseas companies that people will do videos about, where it’s like, “I bought the
cheapest clothes from SHEIN,” like “look at how bad quality
all of this stuff is.” Like it was kind of like a joke. It wasn’t a company that
had a really good reputation or that really anyone
did sponsorships with. And all of a sudden, I feel like maybe in the
past six months to a year, SHEIN has tried to do an image makeover, and they work with a
ton of big influencers. They did a big trip for Coachella. They did a private jet trip. They’re like really doing a lot right now. So I thought it would be interesting to give them another try, ’cause I have tried their clothes before when I did a video on
them about a year ago. So I don’t know if they’re just
trying to change their image or if they’re also changing
the product with it. So the first item I got
is this neon bikini, and this is one that literally I have seen probably a dozen influencers post in this exact bikini. I got this one in a size 0XL, and it was $13.61. And then I also got this
v-cut front bodysuit. I got this one in an extra large, and it was $7.78. And then I got this plus size
floral print chiffon kimono. This one is in a size
1XL, and it is 14.61. And then, the single
breasted knot hem cami top. All of these products
always have the longest tongue twister names, I swear. (laughs) This one is in a size extra large, and it was $6.84. And then I got the plus
size washed denim shorts. I got these ones in a 0XL, and they were $14.61. So in total, I got I think five items. I tried to get a variety,
so I could try a swimsuit. I could try a top. I could try some shorts. And we’ll see how the quality actually is. The clothes look great in
everyone’s Instagram photos. But the question is, what
are they actually like in real life? And then, the last
product we’re trying is, a lot of people in that
Instagram question box said that they see advertisements for a company called HiSmile all the time. I see teeth whitening
sponsorships literally at least once a day, but I feel like they come from like five or six different companies. There’s not like one definitive company that seems to be sponsoring everyone, but I did see this one pop up a lot. So this is the brand I’m gonna be trying. I have not whitened my
teeth in maybe four years. I feel like it’s something I used to do from time to time when I was
trying to work in theater and TV, because that’s just kind of one of the stereotypical
things when you’re an actor is you have to have perfectly white teeth. And now I don’t. I just brush my teeth and that’s it. But that means I have
like a nice blank canvas to see what the teeth
whitening can actually do. So we just got the teeth whitening kit. It was 59.99, and then the
total with shipping and tax and everything was 69.99. How long am I supposed to do
this whitening kit for, Skylar? Do you know? – [Skylar] I have no idea. – I didn’t see anything
about it on the website. Hopefully it says on the box. Is it like a one time thing, or is it like every
day for like two weeks? – [Skylar] So it has like a contraption, and then you fill the
contraption with paste. So maybe it’s when your paste dries out? – Weird. So the SugarBearHair
package just got here today. I have yet to open it, because before I start taking them, I want to do before photos and actually before measurements, as well, to see if my hair actually looks better after taking them for 30 days, and how much my hair actually grows in that 30 days. So the bottle says, “We
created the nourishing formula “of biotin, folic acid, and vitamin C “for a hair vitamin complex “that is designed to
provide essential nutrients “for healthy hair growth. “This formula supports both the strength “and shine of your hair and nails.” So in theory, my hair should be shinier. It should be stronger,
and it should be longer in 30 days. This is a big bottle. How many do I take a day? Two, two gummies a day. Skylar, would you measure
my hair, please? (laughs) – [Skylar] Of course. – Okay, so we are starting
with my hair at 18 inches. It feels pretty dry I would say. I just washed it with my
shampoo and conditioner and then just put in a leave-in product that I always do. But other than that, it’s just
my completely natural hair, because I wanted to have a
straight, one to one comparison. And I’ll wash my hair and
put the same product in when I do the after shot after 30 days of this. Two gummies. Mm, these actually taste pretty good. They taste like the fruit snacks that you get at Costco. I’m gonna insert a photo, ’cause I’m talking about the
specific Welch’s brand ones. That’s what they taste like. So I’m not complaining. (upbeat rock music) And yes, I have zit cream on my face. (upbeat rock music) Okay, so 30 days later, I am on my last two SugarBearHair gummies. Let me take them, so that I can
officially say I’ve done it. And there we go. All done with the SugarBearHair. My hair doesn’t actually
feel any different. I know it’s supposed to make your hair feel
stronger and softer. I would say my hair feels about the same. I have been doing a really good job with my moisturizing products
and my hair repair products. So I feel like that’s made my
hair feel a little bit better. Maybe SugarBearHair contributed to that, but it’s not like a drastic difference. I am trying to grow out
this dead layer of my hair. So I’m hoping that we did get some growth. Skylar, will you do the honors? – [Skylar] Of course. I would say you’re almost to 19. – [Sierra] Oh wow. – [Skylar] Yeah, I would say you’re at 19. – That’s actually pretty good. An inch in a month.
– An inch? Hair grows an average of
.5 inches every month. – Wow. I mean we don’t have any baseline
for my hair in particular, because we didn’t measure it for a month of regular growth before to compare, but if hair average grows
half an inch a month, that’s like double at least. That’s actually really good. You guys let me know. Does it look shinier? Does it look healthier? I washed my hair this morning and used the exact same products that I did when we filmed
the before photos in video. I would say that works pretty well then. And especially for someone who is trying to grow out their hair, well not grow out all my hair, but just grow out my hair, so that when I cut this
length to match this length, it actually looks good
and isn’t too short. I feel like I might order
SugarBearHair again. I did not expect this to actually work. I’m pretty surprised. So on the SugarBearHair website, they have the 30 day
supply, which is 60 pieces, like what I have, but they
also have five day supplies and seven day supplies, which I feel like wouldn’t
really be worth it, because you’re not gonna see that much of a change in five days. Whereas with 30 days, I
feel like it was enough to actually increase the growth, and there are also a lot of hair vitamins popping up out there. I know there’s Halo
Beauty, there’s SugarBear. There’s a few others. So I don’t know if
SugarBearHair in particular has some sort of proprietary formula or if they’re all kind of the same but having that increased
biotin supplement really did help my hair grow. I’m pretty happy with that. All right, I have my FabFitFun box here. This took actually a long
time to get delivered. So they send these out on a
specific day of the month. So I think I ordered this
on the 8th or something, but they ship them out on the 23rd. So I could have ordered
them on the 8th or the 22nd, and they still would have
gotten shipped out on the 23rd. So that’s just something to keep in mind. But it is here now. So I’m going to unbox it, and we’ll see what’s inside. Okay, so first thing is
the FabFitFun magazine. And then the products. So this I think is the robe, which is one of the big ticket items. So let’s open this up. This is a very thin robe. (laughs) It’s like completely see-through. It’s really cute. The color is really cute. I love the pattern. I could totally wear this over a bra and maybe like leggings or booty shorts but definitely wouldn’t
just wear this as a robe with nothing underneath, because it wouldn’t really
be covering anything up. We have a Generation Clay
Brightening Purple Clay Mask. Ooh, I love face masks. I’ve never not been that into sheet masks. I don’t know why. I like having the actual
product and applying it. So I feel like this is something I probably will actually use. Then, we have a rose spray
hydrating facial spray. This sounds like something
else I would also use. “Mist four to five sprays onto face “before or after applying makeup.” Okay. I don’t know what it’s supposed to do, but I’ll probably use it. I love anything like skincare, facial, totally my thing. So it’s a hydrating facial spray. So I think you just spray it, and it’s supposed to help be a moisturizer but like a lighter version. We’ll try this for sure. Oh, we have two, I think
these are hair ties. It says, invisibobble
The Traceless Hair Ring. Oh, okay, so it this
supposed to be something that you like put on and
it doesn’t leave that bump on your hair? – [Skylar] Oh! – ‘Cause that would be really cool. ‘Cause I always put my
hair up to go to the gym or do my face products at night. And then I take it out,
and I have the line. Or I’ll sleep in a bun,
and then the next morning, it’ll have that very thick
bump from the hair tie. I mean, it works. It works as a hair tie. We’ll see if it leaves a line. I’ll try this later. This seems like a cool product though. And it comes with six. We have, ooh, another face mask. Oh no, a foot mask. I totally read that wrong. This is the Whish Coconut
Milk Exfoliating Foot Mask. It smooths and softens
with intense hydration. I’m actually really liking the selection of products in here. But I’m also kind of like a skincare nut, so oh my gosh, that smells so good. That smells so good. Okay, really wanna try this. This is, it says, Burn 60
Three Resistance Bands. Oh, they’re like workout bands. So it has three different
levels of resistance for training bands. These feel pretty nice. I don’t usually like the rubbery ones, because they dig into my skin. I usually use the cloth ones, but they feel pretty nice. I don’t know if I would
actually get a lot of use out of these, because, like I said, I don’t really like the rubber ones. But I don’t know if these
are supposed to be attached to each other, or if it’s meant
to just be one long strand. But this one isn’t attached. This one is. And then the third one, and they’re marked as light, medium, heavy resistance. This should be the heavy resistance band. Okay, this one also isn’t connected. So I think that’s the
way it’s supposed to be. And just the medium one is connected. I’ve never used resistance bands without them being in a circle. I’ve used them above my head
for this kind of exercises, but they’re always the ones
that are still connected, and I just stretch ’em. Yeah, I don’t know if I’ll use these, ’cause I already have the
resistance bands that I like. But I like that it’s a
different kind of product that they’re including. It’s called FabFitFun. I guess that’s the fit element. Oh, this is actually a
setting spray that I use. This is from COOLA. It’s a makeup setting spray with SPF 30. I actually do use this product. So that’s exciting. I get a refill of my
setting spray that I use. This is actually a really
good setting spray, and I like that everything’s full size. I feel like a lot of subscription boxes that I’ve tried are little trial sizes, which is fun and all to try, but it’s not actually
getting you a lot of value. Every single product so
far has been full size. Okay, and then we have, oh mystery choice. Okay, so I think this
is like a wildcard item. Ooh, I got a primer. This is Dr. Brandt. That is not a brand I’ve heard of before, but it says Pores No
More Luminizer Primer. “Gives a natural looking backlight glow.” I always thought that
primers were just pointless, and then I actually found
a really good primer, and it totally changed my makeup routine, and I swear, my makeup sticks on like 10 times longer than it used to. So now, I’m like really into primers. So I’ll actually probably give this a try. Okay, and then, there’s
a bunch of filling here, but I think there’s another box under it. Oh, cute. It’s a letter board. It comes with a little burlap bag to put all of the letters in and then a cute little letter
board to write a message on. That’s really cute. How much was the FabFitFun box? – [Skylar] It was $54.11. – I mean, that is expensive. I wouldn’t think it was a good deal if you did it every month, because you don’t need this
amount of products every month, but it’s every season. So four times a year. I actually think I kind of like this. This is kind of really
cool and really fun. I mean, it is expensive, but I know for a fact that COOLA setting spray is
like 20 bucks on its own, and there were so many
other full-size products. I feel like you are
getting your money’s worth. And this letter board is really cool. How much would you say
something like this would cost? – [Skylar] Maybe like 12 bucks? – Yeah, maybe like 12 bucks,
the robe, I don’t know. We’ll try it on and see the quality, but probably like 15 bucks. And then all the full-size products. Let’s go try on the robe. Okay, so here is the little robe. I mean, it looks cute, but it is one size and it doesn’t
close on the front for me. It is pretty small. So I definitely couldn’t
wear this as a robe, but I guess I could
wear it around the house as kind of like a home kimono. – [Skylar] It also would be cute as like a beach cover up. – Yeah, it would. I wish I had more fabric on the bottom. Like the fact that it only comes to here, it doesn’t wrap at all. I don’t know. I just feel like I wouldn’t use it. It’s not that great. It doesn’t really serve
that much of a function, but would you try it on? ‘Cause you’re smaller than me. And see if it fits over your thighs. – Sure. Yeah, so I think it’s just supposed to kinda be open. – Yeah, I don’t think it’s meant to be maybe like a wrap.
– Like a robe. – Yeah.
Yeah, I’d say, I don’t think there’s any way, and if you did, then it
would be like a bodycon– – Right. (laughs)
– Dress. – Would you wear this? – I think I’d wear it
like around the house or like out running errands. I do think it’s a cute kimono. But I don’t think it’s
like get out of the shower and put this on. ‘Cause there would be a lot exposed. – And this was like the big ticket item. This isn’t what I would choose for the big ticket item. – Totally. I think it should be something
that’s higher quality. And I think if anything’s
gonna be one size, like kimonos usually are fine. But this one just isn’t
really oversize anyways. – Yeah, and I think the fact that they advertised it
as a robe versus a kimono is also an issue. – Yeah, I agree. Well, you can keep it if you want. I’m not gonna wear it. – Well, I’ll take it. – There you go. (laughs)
– Thank you, woo! – I feel like there’s
a lot of variety here. If you’re someone who’s really into skincare
and makeup especially. Why am I still holding this letter board? I feel like if you’re someone
who’s especially into skincare and makeup, this is a good
subscription box to have, because it’s full-size products. It’s seasonal instead of monthly. Monthly for subscription
boxes is kind of a lot. I like that it has a big variety. It’s not just fitness or
just skincare or just makeup. There was a lot of variety in here. And I like that they didn’t
just send me four primers or like four mascaras. I got every product was
for a different reason, and I think that’s really cool. So I actually would consider
ordering FabFitFun again. I don’t think I would sign
up for the subscription, ’cause I just don’t wanna be committed to getting the box every month, but I actually would consider
when the fall box comes out, going to their website
and maybe ordering it. Now, let’s get into the next item. We also got our order in from SHEIN. So I’m excited to try this stuff on. First we have the neon bikini. I mean, that’s definitely neon. It’s messing up the white
balance of the camera, ’cause it’s just so bright. And then, it also comes
with the ruched bottoms. So let’s go try this on. Okay, so here is the swimsuit. I actually think it does look really cute. The top I think is supposed
to give that underboob look, because if I pull it down, it just doesn’t fit quite right. And it doesn’t have a ton of fabric here. So I think it’s meant to sit like this. I like that the straps are really thick. I do feel pretty supported in this. It doesn’t have a ton of
padding or wires or even cups, but the straps are supportive and the material isn’t gaping or anything. The bottoms I also really like. They’re that kind of like
ruched high-waisted design. I would totally wear this. I actually think I will
get use out of this. It’s pretty cute. The highlighter yellow is kind of a lot, but if you make that choice, it does look really cute. I’d say the quality actually
is surprisingly good. This set, the top and
the bottom, was 13.61. So I expected it to be kind
of like crummily sewn together with strings hanging off. I had tried SHEIN before for a video, and that was my experience. So I don’t know if they
changed their manufacturer or if it’s just this item in
particular is pretty good. But it feels like pretty
nicely constructed. I mean, it’s not like
fabulous quality or anything. I’d say it’s on par with Target though. And this kind of swimsuit at Target would be probably 40 bucks. I’m really surprised. I like this. I’ll wear it. Then we have the v-cut front bodysuit. This was like seven bucks. I got it in an extra large. Here is what it looks like, pretty basic, pretty straightforward, just a little black bodysuit. And then I’m also gonna try that on with the plus floral print chiffon kimono. Here is that. And these little plus size
denim button front shorts. I got these in a 0X. So let’s go try all three
of these items on together. All right. This is the cheap SHEIN
quality I was used to. This is not as good as the swimsuit. So the first thing I
put on was the bodysuit, and the material just feels really, really low quality, really cheap. I had Skylar feel it. Can you confirm? – [Skylar] It’s like the
worst swimsuit I’ve ever felt. – It feels like a swimsuit, but it’s supposed to be a bodysuit. It also, these straps
are like way too loose. It shows pretty much my entire bra unless I pull it up like that. The button closure on the
bodysuit also feels really cheap. It feels like it definitely won’t last through a wash, I’m guessing. And then the shorts, the
shorts, first of all, are like too tight on me,
but tight in weird places. They fit me here in the waist. I’m not spilling out at the top. And they’re like okay in the legs, but then in the upper
thighs and in my pooch area, they’re tight and the buttons are pulling. These are plus size shorts, so I feel like they should be built with the FUPA in mind, you know. So I don’t know if it’s
because they’re too tight or just the construction of the shorts, but they feel very uncomfortable. They are riding up. They just don’t feel like they
were made for my proportions. Maybe they’re made for
someone’s proportions, but they’re definitely not right for me. They also just feel very cheap. The buttons on the front
literally feel so cheap. You can see, there’s already some strings coming off of the shorts. Not a fan of the shorts,
not a fan of the bodysuit. The kimono, however, is
actually pretty nice. The stitching feels fine. The material feels fine. I like the design. I will probably wear this. I’d say it feels on par with H&M quality. Not amazing but definitely
nothing wrong with it. The bodysuit and the
shorts, however, not a fan. And then, we also have, this is from the standard size section. This is the single
breasted knot hem cami top. I liked that I was able to try some stuff from the standard size and the plus size. I feel like it gave us a good variety here to test out both sections. So I’m gonna try this
on with the same shorts. So let’s see it. Okay, I know I said I was
just gonna wear this shirt with the SHEIN shorts, but I wanna give this shirt a fair shot. Wow, that was a tongue twister. That was a lot of S’s. But I wanted to give
this shirt a fair shot, so I’m wearing it with my go-to shorts that I already love, so that the bad shorts don’t affect how I feel about the top. And I feel like this top is actually okay. It’s not as nice as the swimsuit was, but it looks fine. The construction is fine. I like the design with the little tie and the little buttons on the front. I’m surprised that the
buttons aren’t pulling. I really thought they would, especially since this is
standard size and not plus size. I wouldn’t think that
they would build that with like a big chest in mind. But it’s not pulling at all. I think the fit is pretty nice. The sizing is perfect for me. I do like this top. The only thing I’m not a
fan of is the material. It feels very cheap, very rough. But it looks fine. It’s just kind of how it
feels, I don’t like as much. So yeah, this shirt was all right. The kimono was all right. The swimsuit was amazing, and the bodysuit and
the shorts were awful. So I guess it’s hard to say, what at SHEIN is gonna be good and what’s gonna be bad. I know their return policy is terrible. So it would be hard to order from there, because you never really
know what you’re getting. It is interesting to me that
it seems like SHEIN has done a whole kind of image overhaul with all of their influencer
and brand work on Instagram. Even just like six months or a year ago, I think everyone thought of them as a cheap, sketchy company with really bad quality. And now, with their shift in marketing, they’ve kind of been able
to overhaul that image, and I’m gonna guess that they’re probably
getting a lot more business because of that. But do they deserve it? Do they deserve your business? I would say no. Some of the items are good, but a lot of them are not. And because of their return policy, it’s difficult to know
if what you’re getting you’re actually gonna like or if you’re just wasting your money. Also, there is a lot of debate around the ethics of SHEIN’s
manufacturing process. I’m not really gonna get into that, ’cause I feel like I’m not educated on it enough to speak on it. But I will link some
articles in the description if you wanna do your own research. I highly highly recommend it. I don’t think I’m gonna be
buying from them any time soon and definitely not working with them, although, they have reached
out to me many times. I feel like they’re
reaching out to everyone to work together right now. That’s kind of part of
their image overhaul. But yeah, I would say that my opinion on the quality of SHEIN
is like slightly better than it was going into this video. But it’s still not great. And last but not least, we have HiSmile. I’m like 99% sure that we only
ordered one of these kits, but they sent us two. I don’t know if that was a mistake, or if the kit is supposed
to come with two sets of it. So on the back of the box, it has the how to use directions. It says, “Use once a day for six days. “For lasting results,
repeat one application “every two weeks.” And then it says, “Each
gel contains two uses. “Three gels equals six uses.” Okay, so three gels, and you
use each one for two days. So this should be that six day kit. And it says, “How it works, “it whitens in 10 minutes,
and it has no sensitivity.” I do have pretty sensitive teeth. So I’m a little bit nervous about this, but it specifically says “no sensitivity.” Full disclosure, I’m not a dentist if you couldn’t tell. I don’t know anything about
the actual science behind this, if it’s safe for your teeth. Probably should have asked
my dentist before I did this, but I’m not. So let’s try it. Hopefully I don’t mess
up my teeth. (laughs) So here are the three tubes of gel. Okay, so they definitely
sent us two kits. (laughs) Here is the little whitening gel tray. And then the HiSmile light. All right, teeth are brushed. Now it says, “Open cover
to remove plastic tag “from LED light.” Okay, attach mouth tray. Oh, okay, I see. It slides in to here. “Apply one quarter gel
to front of mouth tray “and one quarter gel
to back of mouth tray.” I only wanna use a quarter. Oh good, it does have markings. Yay, that’s actually really helpful. “Whiten for 10 minutes.” All right, Skylar, can
you put on a timer for me? – [Skylar] Yes, ma’am. – All right, I’m ready. I hope it doesn’t taste weird. Hmm-hmm. – [Skylar] Your time is up. (device beeps) – Ew. I would like to apologize to everyone for that disgusting amount of spit that came out of my mouth. (laughs) So it says “no sensitivity.” I wouldn’t say that’s true. I think after my teeth definitely
do feel more sensitive. I will say, I do like
that it’s only 10 minutes that you keep it on. When I was in high school, I used to do the Crest Whitestrips, and those were 30 minutes. And they made my teeth
feel a lot more sensitive than this gel did. What is the purpose of the LED light? Do you know? – [Skylar] No, I don’t know. – If anyone knows, if any of
you guys work in dentistry, let me know down in the comments, because I have no idea what the purpose of that LED light is. It didn’t really taste that bad. And anyways, I hardly tasted it, because it pretty much stayed in the tray. It was only at the very
end as I was taking it out that I tasted the gel. It wasn’t bad. It could have been a lot worse. Do my teeth look any whiter after one use? I do see a little bit of a
difference, just slightly, just in the parts that were
more yellow at the beginning. I see less yellow now
than in the first photo. Do you think I should keep trying it? I’m a little bit worried
about the sensitivity and that I didn’t ask my dentist. You know what, I’m gonna call
my dentist office right now and see if they have any insight on it. If they say it’s fine, then I wanna do it for the full six days. They didn’t answer. All right, I will call back tomorrow. If they say yes, I’ll do it for the full six days and I’ll document it. And if not, it seems like
it works somewhat anyways. Okay, so it is the next day. I have talked to my dentist about HiSmile, and I also did some research on my own, and here is what I found. So my dentist said that they can’t recommend
specific whitening products or not, because they don’t know everything that goes into it. But they did give me a list
of whitening ingredients that can be harmful for your teeth. And I looked at the
ingredients in HiSmile, and one of those ingredients is in it, and that is citric acid. So they said citric acid
can be really harmful for the enamel, and since I
already have sensitive teeth, I then should not be using HiSmile. So I’m not gonna finish the week with it. Honestly, I definitely
should have asked my dentist before I even tried it. Hopefully I didn’t do any damage. My teeth feel fine now, but all afternoon yesterday
they did hurt pretty bad. And then I found online this article about HiSmile in particular. They did an interview with
an Australian dentist, and here’s what they had to say. So they mentioned the citric acid and how that can damage your teeth. And then they also said sodium
chlorite could be damaging, because it is a poison if ingested. And then other concerns,
they said the mouth tray and just overuse. So not too many red flags, but what I thought was interesting is they talked about the before and afters that HiSmile posts and how they seem a little bit suspicious. Basically they talked
about how these before and afters are likely not
showing actual results and how they’ve been digitally altered. So I don’t know. I just thought that was interesting. The jury is still out on HiSmile. There isn’t anything about it that was like awful, big no,
definitely don’t use this, just that the citric
acid isn’t the best thing for your teeth and that if
you have sensitive teeth you should be using it, like me. And I thought that article interviewing the dentist was interesting. So I will link that in the description. I feel like my teeth did
look a little bit whiter but definitely at the cost of sensitivity. So after trying all of these products that are just constantly
bombarding me on my Instagram Feed, I feel like the moral of the story is, some of these products and companies are actually pretty good. Some are terrible, and some
lie somewhere in between. Good marketing doesn’t
always make a good product, and a good product doesn’t
always have good marketing. So don’t just buy whatever comes your way when you’re scrolling
through your Instagram Feed. Do your own research, and make sure if it’s
anything that’s health-based, like those whitening products, to talk to your doctor or your dentist or a healthcare professional. Because oh my gosh, did those HiSmile whitening trays seriously make my teeth hurt so bad for like the next 24 hours. I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Let me know down in the comments what your experiences have been like, if you’ve tried any of these products. I keep getting emails from FabFitFun that they’re launching
their fall box really soon, and I’m like legit tempted to order it, because I actually had a lot of fun with the products that
I got from FabFitFun. But it is expensive. I don’t know. We’ll have to see. But let me know what your
experiences have been like with FabFitFun or HiSmile
or SugarBearHair or SHEIN, any of the above or any other
Instagram product companies. Anyways, I hope you
guys enjoyed this video. Be confident, love your body, and I will see you next time with another new video. Bye. (upbeat music)

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