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Buying My Clothes From Instagram Ads (this didn’t go well)

Buying My Clothes From Instagram Ads (this didn’t go well)

– Hey guys, it’s Sierra, and welcome back to my channel. Today, I’m going to be doing something that I have been wanting
to try out for a while and that is shopping
from my Instagram ads. So I do a lot of online shopping, I’m always like ordering
clothes for videos or just for me. Like, I online shop a lot. So that means that basically all of my ads that I get on Facebook, Instagram, where ever else on the internet are pretty much all clothing related. And like 90% of the time, these clothes that I’m getting advertised are from brands that I’ve never tried, I’ve never looked up, so yeah. I kind of want to know what the deal is. Are these clothes actually
as cute as they look? So I went on my Instagram and I purchased the first five clothing items that I was advertised and we’re going to see
how they worked out. One thing I do have to say though, before I actually try on the clothes is these things took forever to get here. I don’t know if all of these companies are based in China or overseas, but I mean I literally placed these orders like a month ago and some of them still aren’t here, but I’m not waiting to
film this video any longer. It’s been long enough. If
you’re new to my channel, do make sure to hit that subscribe button. Join the family. I make new videos every Tuesday and Friday usually, but next week’s gonna
be a little different. Next week I have literally the biggest announcement of my channel ever, on Friday. So a week from today, get ready for it. So next week I’m gonna have three videos on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, so make sure you’ve got
those notifications on because let me just tell you, you are not gonna want to miss that announcement. It’s exciting! Also, real quick, before
we get into the video, if you guys want to see some secrets about the project going live next Friday, go follow @CurvyCrew on Instagram. That’s the Instagram that I made for this secret project, so go follow @CurvyCrew
to be the first to know about all the little details of this secret project. Okay, so the first advertisement I saw was for this company called Orsle, Orslit, Or-slal, something like that. But I see this advertisement
for this exact dress literally like five times a day. I’m not kidding. Every time I open
Instagram, for some reason the algorithm just thinks that I’m gonna buy this dress and I proved them right. I bought it. The advertisement was showing me a bunch of different colors, so I just went with the green and it was $32.98 all said and done. I literally have no idea what to expect. I don’t want to like
move this around too much because the crinkling of the paper is gonna mess up the
mic, but let’s try it on. Okay, this is like comical, honestly. Like okay, so the buttons fit okay in the tummy area, which is actually where I was nervous about because the girl in the
picture was very thin and I was like, “Oh, maybe
the buttons are gonna “pull on my tummy,” but they don’t at all. The problem is here. I literally cannot get
this button to close. I could probably pull it up here and then close it and then pull it down. Yeah, no. This is not for me. You know
what, maybe it would be better if I unbuttoned that one. That’s a little bit better. That makes it okay, but the problem is I don’t like wearing things that are super low cut. Like this is very boobalicious if I undo the top one, but if I have it closed. I mean you guys saw it. It is like pulling, pushing out. It is not made for a busty girl. I actually had high hopes for this dress because it looked kind of
shapeless in the picture, so I was like, “Oh, maybe I’ll belt it, “maybe I’ll wear it with leggings.” But it’s just, it’s so ill-fitting in the weirdest places. Like the tummy fits fine. The boobs are a no-go and it is incredibly short. Like, almost showing my butt checks short. I wanna show you guys the packaging but like also trying
not to show my address. The next advertisement I saw was from a company called Dress Up which I also haven’t heard of. I literally have not heard of any of these companies that I ordered from,
but this advertisement was showing me three photos and the one that really drew my eye was those high waisted flowy pants in the middle photo. Those are like totally my style. So, I did the little swipe up. I went to the page and then it actually took me like a couple of minutes to find those pants. Like, that link just
took me to new arrivals and then I had to do some digging but I found it. These pants were a little
bit more expensive. They were $38.99 which is more than I would usually pay for pants at any of the other stores that I shop at, but they are really cute and they’re capri length which means they probably will fit me. So, let’s open it up. The pants. Oh, they feel soft. Actually feel pretty nice. I’m excited to try these. These ones look cute. Alright, let’s try them on! Okay. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. A million times over, yes! These pants are literally
like the palazzo pants that I’ve been searching for. These are perfect. Oh my gosh. If nothing else, I’m glad I did this video just to discover these pants. Literally, after I finish filming, I’m gonna go order these in like every color they have. Let me at least like tell you why I like them so much. So, the waist has a little bit of elastic but it also has a zipper
and a little cinch at the top which makes
it fit my waist perfectly and it has this tie at the top, which helps to like define my waist and it just makes the
pants look a lot cuter. The legs are so super flowy. They almost kinda look
like a skirt in a way and they’re really high-waisted, held at the smallest part of my waist. Perfect to wear with a cropped top or a t-shirt tucked in like this and they have little pockets! Look at that. I don’t think I’ve ever
loved a pair of pants more than I love these, so thank you Dress Up. Never heard of that company before but you’ve got a new customer. These pants are amazing. Oh my gosh. Also, these pants were one of the more expensive things that I ordered for this video, but the material feels high quality. The stitching is high quality. Just the fit and everything is perfect and even like the zipper is really smooth. Like, you can just tell that these are a nice,
high quality pair of pants. I could easily see myself paying like $60 or something ridiculous for a pair of pants like this at BCBG or Michael Kors just because they fit my body so well. I wouldn’t be able to say no. Next, when I was swiping through my Instagram stories, I saw an ad for a company called BoHo Fair. Again, hadn’t heard of them, but they had multiple pictures and I thought that polka dot two piece looked really cute. Not typically something I would usually buy for myself, even though I really do really like two pieces, but hey, Instagram
thought I would like it, so I bought it. Part of this advertisement was that the company was having a sale, so this two piece was $46.97. Apparently that was 50% off which still seems pretty expensive to me, but let’s open it up and see. And see if it was worth almost $50. Okay, so I am very
conflicted on this outfit. Let’s start with the good things. The skirt is pretty much great. It fits my stomach like perfectly. It’s not too tight, but it’s not loose. It has a nice flat lay on the front. It’s zippered. It’s not elastic, so there was no like guarantee that it was gonna fit, but it just happened to fit me perfectly and it sits at the
smallest part of my waist which is really flattering with a super cropped top like this. It really helps to like, you know, emphasize the hourglass shape. Show the smallest part of my waist and the length, let’s back the camera up and show the length. Okay, so as you can see, the shirt actually hits in like a perfect spot for me. Like, it’s mid-calf. It doesn’t drag on the floor. The slit though, the slit is crazy high. It goes all the way up here, so like, it would
literally show my underwear if I wasn’t like holding it down. So maybe I can like life hack that and like, you know, sew it down or glue it down so that
the slit isn’t so high, because other than that I think the skirt is a winner. But the top is… Okay, so you know how most of the time, tops like this, it’ll have like the flowy over part like this does and then it’ll have like a Bando or something under it to like cover your boobies? This doesn’t. This literally just
has this flap of fabric that is super loose and flowy. It doesn’t have anything else built in and you can’t wear a bra with this because it’s strapless. So, what I would need to do is get like a maroon
Bando to wear under this. I found a Bando in my closet that’s like almost the same color, so I can actually illustrate the issue with this top without flashing you. So the top is literally this just this elastic, stretchy one piece of fabric. Put it on. Okay, no problem but one gust of wind. That’s it. There’s nothing else underneath, so. With the Bando, I think it’s fine but definitely wouldn’t
want to wear it without. So, other than the lack of anything under this flowy part on the top and the high slit skirt, I think this outfit is a winner and both of those things
could easily be fixed, so yeah, I like this. I’d say it was worth
$40 for a nice two piece like this. I wouldn’t pay the like $90 or whatever that was the original price, but I think it’s cute. I like this. I think I definitely will wear this with a few modifications. So here’s where this
video gets interesting. Like I said, I placed these orders over a month ago. Literally, like five weeks ago. Three of the items, as you just saw, are here and two of them have
still yet to be delivered. I ordered this gray romper from the advertisement I got from a company called Venidress and it was $35.28. This romper has not been delivered and I clicked the tracking number and it takes me to a non-existent page. Like it literally says,
“The page does not exist.” So, I don’t know if I just got scammed out of my money and
this company isn’t legit or if the tracking number’s just wack and it’s gonna get here. Maybe it got lost in the mail. I don’t know. Point being, I gave
Venidress $35.28 of my money and I have nothing to show for it. And then the fifth item, the
thing that was supposed to be the last in my video was from a company called Artistic Bae Co. Nice name and they were advertising to me this stripped super low v-neck dress. Not something I would typically wear, but since Instagram suggested it, I was gonna order it and I kinda assumed that it wouldn’t fit me very well because I can’t usually wear things like that
due to this situation, but none the less, I
was excited to try it. I gave them $29.95 of my money and the tracking number says that it is still in China, even though it’s supposedly shipped like four weeks ago it said so, I don’t know. I literally was just waiting and waiting and waiting for these last two items to film the video and it had been so long. I was like , “You know what? “I’m just gonna film it.” This is part of the struggle of ordering from random
companies on Instagram. So, yeah that was a
little bit frustrating, but when those two items, if they ever do, get delivered I would
love to do a part two to this video. Try those on. Maybe order some other stuff. So, if you like this video and you wanna see that, let me know down in the comments and if you have ever ordered
from those Instagram ads, ’cause they’re always really tempting, like the clothes look super cute, let me know down in the comments
what your experience was. Were they cute? Did they fit? Did they get delivered? Not at all like half the things for me? And don’t forget to make sure you are subscribed to my channel because like I said earlier, next week is literally
going to be so crazy and amazing on my channel. I’m so excited. I can’t even like keep my mouth shut so I should probably just stop talking, otherwise I’m gonna spoil something and say something that I don’t wanna announce yet until next Friday. So next week, I’m gonna have three videos, Monday, Wednesday and the
big, exciting Friday video so get ready for that. Thanks so much for watching and I will see you guys on Monday with another new video. Bye! (upbeat music)

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