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Buying Bird Electric Scooters on Wish…

Buying Bird Electric Scooters on Wish…

– Hey, what’s up guys,
welcome back to Tech Smart for another episode of Wish Busters. If you guys have ever been outside, it’s a new thing to me, trust me, or you’ve seen the episode of South Park with the electric scooters, or you’ve seen them on the street. Doesn’t matter, in this
episode it’s scootin’ time. Okay guys, if you’re new to Wish Busters, this is the show where
we buy and try items here on Wish. We’re going for all the
electric scooters on Wish. Maybe not all the electric scooters. You guys have probably seen
Bird, you’ve probably seen Lime on the street, well
actually Bird is now selling their own scooter known as
the Bird One for 1300 dollars. It comes with an 18
mile an hour top speed, and up to 30 miles of range. And then of course, you
know Boosted Boards. They’re like, hold up,
we can’t let you do it. (Beep) As you guys know, the E-Board, electric long board company that I love. I have a Booster board, I’ve
been a day one supporter, they actually dropped the Boosted Rev, which is their electric
scooter for 1600 dollars and that comes with a
top range of up 22 miles, then a top speed of up
to 24 miles an hour. And all that with the
Boosted Rev or the Bird One is really dependent on your weight and how fast you’re going,
but you guys can tell it’s starting to get serious. These scooters are
expensive, so like always we’re jumping on Wish to
see if we can save a buck, see if we can kinda
hack the scooter system. So kicking this off,
let’s just see what we get when we search electric scooter. So we’re on it now and
we see some spicy stuff right off the bat. I see what looks like the
Xiaomi Mi electric scooter Definitely you’ve seen those
if you’ve ridden a Bird. This is going for 438
dollars, don’t really think we have much of a choice ’cause the Bird one is way better and 1300 dollars. We’re just trying to save some money here but for 438, you guys know the rules, we gotta go to the reviews. Shantay, we buy it with her 394. Not a single review, it looks pretty much like a Bird if not exactly a Bird. Just no Bird stickers. Basically the Xiaomi M365 if you wanna get technical but for 438 dollars I think we just have to start it off with a win here. We’re gonna hit buy. We’re hittin’ it hard and heavy, the Limes they’re not with the Xiaomi Mi electric scooter they actually have their own proprietary scooter and it kinda looks like this just its not lime green. Anything to give it away. We got two reviews 8 inch
professional portable electric scooter powersul foldable electric skateboard steering
wheel scooter black. Two reviews, looks good, 376 dollars. We basically just gotta jump right in and get these scooters,
and there’s a bell. And we got the light on there too. Buy with Jami for 338 bucks its actually kind of a big savings when you think about it. Most stuff on Wish is like a few dollars. When you’re buying stuff in the hundreds of dollars, it adds up. All right Steven says
“Awesome, just as described quick delivery.” All right, here we go, wait 352. I’m gonna save the cash if I can. Three reviews, we’re looking good it looks to be the same exact scooter that is powersul foldable
electric skateboard. I love when it says three reviews, and you can’t read a single review except for Jose Antonio Cordova Ferrera. “Me gusto muy bonito gracias Wish.” Firing up google translate here. Learning more than just about products and prices. I liked it very much,
very nice, gracias Wish. Hey if Jose likes it, think
that’s good enough for me any deals if I buy it with anyone? 316 if I get it with Nicolas. How many colors can I get? All right just black. All right two scooters in the cart lets see what else we can get just by typing E-scooter. What a throwback. A Razor Power Core E100 Electric Hub Motor kids toy motorized
kick scooter, purple. 11 reviews four out of five stars. “Got here super fast.” Robert. There’s 11 reviews and that was from four months ago. Brandon says, “Everything looks good. Be careful on letting your
kid do their first start. It’s one heck of a kick”. (deep breath) I’m excited. “If they’re not ready for it. Looks great, seems fast. The final test is time”. All right, we’re buying it 140 dollars. We got the scooters, I wanna get one more scooter before we jump into accessories and really trick this set up out. Because would it really be a Wish Busters if we didn’t protect ourselves with the craziest stuff on Wish? No, it wouldn’t. We got a wheel, its almost
like a 12 inch mini E-bike. 30 Kilometers an hour, electric bicycle, foldable electric cycling. No reviews, not happening for me. Lets get something a little different that we need but not a scooter. Its some gloves, so these are touch screen motorcycle gloves motorbike racing winter bicycle cycling scooter. And you can still use you’re phone so for four dollars. Id say I got some pretty meaty palms here so XL’s. (muttering) Digging through the pictures, looks like he’s using it on an iPhone wait that is not an iPhone. Its a minote, you let me know in the comments if you
know what phone this is. Select color, red all right. Six dollars. What are the reviews like. “Great item, just as
described.” From Chris 47 minutes ago. Chris must’ve known we
needed a trusted friend. Rocio, Rocky-o. “Looks
so nice and the right.” Gotta love it Ev, when it looks so nice and the right. Craig from 11 days ago, “gloves fit nicely and feel durable, and as
advertised you can use your phone with them on.
This is a great product.” False, its the guys name Ev. It wasn’t a true or false, didn’t ask you a question there. “One glove had a small tear at the Velcro, but otherwise I am most
satisfied. Perfect fitment.” Perfect fitment? We’re making up words I like his false guy already. He’s like me! “I’d recommend”. All right, I think I’ve seen enough. Six dollars, we’re gettin’
the touch screen gloves. Lets go scooter jacket. Maybe I can find a nice
leather piece dude. We got a motorcycle jacket, I love it. YL motorcycle armor suit racing protective back jacket motorcycle back protector. You tell me this if you guys are a biker, buy one of these nice jackets on Wish, hopefully you don’t fall of your bike but if you do and you’re wearing it, let me know on the reviews baby. Did it save your life? There’s six reviews,
only one way to find out. “Exactly as described, very good quality.” from Kathrin, she’s a
biker, she’s going hard on her moped. I don’t know, I’m just not sold. Kawasaki, dang. Oh this is it, so when we’re riding our electric scooters we
wanna be riding at night and we don’t wanna get hit. We got a Men’s summer motorcycle jacket motocross racing reflective safety protective gear- fluorescent green. 813 reviews, I trust this. I trust this more than the biker jacket. Pictures, they look good. Some nice padding, we’ll
put that to the test. I’m sure I’m gonna fall
off the electric scooter. Okay we all know I’m gonna fall off the electric scooter, what am I even trying to say to you guys. Darrius, “this is a perfect fit, awesome.” Kevin J from 14 months ago.
“Looks great, fit great.” Peter 18 months ago,
“I good looking jacket and will suit hot days.
Great value for the money.” sounds pretty good. Okay we’re not getting the triple XL. We’ll get the double XL in green. 46 dollars, throw it in the cart. What do we have to lose. We need a helmet right? Our brains are gonna fall out of our head. That’s happened once before. If you missed the Booster board video, right up there in the icard. Probably should’ve been
wearing a brain bucket. Oh yeah, nice little
baseball cap bike helmet. I mean the manikin looks real happy. 14 dollars 54 reviews. “So cute way better than I was expecting.” Carmen, “very nice and fits well.” “Exactly what I asked for, for better than the picture, very very happy I should have got the pair.” so you just get to pick one? Give me the pink. You never really know if the
right color does show up. We got how many things in the cart. We’re at 1000 dollars. All right, six things in. Lets find a reflector for the helmet. Helmet reflector. This looks good, universal
8 LED motorcycle 2.4G wireless helmet brake turn signal warning racer lights lamps. Nothing when a racer
lights lamps, am I right? 23 reviews, “I put it
on and it worked great.” from Prentice. Cyanide, what a name,
“arrived early, have not wired it in yet.” How does this have four and a half stars? When you got Cyanide over here killin’ the vibe and tellin’ us he
hasn’t even tried it yet. You know we don’t like
that on Wish Busters. If you’re not gonna try
it, don’t leave a review. Its not helpful. “I will edit my comment
once I get it wired in and see how it works.” Cyanide wrote that 21 months ago. I don’t know if there’s
some irony going on here but for 14 dollars, I’m in. We got seven things in the cart, I wanna get one more
scooter before we just jump into this. Just typing in cold scooter now. See what we can get. Dude is that handle bar for your segway. Definitely drop a like on this video if you guys want a part
two to the rideables. There’s so much more on Wish, what else is there? Ba-boom. We found it,
37 dollars the cheapest scooter on this list. Foldable aluminum kids/adult kick scooter. We got a few different colors here. Red, blue, got some measurements to really prove the math out. Green, basically got your Lime scooter. We’re gonna land the
plan here 110 reviews. “Very nice arrived much
earlier. Thank you.” from Hassan 13 months ago. SJ “present for my
daughters birthday which has not happened yet.
However, it looks sturdy and my hubby was playing around
on it, so it must be good.” David, “haven’t used it
yet but looks very decent and solid for the price.” 8 months ago David wrote that. I’m in. I wanna get it in well
the only color, white. I was a little triggered earlier seeing the saddle on the scooter,
kinda wanna be a horse and go back to the old town. 41 dollars for a scooter seat. It fits on the Xiaomi
mi electric scooter M365 and its new and its
adjustable and its foldable. The whole dang thing is foldable. Your scooter is, the seat is. For 41 dollars. If I buy it with Madonna for 36 dollars. At this point we’re going into biker mode even though we’re on a scooter. Maybe for a future episode with an E-bike. I wanna get some sweet biker goggles. We’re just gonna get a
classy pair of glasses ’cause we’re already at 11 hundred dollars and its been a minute since we’ve spent this much on Wish. I got exactly what I asked for. Harley goggles for Harley Davidson motor protective gear glasses motorcycle accessories
and parts helmet goggles. I mean if they’re not helmet goggles you wouldn’t have been able to tell from the first three words right. “Quality is okay well at
least for the price.” Endel. Gerard, “I have not tried them
out yet but they look good” from 6 months ago. Gerard I hope your eyeballs are still okay because you’re leaving
a review on a product you haven’t tried, sounds
like you’ve gone blind. We’re gonna get ’em in red. I wanna be a noticeable
figure on the street. And that is 10 items. Grand total comes out to $1144.35. You guys know what time it is, time to hit place order, and wait. Took about 3 weeks for
everything to get here. Including the four scooters. I didn’t think they were
all gonna show up in time. Basically everything came in two weeks and then we were just waiting on one more electric scooter and just like that we have our six accessories
plus the four scooters. And what we’re gonna do
is put these to the test. Fist we’re gonna start off with basically all the accessories, see how they are. Then we’re gonna jump to
the electric scooters, set ’em up, and then go
outside, test them out. See what they’re really
about this is gonna be a long episode and like we do at every Wish Busters, we’re gonna see if the products are a wish or a dish. Here we go. I am so amped for this
episode, you have no idea. And this is kinda first
Tech Smart video in a month. Like in a month. Way to kick it off, right. All right, so lets get into this if you guys wanna check anything out, ill leave links down
below as best as I can. So lets jump in with the stuff that didn’t make it in a box or a package. Guess what Ev, ♪ I’m on
the San Francisco Giants ♪ Boom boom. (beep) Oh yeah dude, I’m one ride away from being in the hells angels or on an MLB team. I’m liking this, it is not time to test this out, that’s coming up. I think I’m gonna have to take a dive. We’re saving all ratings till the end. Pretty nice helmet, its got this nice perforated fabric. Seems like your head
won’t sweat a whole lot. Its way too early to
tell how good this is. Jumping on to item two. All right item two is one
of these mystery bags here. Oh nice, ripped it on the way out. This is going to be an
interesting, interesting product. Wireless helmet LED brake and turn light. I saw this, you saw this looks
like some Daft punk stuff. But, okay. Wireless helmet LED brake and turn light. So we have our adhesive here connects to well the back of your head if you’re a terminator or the back of your helmet if you’re a biker. And then this wiring schematic. Says the updated transmitter. I wanna know what the first
transmitter looked like. Was the wiring schematic not even on here. So what you’re supposed
to do is basically pair this up to the throttle on your motorcycle and using this schematic it
will communicate with the light. You know this is Tech
Smart not MacGyver Smart. So I don’t think this is gonna work with the scooter and
definitely not with my skills. Okay, wow. We got a red light. There is not any other modes. I think you definitely need
to have the module wired up. I’m a fan of the four
the four is way safer than not having it at all. Lets jump onto item three. All right item three in
one of these other bags. Oh yes, this one is easy to explain. We have our Harley Davidson goggles. Wow that is tight against the face. Ahh, gotta adjust, gotta adjust, gotta adjust that’s what you pay for on Wish. The adjustable elastic strap. Oh yeah, doesn’t feel as bad. Ev, thumbs up thumbs down? I think I gave myself a two thumbs up before I even asked ya. They look that good, they don’t feel as I was expecting. Yeah there’s no shot in any world in any planet in any solar system that this is real leather. You got these purply blue lenses that really only kinda show a color when you tilt it at the right angle. They fold up so they are pocketable. Lets do the test. All I’m saying is for item three pair that with the light and the helmet and I think my heads pretty flossy. Item four. Item four, lets get the
small stuff out of the way you guys know what this
is, if you were paying attention in the first half. We got our biker gloves, in red. There’s no way I could get hit by a car or hit anyone else. I am literally a rainbow and you can see it here, moto sport gear. Wow, these actually feel probably like the best thing I ever bought on Wish. And that you guys have ever seen. If I can remember which
hand is left and right. Oh wow, here we go. I’m feeling like Inside Man,
if you’ve ever seen that movie. Gettin’ ready, (laughter) okay, okay. You’ve got these nice hard
tip knuckle protectors. Knuckle deflectors, knuckle guards, we’re goin with knuckle guards. Not bad, you go these
pretty tacky rubber grips so you can hold on to
your bike if its wet, rain starts to pour. So far so good on the biker gloves. I think its too early to tell until I fall off a scooter, which I’m
probably gonna have to do. All right item five is is this. Do I even need to explain it. We have our Fluorescent biker jacket that I wanna say if moisture is on it it repels, almost feels
like a windbreaker. Oh I cannot wait to get suited up. Feeling good, lets see how the zipper is. Okay. I’m not a biker, never
been on a motorcycle before if you can change that,
hit it up on Instagram its just Techsmart. Jacket feels pretty
comfortable, its a little tight but what ya have are
these elbow pads built in no wrist guards, I don’t think that would be practical but if that’s
a jacket I need to buy it. Don’t want a wristy
magoo part two happenin’. This feels good, but
you guys know the rules. (beep) Item six is, really by
process of elimination and I think the most exiting
item in the first half. This is what I think it is, yes! Yes! Its a brown box, I knew it, I knew it. Is this the scooter seat? Yes it is. We have our scooter seat nice little cushion for the pushin’. This is … I’m really exited to try out this seat. If I can sit on a scooter we got from Wish and not have to buy the saddle scooter. (beep) That’s everything that comes with it. Outside of just having one
of the things go rollin’ one of the nuts here. I don’t think I can mess this up lets hope it works. All right, now onto the exciting part lets jump into the scooters back there. Lets see what we got. Now onto the fun part lets jump into the rest of the items and pop open these scooters. Starting off with this one. That was really effective. Oh sweet, its the Xiaomi M365, also known as a Mi electric scooter. This is exactly, exactly
what you’ll see Bird using if you catch your scooter
out on the street. And definitely vote up in the I card which product is your favorite buy now. Then just the charger. Lets see what’s up with the M365. So quick rundown here,
charge ports on the side blends in extremely well. Maybe ’cause we bought it on Wish that when you open it for the first time… No we’re good, we’re good,
gotta stay optimistic. So top speed on the M365
is 15 miles an hour. There’s also eco mode that
goes 11 miles an hour. We’re puttin’ that all to the test. I’m not trusting any claims, you guys know how we
do it on Wish Busters. (beep) Get in the hole, simple, so simple. Is there just, this sucks. (beep) And then… That, that was so easy. No I see why Bird chose
the Mi electric scooter looks really clean. That’s a real sad bell there. (clicking bell) So to power on, really
just a power button. Got a nice light. I’m escaping reality and
scared to accelerate. Its one of those outdoors activities but it works. I’m gonna kickstand it
up, got the light on me. Feeling good, first scooter
was definitely a success. Lets jump onto scooter number eight. Scooter number eight? Item number eight. The hardest box to cut open. In a minute, that was a dangerous move. Is this the Razor? Oh yes this is. The Razor E100 not in… (beep) We got a manual, our charger, and it says
the top speed of the E100 goes up to 10 miles an hour
with forty minute use time. I’m done trying to take
all the packaging off. Lets just pop lock and drop it. That definitely needs to be tightened. What else comes in the box? Nothing else. So just tighten these two up here to engage motor, kick off,
twist the throttle, go. Seems to be kind of a trend,
oh we have our Alan key, we have our Alan key. Seems to be kind of a trend
with electric scooters in this price range, you
have to kinda kick off and then hit the throttle. Versus it being all electric where you hit the throttle, it just goes. Kinda something interesting. Lets see what… Throttles built into the handle here kinda like it and purple. All right, put this thing
together now lets move on. Pretty solid, brakes,
charge port at the bottom. Power switch, look at that
kickstand, its all you need. This ones gotta be,
well we only bought one other electric scooter. This is the 8 incher. Whoo! Whatevers cookin’ here
is kinda interesting. Got the charger. Same kind of charger as the Razor E100. This is sweet, on this
one the handles fold up all the way, there’s
three modes which control the three speeds six to nine miles an hour is the lowest one. Mode two is twelve to
fifteen miles an hour, and then the high one, get ready for it. Eighteen to twenty miles an hour. So this thing, could pack a punch. Remember that’s all what
the manufacturer says. This is a move, this is a move. Haven’t even set the scooter up. So to set this up, you have a latch here okay, and then the catch wow, this might be better
than the Mi electric scooter. Look at all your controls here. So you’re speedometer actually looks like a bike, maybe a mountain
bike if you souped it up. Then you have three modes,
you can control right there. To power it on, boom. We’re cookin’. And then, lets see if this light works. Sir, have you been scootin’ tonight. This is awesome! This is so sweet. And if it looks correct, this
could just be a reflector. No! That is not just a reflector. Its a brake light! Wow they got everything. Oh we got our first scooter
that is all electric. Not a pushy pushy. (beep) Awesome, the eight incher might just beat out the Bird, the light oh man. And guess what, guess what, didn’t even need these guys. That is the kickstand. (claps) I am lovin’ it, I’m callin this right now this is gonna be the winner. But you guys know, we gotta wait and see. One scooter left. And finally for the only
non electric scooter, we got the old push-a-roony here. If this takes more than a screw, This is not going to be road. You don’t know who you’re scootin’ with. Oh, I really was shocked that worked. I’m really excited, this is
the greatest Wish Busters I think of all time. So lets go have some fun. Lets go figure out which scooters are Wish which scooters are dish. Rate ’em at a zero to five. Lets go outside, and ride these guys. We’re outside, its finally
time to maybe break a bone but actually get on to what we got. So we’re gonna start it off with what possibly could start the
water works of sweat. Jackets on. Lovin’ it. Its probably if they go in the pocket my clumsiness, okay, wow
are these polarized? No. We got the San Francisco Giants batting practice helmet here. Honestly, if something were to happen do I really need to tighten this? I trust myself, if I regret this you saw it first. And then, the light, this
is the most important part. Ev, is it centered? Ev? – [Ev] Mostly. – Mostly centered? We’ll
have to rock with it its a one and done adhesive. We’ll say these goggles,
they’re riding up my face. But what does it really matter dude no I can’t even see. Like its a problem. (beep) Let’s walk. I can’t, I have to like tilt my head all the way down to see anything. The field of view with these
goggles may not be the best biker goggles. Lets start off with this
guy, the push scooter. Not really any point to
using the speedometer. And this is really the most Oliver Tree Tanner Fox inspired scooter, lets ride. Oh wow this is nice, this is real nice. Glide is good but
scooters also brand new so let me ride it around. I’m havin’ a hard time. This is really the
scooter that’s like life, its how fast you make it. The push scooter, Wish or dish. I’m giving it a three. Its a Wish, scooters pretty good. This is the eight inch electric scooter. I think we paid 300 or 400 dollars for it. This is the one I’m most excited to try. Because there’s three modes on here and the top speed on this
actually is 18-24 miles per hour. That’s what they’re quoting, or Ready 30-40 kilometers an hour. So three modes, we even got a light, doesn’t do much in the sunlight. But better to be seen and
if you get in an accident, rescued and pullin’ this
kind of crazy stuff at night. Here we go. What’s kinda cool about
this is on the speedometer you can actually see the
range of the scooter. And then if we hit mode,
you can see it adjust right above the battery in the cater. So this is mode one. (loud beep) I wanna be safe and let
’em know I’m comin’. This is eco mode. Okay, okay. Lets see the brakes. Its around lets say three
feet of stopping distance. Lets see what mode two is about. Mode two. Okay, okay. Its cause I have the weight ratio, with the helmet, the jacket. Its goin’ uphill pretty well. Got mode three baby. Let that be a lesson, that when you try to brake at full speed you’re only gonna get hurt. Ya heard. Wish or dish? This gets a five Wish all day. This might be the best
scooter, or so we think. The eight inch electric
scooter was a banger. I don’t, I don’t know if this is just gonna kill the vibes. (scooter whirring) yeah, it worked. Ev you wana give me like a kick, wanna kick me? How often do I say that? All right. If this is ten miles an
hour, ill eat my shoe. No speedometer app for this test, whats the point, we already know this is for the kids. This is kinda fun. All right let me see
if it can go up a hill. I knew what I was gettin’ myself into, its the E100, you get the E300 up to 15 miles an hour. No speedometers in this video. Its pretty clear, Razor E100 Wish or dish? I’m givin’ it a dish, two dubbies. You can do better. I should just spend more
money, I know the answer. (lonely music) Before we jump onto the
Mi electric scooter, the one you’ve been waitin’ for. The one that I kinda wanna sit on. We gotta talk about this jacket. Its pretty hot, if it
was black, I’d be dying. I’m kinda bakin’ a little
bit but not all that much. In terms of protection
on these like elbow pads its really just foam. You fall, I hate to say
it you’re probably gonna hurt yourself. So yellow jacket, Wish or dish? I’m givin’ it a three. Its a Wish. Looks good, its probably good
for the local neighborhood. No more than a tricycle. If you’re riding this on electric scooter you’re probably hurtin’ yourself. Oh, and this light too. If I knew how to actually
ride a motorcycle, I’d hook this up to the throttle. Does it stick back on? We’re good. Change that to a one. Its not all that bad,
price wasn’t that bad. Now these goggles, they’re doin’ the job if it wasn’t so hot, maybe. Maybe they would be a little comfier on the face. Giving these a two out of five. Definitely a dish. There’s better goggles on Wish like sweat is starting to go into my eyes and it stings. All right do it for the team. Oh man that’s just cold, that’s just real cold. These gloves? Probably
the most biker thing in this entire video. These are getting a four out
of five and that’s a Wish. We have the Mi electric
scooter with two modes. Turn it on. So check this out, in bright sunlight, middle of the day, you
cans see all the LEDs and then to switch the mode, fast, normal. I’ll be the judge. Watch out, I’m comin’. Takes a little bit to get goin’ just a wee bit. This is 11 miles an hour, I believe it. Its got a nice platform,
easily one hand this one legged too. This one just feels the most durable especially with that brake. That’s gonna stop ya if a car is comin’. There’s a reason why
Bird chose this scooter over some of the others. But now its time to get a little spicy. I don’t know about you Ev,
but its Daytona season. Fast mode, no more eco. This is fun. Home free. I’m feelin’ like a bird. Nice turn radius. See that. Xiaomi, mi electric scooter. Wish or dish? Giving this thing a five, total Wish. You get what you pay for. This is a high quality scooter that you’re not gonna regret. (bell dings) and you can trust me on that. You guys know what time it is, it’s time well really
its a special surprise. Lets come right on over here. We’re trying out the 10th item. The scooter saddle. So on Wish they were
actually selling scooters for like 700 bucks with the seat. If this actually works, we need to take the goggles
off to give it a fair shot. Almost looks too simple for me to mess up. But you know I love a
challenge right, so this is the screw that went flying. Thankfully we didn’t throw this one away so lock it in. Think I can be the
laziest person I wanna be. All because of Wish, maybe not. Maybe not. So the seat is not fully
installed properly. I mean, it works. You’re smarter than Tech Smart. I know that sounds crazy. Lets see. You can take it make sure
it doesn’t get stolen, that’s a feature they
don’t tell you about. Here we go. The final moment you saw Keaton think he was gonna have a family one day. But realized… (upbeat music) He should probably just ride the scooters not sit on them. Here we go. The big moment. I’m gonna give it a
little push, little push. It works. Oh wow, this is really good. I can see this working out. Okay, who thought you needed to buy a scooter with a seat, and
give them all that profit. Now, now, now, now, now its DIY time. This is what life’s really about. That, you thought that was it. Scooter seat, Wish or dish? Gets a four. Definitely a Wish. I didn’t think this would be that good. This entire video
exceeded my expectations. Guys, that is gonna do it for this episode of Wish Busters electric scooter edition. We picked up the Bird and Lime scooters that I never thought
would actually show up. If I had to pick a favorite, and you guys let me know in the comments your favorite scooter. I’m giving it to the eight
inch electric powerhouse. Size doesn’t matter,
you’d be surprised here. Three modes, super fast, faster than the Mi electric scooter. Which I was surprised
by because that’s what Bird and that’s what all
these other companies are using. So that’s gonna do it for this one. If you guys are new make
sure you get subscribed. Drop a like, and let
us know in the comments what you wanna see on future Wish Busters. We’ll catch you guys next time. I’m coming.

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  4. The gear made you look like a sped idk why you need all of that ur on a scooter i go motor bike riding with thongs footy shorts and not even a helmet but your like some safety freak

  5. He goes you hook it up to the throttle 😂 I love listening to people who don’t know shit about Motorcycles trying to play it off

  6. This was my first time here. I mean really, this dork who puts zero thought into the reviews has a gazillion subs. Crazy. Poor choice of music too

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