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Buyer Behaviour and Analysis | CurtinX on edX

Buyer Behaviour and Analysis | CurtinX on edX

ISAAC CHEAH: Consumer and buyer
behavior is changing dramatically. And I believe this change
has come in a response to the media consumer environment. Technology, for example. Being mobile is a huge
thing now these days that has actually completely
changed the way consumers buy, sell, dispose products, the way
we interact with people. Consumers are looking for efficiency. So they want information
readily available for them. The way they converse and
interact with not just the businesses, but even
their own peer groups. This course aims to cover an
understanding of consumer buyer behavior, how consumers make
decisions, why they buy, how they buy, and what they buy. We will also look at external influences
like culture, attitudes, lifestyles, sensory marketing, learning and memory. This course will appeal to
marketers, small business owners, academic practitioners that
will be looking to better understand your customer groups
and how they can then tailor more effective and more
efficient marketing and branding strategies to them. It’s allowing them to take a
proactive response or approach in creating and formulating
strategies that will keep them in the forefront of their business. It’s really looking at having a better
engagement with your consumer groups, being able to understand them,
and how does your product then fit into their lifestyles. It’s vitally important for
marketers and businesses to understand consumer
behavior because it’s giving them the competitive
advantage over their competitors.

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