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Business tips: Why Doing Everything Yourself Is Slowing You Down

Business tips: Why Doing Everything Yourself Is Slowing You Down

Hey there my name is Traci Reuter, I’m
the CEO and Founder of Divine Social and I’m also a contributing author to the
Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising. So in today’s video, I want to talk to
you- I want to kind of have some real talk here. Recently I was working on or I
was actually reviewing some marketing pieces that we have for divine social
for our agency and as I was reviewing them my original thought was I just want
to review them okay let’s see where they’re at see if I need to make any
tweaks well when I actually started reviewing them I didn’t just make tweaks
I literally had to overhaul everything to the point where I was joking with my
team and some colleagues and some good friend that my marketing card should
just be taken away like I could not believe how terrible the marketing was
it was just absolutely not even remotely on par with what is even remotely
acceptable and so once I kind of got over that horror right I don’t know if
you ever been there where it’s just complete horror that oh my gosh this is
what I’ve been putting out in the world once I got over that and I got to work
and I really started you know fixing it and cleaning it up and doing a few
things I realized that you know or I started asking myself the question like
why is it right that we tend to like sometimes the things that were the best
act for other people we’re not that great at for ourselves or maybe there’s
a skill set that we you know when we’re first getting started or when we’re
growing our company we try to do it ourselves when really we’d be so much
better off bringing someone else in and it’s funny I have a good friend who has
a business that does exactly the part of marketing that I didn’t like and so I
you know quickly reached out and said help like I wave that wave the white
flag and it just really made me think that in order for a business to grow in
scale to get to the next level and to have the kind of you know whether it’s
accounting or it’s your bookkeeping or it’s your operations fulfillment maybe
you have an e-commerce business and it’s customer service whatever the case is
there are going to be people out there whose own of genius is significantly
better than yours so sometimes it makes sense to just
bring in an expert now there are times in your business where maybe you don’t
have the cash flow you don’t have the resources it’s not the right time and so
what you lack in resource is you have to make up with your own effort and you
have to take the learn something have to do it yourself
but as soon as you make that shift right where you have more resources than you
have time that’s when you want to bring in an expert that’s when you want to
bring somebody else in to do it because they’re gonna do it significantly better
than you can and it’s going to have such an incredible impact on the up leveling
effect of your business you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner and so I
just wanted to share that whole concept because even as a marketing expert right
we are a Facebook and Instagram marketing agency or customer journey
experts right we were great at copy we’re great at pages that convert like
these are things that that we do for our clients all the time I just could not
believe that we hadn’t taken the time to do it for ourselves and so there were
certain aspects of the project that I could I could totally handle I just had
to pretend that my own company was a client and then there are other pieces
that it just makes complete sense for me to get an expert in to do the work for
me because it’s again it’s not what we do so it’s just a mindset shift it’s
really important but I want to I want to just encourage you should you be
bringing in an outside outside agency should you bring be bringing in outside
support maybe you need to out you need to outsource to a contractor you need to
bring in some people to help you level up your business that’s something that
along the way that since I started the agency when it was just me and it really
wasn’t an agency I was a freelancer to bringing on my first team member to the
second third fourth fifth and so on from there it’s been absolutely amazing how
we have grown as we’ve had more and more people who are equipped to be able to do
the work that I could never have done all on my own so if you’re watching this
video and you are a CEO or a founder or business owner trying to do it all
welcome to the club welcome to the club now if you’ve realized that you do need
help you need some help with some things I want to encourage you whatever that
area is search out some people search out people that maybe share values that
have similar they vibe with you however you want to hover gonna say it and if in
fact you need help with your traffic generating more leads and sales
amplifying your reach and maximize your impact I want to invite you to reach out
to us now I’ve put together a free resource that we give to all of our
clients it’s called the three pillars to successful social ads if you want to
know more about our philosophies and what we’re doing if
if getting help with your paid traffic is something that you’re interested in
then click the link below and you’ll get access to our checklist and mini class
that goes over how the three pillars work the philosophies behind it and why
it’s so important and we’ve used it across every single type of client you
can possibly imagine so with that you’re in great company but it’s time to step
it up step it up get start bringing in people as soon as you possibly can as
soon as you have the ability to make that investment do it it will pay off in
spades every every client I just I think as I think I’m gonna wrap this up I
think of a story I’ve got one client in particular that came to us about two
years ago and just really frustrated because they were she was having an
agency run her ads but essentially all they were doing was running the ads
there was no strategy there was no thinking about how the campaigns were
effect affecting the big picture they were essentially just executing
everything she said and she was feeling like she actually didn’t get to the help
that she was she thought she was paying for it right she was looking to
outsource to somebody who could level her up and take something off of her
plate and so when she brought our team in that’s when everyone’s ingenious its
strategy we started thinking outside of the box I started thinking about what
was best for her business we started changing her hide strategy
and eventually what happened was as she stopped putting all the effort in the
work into it and you know what happened her revenues started to increase
dramatically to the point where in one month she made more in two days than she
had made in a month before she brought us on so it’s amazing what happens when
you bring somebody who has an expertise outside of what you’re doing frees you
up so you can run the day-to-day of your business because trust me when I sat
down to start working on this project I realized that if I didn’t bring in
somebody else he was gonna it was just gonna take up so much of my time that I
wouldn’t be focusing on the things that truly only I can do in my business and
so there are things that truly only you can do you should keep those things and
the rest you should bring in experts so I hope that story helps you’re in good
company you’re not the first you certainly won’t be the last
entrepreneur to do this but it’s okay once we know better we do better so with
that my name is Traci Reuter the best to come and we’ll see you on the next

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