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Business Strategies You Need to Start Doing the Last 127 Days of 2019 | Melbourne 2019 Keynote

Business Strategies You Need to Start Doing the Last 127 Days of 2019 | Melbourne 2019 Keynote

– So, first of all, thank you
so much for the warm welcome. I’m an enormous fan of this city. The first time I was here,
2002, 17 years ago I was here on a wine trip and before
I took a very late, like, two a.m. flight, we got back to the city from wine country around
seven, and I went to the casino and I played poker, and I
don’t know how to play poker. But I would put at this table with a bunch of 70 and 60 year old Russian dudes, and since I was born in the
Soviet Union and speak Russian, something very interesting happened. They saw me as an American
boy, and they started talking an enormous amount of shit. So, the night was going on and on and on, I was getting completely destroyed, ’cause when I tell you I
don’t know how to play, I really don’t know how to play. But finally got to, like, one a.m., and they’re kind of cleaning house on me, and I’ve got to like leave pretty soon and I get some ridiculously decent hand. I go pot committed. I catch something on the final card and I take all these old fuckers’ money. (audience laughing) And I look them dead in the
face and basically said, go fuck yourself, in Russian, and the look on their faces.
(audience laughing) Two died of a heart attack. Literally, that’s why I love this city. ♪ One, one, one, one ♪ (upbeat music) Thank you. What up. That’s a great outfit. What up, what up, what up? Can’t read that sign but
that’s a fucking good effort. All right, let’s sit, let’s go. So, the way I asked to
format this talk is mainly to do Q and A, which has
worked in Brisbane and Sydney. So, I’m gonna kind of
pontificate on a couple things that are currently on my mind and I would highly recommend many of you, if you’ve got a question,
to probably start lining up, even now, the mics are right
there, and right there. Let’s talk about a couple things
before we get into Q and A. One, I get very fascinated
about the concept of this conference in itself. I always spend a lot of time
thinking consumer centric, I always like to reverse engineer. I love to use empathy. I like to eliminate friction. I sit backstage and I’m like, okay, why did somebody come today? Why are they here? What can I provide that makes this full day investment
completely ROI positive? Like, what is it that
people are looking for? And I think a lot about macro and micro. Inevitably, given the course of my career. You know, there may be somebody and a large group of
people that are looking for me to give them a tactic, you know, and I’m happy to do that
I can talk at nausea, about my deep belief that TikTok is the first social media platform, in a very long time,
that has the potential, if the chips fall properly,
to become the next Instagram. And being first is very valuable. This is always a game of being best, being first is incredibly valuable. And most people are in no
culture, 90% of this room, if they’re even aware of
TikTok, have started with no, because they say that
for 12 year old girls, or for my niece, or my daughter. My financial service business, my concrete pavement business, my peanut butter direct
to consumer business, that’s not for TikTok, and that has been a historical huge mistake of businesses. Because Facebook was for college kids, and Instagram was for taking
photos and making it better, and on and on and on. So, I’m thrilled to come
here this evening and talk about the tactics or the strategy at the most narrow level of– Did they take the lights off?
That sucks. If you can put the lights
back on, I would love that. I’m happy to talk about that. I’m happy to talk to you
about the fact that LinkedIn, at this moment is acting
the most similar to anything that I’ve seen that looks
like Facebook looked in 2011. That it is no longer
just business content, that if you do makeup,
or if you want to do, you know, fitness
content, or wine content, that LinkedIn is now acting
in a way, right this second, in a way that will reward
you in your execution around whatever you’re talking about. And that I believe everybody
in this conference, everybody, should
immediately, like, tonight, create their TikTok and LinkedIn accounts and spend 20 to 30 hours
looking and consuming what content works, and
immediately Wednesday, start producing three to four pieces of content per platform. I also am highly aware that
even though you came for me, your main questions are what’s next? Where’s the opportunity? I’ve now spent the first four
minutes giving it to you, I just gave it to you. And 99% of you will not
do anything about it. That revelation, over the
last half decade, for me, has led me to all the other places– Thank you. Lead me to every other place I’ve gone. Like, why are you so insecure
and concerned about judgment that it stops you from making content? Is your self esteem so low
that only getting five likes on a TikTok post is so scary to you? Why? Why did that happen? How did that happen? And so in my incredible
ambition, from 2014 and ’15, to produce content that
was deeply tactical ’cause I have no interest in
being a motivational speaker or anything that looks like
one, it led me to this place where I stand in 2019 trying to figure out what the fuck you’re up to. Like, why won’t you take this
tactic that I’m giving you. Are you so impatient,
that you’re not willing to spend a year of putting
out content on TikTok and LinkedIn to feel the results? Do you believe that there’s
something called passive income? Do you think there’s a hack? Is that what you’re about? Are you only interested in the
money to flex on Instagram, to make other people think you’re winning? Like, what? This has been the path that
I’ve been going through. How? How do I redefine success
that doesn’t come in the form of watches, and private
planes, and stacks of cash? How do we recognize that the only ambition of this collective room
should only be to be happy. How? How does that happen? How do I figure out how to do that? Why are so few people using
that as their North Star? And that is what’s led me
into the all the heavy shit, all the insecurity, all the
parenting, all the judgment, all the happiness is
silent as fuck on social, and hate and anger is loud
as shit, confusing people what’s actually happening in the world. All these dynamics. The anthropology behind human behavior. The fact that we’re
doing all the same shit we’ve always done. The fact that social media has
changed nobody in this room, it’s just exposed you. And so, I’m thrilled to
give you the fucking keys, I gave it to you in the first
200 seconds of this talk. I for 20–
Thanks, Mom. (audience applauding) It’s really fucked up. It’s really fascinating. My core skill has been to
understand where consumers spend their time and attention,
and figure out what pictures, videos, and written words
to put in those pipes. I do it faster than most, which is why I’ve been
able to be successful. I have a 20 year track
record from launching an eCommerce wine business
in 1996, to email marketing with 90% open rates, to
Google AdWords for five cents a click, to YouTube, to
Twitter, to Facebook, to what I’m doing on LinkedIn, and TikTok, and text messaging, right this second. I’ve given you, literally,
I’ve walked in here, and in the first three
minutes, given you the answer. The answer to the biggest
upside for your business or ambition is to make content. As much of it as humanly possible. And make it where people
actually pay attention so they become aware of
what you want them to know. It always is better if you can find a room that’s less noisy, and has less people taking that attention. Right this second, right here Melbourne, at five fucking 13 p.m. or whatever the fucking time it is, the under priced platforms at scale, are TikTok and LinkedIn. It doesn’t mean that Instagram,
and Twitter, and YouTube, and a podcast, and
Facebook aren’t working, they’re actually working remarkably well but there’s a very big difference. They’re mature enough
now that you actually have to be best, not first. Some of you are capable of being best. Especially if you take a step back and start deploying some
self awareness around what kind of communicator are you. Are you good at video? Are you good at written word? Are you good at audio? This is not about being like me. There, you know, I can’t write for shit. It took me years until I have enough scale to be able to hire a writer
that transcribes my videos into written form for LinkedIn, or medium, or things of that nature. You need to figure out
how you communicate. But let me promise you this, if you do not produce written
words, pictures, and videos for this device, you are
fundamentally irrelevant and you are declining in
your business opportunity on a second-by-second basis. Whether that makes you sad, whether that makes you happy, we are incredibly good
at demonizing technology. We’re really good at it. We’re trying to limit our kids screen time in a world where they’re
going to only live in a digital age. We judge people when they sit at dinner and both have phones,
and we call that sad, without actually understanding those two people actually
don’t like each other and they’re doing what
they want to be doing. (audience laughing) We demonize technology. Technology, unfortunately, for us, doesn’t care about our opinions. It just does. Technology doesn’t give a shit. Technology will keep
advancing until eventually the robots kill all of us.
(audience laughing) But for now, there’s plenty to do. And for me, the real
interesting thing, and question, and debate, and curiosity, is why? Why does this room, continue to be able to consume my content, hear the
same thing over and over, over and over, more content, more content, more content, and continue every day to not. What? Why? What? I need that answer from the collective. I got nothing else. I can give you 747 other
clever analogies and concepts. This is the easiest game of all time. The reason you know who Muhammad Ali is, is not ’cause he was a great boxer, it’s ’cause he knew how to hack media. Muhammad Ali’s great
friendship with Howard Cosell wasn’t predicated on a great friendship, it was predicated on the fact
that Muhammad Ali was smart as fuck and he understood that television dictated
people’s minds during that era and that Howard Cosell was
the most powerful commentator in that genre. He hacked television, that’s
why you all know who he is. Yes, he was great in the
ring, there was other people that were great in the ring. He’s all time legend ’cause
he hacked the attention graft of society at that time. What’s crazy was, that
television, print, and radio had gatekeepers. Somebody had a say, you were
good enough to be on the show. What’s insane to me is that
the internet doesn’t care who you are, or where you
came from, what you look like. It is open for business and it’s free. I’m so crippled by the
opportunity in front of everybody that it makes me laugh. I’m literally crippled by the
fact that this thing is free and we still find ways to complain. How many people here had
a good run on Facebook in 2011, ’12, ’13, just raise your hands. Hi. I’m just curious. ‘Cause it’s not gonna
be a lot, I know that. So for the 80 people or so
that just raised their hands, they knew that the organic
reach was crushing it, and then, as the platform got bigger and ads started to take over. One more time, raise your hands. Hi. I’m sure every one of you,
keep them up for a minute, ’cause I want your neighbors to see this. I’m sure every one of you,
somewhere around 2015, ’16, started to get fucking pissed. Right? Sayin’ shits like, Zucks is fucking me, my organic reach is down. The amount of people that
complain about Instagram, not getting as many likes today,
as they got 18 months ago, ’cause the algorithm is
fucking them, makes me laugh. It’s fucking free. How the fuck is something
that’s free, fuck you? (audience laughing) And so, I think about this shit every day, and I debate with myself,
what’s the new angle? How do I get it done? The biggest reason I wanna do Q and A is I wanna go more contextual, not theory. You can watch me pontificate
these thoughts on a daily basis for free across all these platforms. I challenge you, my
friends, especially the ones that I know for a long time,
or have seen it before, whether here physically,
or spent the weekend with me jamming, I challenge you, I challenge you to execute. You can’t read about doing push ups. You have to do them. I’m thrilled to keep giving you a high with my content and make you feel like you’re doing something by consuming me. But it’s a false, passing feeling. Until you start making,
you are irrelevant. Until you start making,
you are irrelevant. And you will regret. Every person here, which one more time. I’m positive, it’s not even
a debate, that 98% of you will do nothing with the
data I give you today. And the 98% in here in three years, who do nothing with the
TikTok and LinkedIn advice, will regret it. Because everybody will
talk about how good it was, and how it’s starting to decline, and how it’s not as good
as it was in 2019 and 2020. Everything is being stripped
away except for brand. Everything is being stripped away. The internet kills
everything in the middle. Your location doesn’t
mean as much as it used to ’cause everybody gets shit delivered. All your advantages are being
commoditized by technology. The only thing that
will be left, is brand. The only way to build a
brand, is to story tell. The way to story tell in 2019,
is not like it was in 1974. It is not print ads, it is not ads in your B2B
magazine, it is not television, it is not radio, it is not billboards, It is content on 11 to 12 platforms that are consumed through
the mobile device. And it will change. Voice devices are getting close. Next five, 10 years,
many of you will buy shit through Alexa, when Alexa
dominates the way we buy, and you sell peanut butter,
you’re gonna really wish you bought a brand. Because if I say in my living
room, or in my bedroom, or in my kitchen, hey Alexa,
send me peanut butter, Amazon’s gonna pick what I’m getting. If I say, Peter Pan peanut butter, they’re gonna have to send that. Everybody here needs to understand that they have to build
a brand that comes out of people’s mouth or they will, over time, continue to lose massive market share. You’re mad at the websites
that are referral sites now? That’s child’s play to voice devices. So, this is the world we live in. It’s very clear to me what’s happening. I’m desperate to figure out why people are not creating content. I’ve come to learn that
I’ve been blessed deeply with incredible parents who
gave me enough self esteem, that it’s very tough
for me to be in a place in my life right now where I
overthink posting something because JohnnyPants49 is
gonna say I’m a fuck face. (audience laughing) And until I figure out,
which I never will, how to disproportionately use the guilt and the gratitude in my
body for that framework to over communicate to
you of how to get you to produce every single
day without worrying about ramifications of people’s judgment. I will continue to come on stage, I will continue to produce content, I will continue to make it contextual to the platform that I post on, and I will do that in perpetuity. And so that is what I come here to do. I come here to set a
very simple framework, content at scale. I believe that every person in this room should produce 100 pieces of content for the internet every day. Yep. A hundred. I know. And there’s people here that
post like, four times a week. A hundred a day. Now, how does that come? That comes in the form of 20 tweets that are just written
words, your thoughts, your observations, things you’ve seen, things you care about, your
opinions about your business, your industry, your world. Four, five, six posts on
main Instagram accounts. Everyone’s so scared to post
on your Instagram account now ’cause everyone’s using it
like it’s a fucking museum. Everyone feels so much better in stories because it goes away, but the
post you put in your account has to be so curated,
and look such the part, and it’s your own fucking
creative subjective opinion of if it looks good or not, you give no fucks about the community, it’s just about how many likes you get. I was looking at all
the tweets and all posts about this talk today, you waiting for me, I looked at your social media accounts, I do it every speech. The amount of people here
who desperately wanna grow on Instagram, yet, reply to nobody on their last five posts, when people actually reply to the post. There’s a reason it’s called social media. You post, they say shit, you talk. The audacity of how many
likes am I gonna get? Like the sheer non-interest
in giving any fucks about your community,
and only worrying about what’s in it for you, is the
reason you’re not winning, is the reason most people don’t win. We are in a massively insecure
and selfish ecosystem, and I’m trying to break that
and bring awareness to it, and create a framework of a conversation. That’s what I’m up to. (audience cheering and applauding) So, in the spirit of that, I
think we should go into Q and A and instead of me talking,
let me do some listening, and some answering. So, the mics are back there in
the corners, please line up, you’re gonna have to line up sir. Let’s get into it. All right, mister, you came
with a real fucking outfit. – Oh, sorry. Hi Gary, my name’s Leigh, aka, Safe-Leigh. – Yup. – Yeah. Outfit’s for the kids at home. – Understood. – What’s your take on early age for people to get on to TikTok and social media? I’ve got an eight year old
who’s heavily addicted. – Yep. – His account is currently private. – Yup.
– But he would post, – [Leigh] Literally, 40 videos a day, it would be more if he wanted to. – Yup. – He’s worked out the whole,
how do I get so many likes, ’cause it’s a cumulative on TikTok, so he can see that figure
and he’s figured out that if he does 40 videos and
five people like each one, he gets 200 likes a day,
so he’s very happy with– – He’s learning math! – Yeah, he loves math, yeah, it’s great. So, I was just interested
in your take on– – My take is, I have a lot
of passions about parenting but I have zero interest
in telling any individual how to parent their kids. I think one of the wildest thing to see is people give parenting
advice to other parents. What I would say is this, evolution. You and I are a part of a generation that saw video games come into culture and every parent tried to
limit kids on video games. And now– And make them play sports,
and now, the biggest checks in the world over the
next decade, are gonna be for eSports stars, not
athletes of other sports. What I would say for every parent is please play chess. Today is not the world your
eight year old is gonna live in. Do you understand how different the world is gonna look in 15 years? 15 years ago nothing
we talk about existed. Not the iPhone, not Facebook,
not YouTube, not Twitter, not Inst–
I mean, Jesus. In the last 15 years. How many people here over the age of 40? Raise your hands. 25% of this room remembers
the world pre-internet itself. I grew up the first 18 years of my life without the internet. Like, so, what I would say
to you is, you know your kid, you need to understand, but there’s a lot of good happening– – Yeah.
– on that screen time. – [Gary] And the question is,
what else would they be doing? Watching TV? Playing video games? Like, you know, this
fascination that every kid is gonna be so healthy, and eat well, and play outside all day, and
study, is fucking ludicrous. – He doesn’t watch normal television. – Nobody fuckin’ watches
normal television. – He doesn’t do anything,
like, they all watch stuff when they want.
– Of course. – [Lee] And then he complains
about when he can’t, when he watches normal TV. – ‘Cause it’s fuckin’
2019, not 1980-fucking-9. – Yeah
(audience laughing) – So my answer is, watch him and listen. – Yeah. – But don’t demonize technology ’cause every other parent is. – Yeah, thank you.
– Cheers. – [Leigh] Thank you. (audience cheering and applauding) – Hey bro. – Hey brother. – Dude, I was so excited to see in person, don’t tell everyone else here, but I actually left this event to stalk you on Instagram,
to try to find you. But anyway. (laughing) – I was at the sports card store. – Yeah, I was trying to
find you, I was too late. Anyway.
– Nonetheless. – [Man] So, I literally had
a thousand business questions I could ask you, but, um, the
thing I’m focusing right now on is learning and trying new things. – Yes. And I’m working on my mindset and so one of the things
you say, it’s to get close to the people you want to learn from. – Yes. And so I want to ask
question, not just for myself but something other young
people will also get value from is, I saw a talk you
did with your interns in 2018 but what you said was, all of you are here because you know some wizard who knows me and is close to me. – Yes. – So, how would someone who
doesn’t know someone like that get the internship at Vayner? – Find somebody that knows me. (laughing) It’s the truth, it’s human nature, right? Like, you know, we get 50 drillion people that want to be interns at Vayner and the reality is, every
year, there are people who I have long relationships with, or dear friends and family members, who are calling in favors and a nice percentage
of our interns are that but a nice percentage isn’t. However, you’re thinking
about it the wrong way, I spent zero minutes except for that talk with my interns this year. See, the way to do it, is
to map those hundred people that you want to be with or like, and then, be willing to eat shit. – I am and I just moved
to Melbourne this year, and seeing you live in person
is already made it worth it. – Thank you. But basically, yeah– – I think you ask
questions to get the coffee or you pay attention
to what she or he needs and offer to do it. A level of massive humility
to just get as close to P. Diddy, or Sara
Blakely, or whoever you want to be like, I think works. And like, for example, right
now, if you were to ask me, the answer would be no because
I’ve got too much around me right now, but maybe in seven months, it would be yes. It’s being comfortable
with getting a ton of no’s. I watch people ask, you know,
they’ve heard this before. You’ve heard this from me before. They asked like two people,
then they send me an email, like, you had bad advice,
I’m like, and I’m curious, I’m like, how many people did you ask? Four. I’m like, how many times? Once. I’m like, you’re fucking loser. (audience laughing) You want it so bad, and
you sent four emails, and you gave up? You fucking piece of shit. (audience laughing) So, that’s what I think. – Dude, I’ll keep asking. This video– – You’re welcome. (audience applauding) D. Rock. How many times did you email me to offer me to make a free video. – [Man] At least, five. – D. Rock emailed me five times before I even replied and
then when I said, yes, I think it took a long time. Yeah, I mean, it’s just a fucking– Everybody talks about
them wanting it so bad and they give up after
like a bullshit effort. If you fucking want it so bad, it’s about, it’s the same thing with
startups and entrepreneurship. Everybody wants– Guys, do you know how hard
it is to be an entrepreneur? Think about what you’re asking for. You want to live your life on your terms. The way we define entrepreneur
right now, is real wealth. You want to live a 0.1% life. Of course it should be fucking hard. People are soft. My man. – Hi.
– Hey. – [Sean] My name’s Sean,
I’m from Melbourne. How’s it going? – Really well. – Welcome to Melbourne.
– Thank you. – [Sean] My question’s about
virtual reality and eSports. – Okay. – So, I found you a week ago– – Thank you.
– And basically, – [Sean] I think I’ll never have to come to another thing like this, because you’ve converted me, right, you’ve unlocked something. I’ve just started a podcast
called Virtually Playable and it’s to support the
developers out there who are creating content
for Virtual Reality. So, I’m already putting into
action what you’ve recommended. – Love. – My question is about
virtual reality as a platform and also, like eSports. You’ve said that you’re
interested in nostalgic brands, like, Nintendo.
– Yes, yes. – [Sean] But my belief is
that the Nintendo of tomorrow is being born today. – I believe that too. And they both co–
– What are your thoughts? – [Gary] And they both coexist. I believe, to your point,
that 35 years from now, whatever we’re doing, that both Fortnite and Zelda can coexist. You know, yes, nostalgia
is being born every day but it also is not dying, necessarily. Right? So there’s a place for Pokemon
and Mickey Mouse, today. Right, so, I believe that. I think the bigger and more
interesting question for me is how patient are you? We are a long way away for virtual reality at scale at the consumer level. There’s not a person in this huge hall or this gorgeous city that
spends an hour a day in VR, It’s just not there yet. The technology is moving very quickly. And so it’s just like the internet, right? Microsoft had microsoft.com and 1991. – Yeah. – It really didn’t matter until 1999. So, your biggest thought
to make what you’re doing, practical, is either, A,
you get subsidized by B2B because going to the footy
championship in September and a brand, having a VR thing, they are, that could even happen this September but normal humans, us playing VR games, or doing anything VR is super far away. ‘Cause we haven’t even started. So that’s what you have to debate. ‘Cause timing matters. – Sure. – Right, like text messaging. Right now, I’m obsessed. I’ve been waiting for text
messaging for 15 years. I’ve been waiting to get into your texts and sell to you for my whole life. Now is the time. It’s just starting to happen, right? Back the gaming, Ninja,
just a couple hours ago, announced his cell number
to get people into his, so it’s just happening. – Yeah.
– Got it? – [Gary] Awesome, cheers. (audience applauding) – Hey, how you going? – Really well. – This questions about the music industry. – Yup. – So, I run music studios,
I run a record label, managing artist. We’ve just left our
ties with a major label because of the way their
approach to releasing content. – Of course. – What’s your thought and
how much merit in there is the old school way
of what the labels do? Cool. Second question, then
that basically confirms what I was thinking. Can I drop you an email
introducing this artist to ya? – I’m sorry, my friend? – Can I drop you an email
introducing an artist to you? – I would love that. – Perfect, who do I send it to? – It’s [email protected] And I’d also grab D.
Rock, he’s running around, he curates a lot of the
music we use in content. – Done, so, thank you.
– Awesome, good luck. (audience applauding) – Hey dude, Jordan Crawley, here. I’ve been watching you since about 2015 and I guess this could
be the first episode of answer Gary V.
(laughing) ‘Cause an answer to your
question, I think the reason that I personally didn’t
post and all of that, I guess, in some respect,
I did give a shit about what people thought of me. You know, like you–
– Of course. – [Jordan] You kind of go along and you think, oh, you know,
my beard can kind of go up– – Your beard is fucking amazing. – Yeah, but sometimes it isn’t. It looks like shit. – Fuck them! (laughing) – Right? So, to listen to what you say, you know, I think it’s finally really
clicked for me this year that it’s time to do a podcast. I’ve identified that I’m
pretty good on video, I’m an actor on the side, as well. – Nice. – But I’m also in business and I want to try and bring
value, as much as I can, just like you recommend. And then I’ll cut that down like you say– – 100%, yup. – And contextually market it. – And real quick, I’m
going to just bring value. For me, podcast is a holy grail. Because you get three things. You do the podcast, you’ve got a podcast. You film it, and now you
have a ton of content that you can use in all
these different platforms. Number three, you have a guest on and you can siphon her or his audience because their fan base is
gonna listen to the podcast. So, it’s got a triple threat to it. I couldn’t push you
more to start a podcast. – Totally and I guess it took a while to get into my thick skull
that that was the way to do it but you’ve been saying that for years, so I really appreciate that tip. – Thank you.
– That actually, – [Jordan] really does help me and you’re a fucking smart dude, bro. Your execution is awesome,
your hustle is amazing, and I love where your mind goes to. And I know how you interrupt
quite a lot of times– – Yes.
– But you do it, – [Jordan] because you know
the value of what you’re about to say is gonna
bring it more to the person than what they’re about to say. – I appreciate that.
– You’re not rude. – [Gary] You know what’s funny? It’s not even that audacious. The reason I suck at interviewing people and everybody wants to
punch me in the mouth, when I have guests on,
is actually twofold. One, I’m so hard schedule,
that I have to get it done in a certain period of time,
and we don’t post produce, we don’t clean up anything. – Yeah, yeah. – And I have a disease,
which is my gift, which is, I know what the fuck people are gonna say before they’re done with the sentence. – Yeah. – And so I’m thinking that
I want to get as much out of this person for the audience, and so, I’m willing to take the heat that I’m a jerk, to get more
value out of the person, not from what I’m gonna say.
– I know. (laughs) – [Gary] And so that’s kind
of how I think about it. – Yeah. So my question is–
– Interesting, right? – [Jordan] You’re big on
contextualizing context and when you’re looking at Musical.ly or, what’s it called now? – TiKTok. – TikTok, sorry. – No problem. – And LinkedIn, what do you
think about the psychology in regards to your marketing to the market and how should you behave, as you know, Instagram and Facebook. – So, TikTok, I think about
it being a young community. Right, it’s young.
– Yeah. – [Gary] And so, I’m thinking about that or it’s the parents of young because they’re watching that. So, I’m thinking about what
they’re doing in there. It’s entertainment oriented,
it’s music oriented. So those are the things
I’m thinking about. And then I’m looking for memes, right? One of the things that’s
exploding on TikTok right now is filming your phone with content of you on a different platform and
you doing something with that. So, I started filming my keynotes and talking to the
TikTok community over it. So, I’m looking for
nuances and psychology. LinkedIn is a business crowd. So all of a sudden if I’m selling makeup, I’m thinking, five tips of
how to get your makeup ready in three, you know, in three minutes– – Yeah.
– Or while you’re – [Gary] at the airport or– So, I’m always reverse
engineering the thought process of them in their feed. Because you and I are different when we’re looking at Twitter, than when we’re looking at Instagram, than we’re looking at YouTube. The psychology is different. Obviously you’ve picked up on that. – Yeah.
– So that’s all I’m doing. – [Gary] And I’m testing and learning, and I don’t think I have to be right. I’m just putting out so much content that the quantity is helping
me to get to higher quality. Most people think you’re
giving up quality. When you do quantity. It’s only because they’re stuck
in a philosophical debate. I’m fucking actually out here making. – Would it be fair to say that
TikTok is like the McDonald’s approach where you get the
Happy Meal and the playground and you have customers for life. And then the LinkedIn approach
is a bit more professional and we’re we’re getting
caught up, is we’re trying to be too professional?
– Probably. – [Gary] I think both those
analogies work other than, by the time those TikTok kids grow up, you might not be selling
them at a McDonald’s, you might have grown up and
opened a three star restaurant. – Yeah. – ‘Cause they may not be there anymore. – Yeah. – Right, MySpace is not here anymore. – Yeah. – Can I get a photo, dude? – Sure. – Thank you. Thanks guys. (audience applauding) – Hi Gary, what’s up? – All good. – So, yeah, I was the one
who gave this sign to you. It actually said, teach me
about life, my business sensei. – So, you’re keeping it simple? (laughing) – I want to own it all. – Go to the mic, I can’t hear you. – Oh, all right. So my goal in life is
to own it all just like what I haven’t discovered. So, I’m a 22 year old kid. – Okay. – I’m still in medical school right now. – Okay. It was. Yeah, it was kind of hard
because I don’t actually want to be in medical school. (chuckles) – So don’t. – But I couldn’t quit. I’m already in my third year I got– – Why not? – Huh? Well, if I quit now I
won’t get any degree. – Are you gonna be a doctor? – Huh?
– Are you gonna be a doctor? – Well actually my, I
don’t want to be a doctor, I want to be a hospital owner. For me, being a doctor
is like being a employee. – Okay. – And for me being an employee
is not something in my blood. – So, why are you
finishing medical school? – Um, it’s because, I was, at that time, I was good at biology– – Who gives a fuck? – I mean, when I was in high
school, I was pretty good at biology. – I’m not talking about last year. – No, no– – I’m talking about
why are you gonna spend the next two and a half years
of your life doing something that you fully believe has nothing to do with what you want to do with your life. – Well– – Other than appeasing your
parents, it makes no sense. – Yeah I know, but, like, I
already talked to my parents– – Let me promise you the easiest way to not have it all, is to not understand why you do shit. – Okay. Yeah, right, well, if you ask
me why I do it, right now, I just wanna, I just think that
it could be a good, kind of, like springboard for me in the future. As if I get the name of a doctor. (audience laughing)
All right. Okay so, in my opinion. Sorry if I make you confused. – No, no, I’m not confused. I think you’re confused. (laughs) – Yeah, I am. That’s why I asked you the question. – Well, that’s why I’m
here, I’m fuckin’ listening. (laughing)
I’m trying to help. – Sorry for being. – No, no, you’re being awesome, what I’m doing is desperately
trying to help you have a conversation with yourself. – All right. – Because you’re pulling from– You’re half pregnant.
(audience laughing) – All right. – Right? You know, I’m worried about
somebody who’s pontificating with a hat of saying, I want it all. – Yeah. – ‘Cause you’re talking
real macro and gray. – Yeah. – But you’re going so
micro and black and white. – Yeah. – Which is okay. – [Gary] I want you to just
be self aware about that because there’s so many people like you that are actually going quite conservative and playing defense, but
talking about offense. And I think that creates a very tough struggle within somebody. – Yeah, actually that’s true, I mean– – No, shit. (audience laughing)
– Yeah. I mean, I want to play
the offense, but like– – You’re playing defense. – Yeah, I could. I want to play the offense but my, like, I don’t know my mentality said, look, if you play the offense and
then when you did it, like, you’re gonna get interventions
every single time. Like, for example, I decided on myself that I want to do a martial art class. – Okay. – Because it’s, I believe, that it’s good for my body–
– Okay. – [Man] For strength
and also like to focus. – Okay. – And when I did it,
I did a sparring class which is normal, like,
in the martial art class. – Yeah. – I got hurt.
– Okay. – [Man] And when I go
home, my parents told me, what do you get hurt. I was like, well, I’m not good enough, so. Stop going to the martial art class. And I was like, telling
my parents, don’t do that. Well, I’ll just think your
bank account, and you know, you can’t do your martial
art class anymore. – Yeah, so look. – What do you think should I do? – I think you should stop
relying on your parents. – All right. (audience applauding) – Parents who pay for things have control. Parents who don’t pay for
things have no control. You’re living within the
framework of your parents. There’s nothing wrong with that, it just ends up bad, quite often. – Yeah, that’s what, like,
I’m trying to get away from them– – Stop taking their money. – Yeah, in a way. – No, no. I’m gonna make it very simple for you. – Yeah. – Don’t take their money ever again. – Okay. Like, I want to I want
to start to do that. – When I tell you that if you
never take their money again, that you will have obnoxious
level of happiness and freedom, it would break your fucking
face, if you knew how much. (audience laughing) Get off the payroll. (audience applauding and cheering) – Yeah. – Thank you, bro. – You’re welcome. – Hey, Gary. – Yo!
– That was a bit loud. (laughing) So my name is Zack, and I’m
just gonna start and say, I’m slightly nervous
and I need to pee but– (laughing) First and foremost, consuming your content really changed my perspective on life– – Thank you. – And I finally figured
out how to be happy and at peace, regardless,
where I’m at life. So, thank you for that. (audience cheering and applauding) Now, getting onto my question. So, from consuming your content, it inspired me to start
my own podcast called, Running from Comfort,
and I’ve had guests on, and, I won’t lie, it kind of
fucking sucks at the moment but I’m dealing with
the fact that it sucks ’cause it will get better. – Of course it will. We suck at everything. You know, bad we were at
driving the first year? Like, bad. – Oh my dad used to like,
literally, schitz out. – So, of course it’s
gonna be bad at first. Keep going.
But anyways. [ Zack] A few of the people
I’ve interviewed on there, they’re entrepreneurs
and their whole business is based on social media. – Okay.
– I asked them the question, – [Zack] How is social media
affected like your life, in terms of like your
personal relationships and potentially your mental health? And I’ve had two people say that it’s actually negatively
affected their mental health, they’ve had to find ways to manage that. So I want to ask you, because
you are the king of content, you spend a lot of time on social media, posting all the time. Is there any way that
you sort of disconnect from the social media world
for your mental health or do you find it doesn’t
affect you negatively? – It doesn’t affect me negatively. I don’t disconnect from it on purpose, in any shape or form, because
what I completely believe and understand to be true, is
that social media exposes us, it doesn’t change us. The two people that told
you it’s been a negative, don’t realize that they were
in a negative place prior to it, and if it was never invented they were insecure and broken before it. (audience cheering and applauding) – And one more just quickly. – Real quick, on this. Everybody who’s blaming
social for FoMo, we see ever– Everybody’s blaming social
media for making us bad. Facebook didn’t make you write
a single thing, you wrote it. This is exposing us. So, if you’re the kind of
person that lays in bed, on a Friday night, at
9:30, goes through a feed, and sees your best friends
at a party, and that fucks with you, you were insecure. That Instagram didn’t make you insecure, your DNA, parenting, and
environment made you insecure. This is speeding up the
process of exposing us, which will lead to much
better conversations. Social media is being demonized because we hate to be held accountable. – True. Now, quickly. About a year ago, I wrote
you down as my dream guest on my podcast, so will you come on, and how do I hook that up? – Nope. (audience laughing) However, however, if you
email me, a year from today, and in the title put, I was the guy who asked
the insecure question of two people, I asked
you to be on the podcast, you said, nope, you told
me to email in a year. If you email me a year from today, with all that information,
then the answer is yes. – I’m holding you to that. (audience applauding) – I will deliver! – Hey, hey, Gary. Sorry, a bit nervous. First of all, thank you so
much for replying to my DMs just before.
– Happy to do it. (laughing) – [Man] And I ask you what
the very first person, asked you, if there is any
internship opportunities. – Nope. – But I’ve got the answer now. (chuckles) Just a quick one. So, I just started working
in marketing automation. – Okay. – In B2B on Marketer. – Okay. – So, I just want to get your thoughts on where you think it’s going and how I ca- How can I do it better? – Well I think automation
and technology is amazing but I think it gets you to a
place where humans still need to be involved. I think people often think about AI or ML or things of that nature and
think it eliminates humans, and I think what it does
is it eliminates things that humans are wasting their time on. And so, I think you could do
it better by understanding the mix of humans and technology. – Awesome. Yep, that’s it. Thank you so much.
– You’re welcome. – [Man] How are you, Gary? – Super duper. – You all right?
– Yeah. – [Man] I run multiple
social media accounts. – Okay.
– Do you think that – [Man] a lot of people benefit from rapid testing different
products across them to find their niche in ’em? – I think at some level,
yeah, I love speed. – Yeah. – And if you have a bunch
of different accounts, and you’re trying to sell chocolate, or t-shirts, or, you know, racing gear. You know, I don’t think
there’s anything wrong. You know, what you need to be careful of is that the audience starts to check out ’cause you’re spamming them too much. – Yeah. – So you have to find the
right cadence of rapid learning to not lose organic reach
out of lack of trust from the content you put out. But for the most part I like the thesis. – Yeah and how would you
diversify your audience to different platforms? – By changing the content. – Yeah, okay. – You know, and I’m going to
use this moment to, you know, so many muscle dudes, and bikini girls, say the same thing to me, which is like, hey, like I really want to
talk about vegan lifestyle, but every time I do, I get no likes, and every time I put out a bikini shot, I get a billion likes. And I’m like, but you want to
talk about vegan lifestyle? They’re like, yeah. I’m like, so put out
vegan lifestyle for a year and eventually you’ll get more likes. People are so caught up by the machine that they care more about likes than their own happiness. – That’s true. – That’s my answer to you. – I appreciate that. – You got it. (audience applauding) – Hey Gary, hey are you going? – How are you?
Good, real good. – My name’s Sonny, and I
just want to take a moment to thank you for your content. Also it helps people that
who aren’t interested in business and entrepreneurship as well. – That’s the plan.
– I’ve had friends – [Sonny] with mental health issues, and I’ve said to them, look, I know you can’t get out of bed today, just watch a couple of videos, and it’s actually helped them so, so much. So, thank you. – Thank you.
(audience applauding) – My question is about
the relationship between the entrepreneur and the creative. – Okay. – What should a natural
born creative look for in an entrepreneurial partner
and what do you look for? – Humility. – Humility? – Humility.
– Yep. – [Sonny] And the other
half of that question, is what do you look for in a creative? – Humility. – Same? – Same. Because it takes humility to feed creativity. If I, as an owner, think my
opinion of the picture or video you made is right, and need
to give you so much feedback before it goes out, that’s my own ego, and insecurity slowing down the process. We need to find right, not be right. And that’s based on humility. – Okay, thank you. – You’re welcome. (audience applauding) – G’day, Gary, how you doin’ mate? – Doin’ well, how are you? – Very good, thank you. Now, first of all, I’m
starting a start up, kindness on a play, this
is a vegan meals business. My question to you is that as a business owner
or starting up a business, I want to make decisions, which I am, because I know there is no
other way to start a business. – Yes. – The question is that how do you make level
headed decisions all the time? And if you do, first of all,
and if you do, how do you– – I feel, historically,
I’ve been really good at it because I’m completely unemotional. – Mm-hm.
– It’s business. – [Man] Okay, well then probably, the answer to the next
part of my question that, if the decision you make doesn’t turn out to be the right decision– – I’d move on. – How do you move on, like how you– – By not over judging myself. – Okay, all right, well
that’s good, thank you. – I mean, and let’s play it out, like, what are you gonna, beat up
yourself the rest of the year? – Yeah. – Like, to me, life is about alternatives. I make decisions super fast. I make decisions, because
the speed of the decision is more valuable than the debate. Because if I’m right, I’m right. And if I’m wrong, who gives a fuck? I’m not sitting– I’m sitting up here as a
byproduct of getting Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram,
Snapchat, LinkedIn, right. I spent a lot of time on
Peach, on SocialCam, on Vero, on Viddler, those didn’t work out. When you make decisions,
and you don’t dwell, the net outpaces. Everybody here is trying to, in the world, what you’re asking is, you’re
trying to be three for three, right, you want to be three and oh. Three right decisions, no wrong decisions. I’m trying to be 118 to 92. Got it? – No. – Let me explain. Everybody’s looking for perfection ’cause perfection is a
disguise of insecurity. I’m just doing ’cause I’m not worried about the ramifications. – Okay. – As long as you’re not
dead, or out of business, no mistake is a big deal. Where this goes is people
being worried about judgment. See, I like it best when things look bad. I’m a wartime general in a
world of peacetime generals. That’s an entrepreneur. That’s why I’m scared people
are getting into this, when they’re not. You starting a business with
that being a top concern is a humongous vulnerability. Doesn’t mean you can’t get over it, I’m just trying to make
sure, during this era, of everybody being a fucking entrepreneur, that entrepreneurs need
to really communicate what it’s about so that other
people don’t just go into it, ’cause it looks good. Because it’s really hard to be a zebra when you’re a fucking penguin. (audience laughing) – Yeah, cool, thank you. And two more questions, one, I’m pretty sure you’ll say yes to. Can I have a picture? – Okay. – Thank you. And secondly, my business model is because the lifestyle, vegan lifestyle,
you talked about earlier, I’m trying to change
perceptions of the world about what vegan food is about. – You don’t have to do that by building a business that sells vegan foods. – No, but the thing is
what I’m trying to create, flavors and the taste,
which you are used to, as a meat eater, but in a different way. – That’s cool. – How can I send you that
meal, so that you can taste it? – You can send me the picture
of you and me, right now, to [email protected], and
we’ll give you the address, and I’ll taste it. – Thank you. – You’re welcome.
– Can I take a picture? – You can. (audience applauding) – Hi, I’m Rebecca, I
work in people and coach. And my question is, so
I’m really passionate about empowering people to
envision what’s possible and help ignite their spark. – Okay. – So, my question to you
is, what would you say to anyone who feels like they
don’t know what they are, who they are, and is struggling to find what they’re passionate about. – Usually I would tell
them that their insecurity or their, you know, lack
of being able to find it is predicated on fear,
which was instilled to them by somebody else, and that
they need to reconcile that before they can
start looking forward. Most people– Like, this is one big theme. Like, I’m giving the same
answer over and over. This is completely predicated on fear and being worried that you’re judged. 99% of this hall is still
in fucking High School. The reason most people
don’t know who they are, is they haven’t tried. The reason they haven’t
tried is they’re worried what people are gonna say. I would tell them, to tell their mother, to go fuck themselves. (audience laughing) Or their father, or their
sister, or their spouse, or their fucking miserable best friend, that they need to start
cutting out some of the time they spend with them. Cut out negativity, that’s
what I would tell them. – Cool, can I get a photo as well? – Sure. (audience laughing) – Gary motha’ fuckin’ V! – What up, baby? – All right, you said how
hip hop rules the world. – I believe it. – Now, I’ve seen, and many
people in the music industry have seen rap game change in Australia, there’s a new market for people coming up. And pretty much my question was, with the middleman being cut out with the internet exposing everyone. Is there a specific truth
to focus on when podcasting, producing content, etc? – Yes, the truth. It’s interesting, the way
you asked the question. If you used a different word, you happened to use
truth but no matter what you would have asked, the
answer is gonna be the truth. When you story tell, which
is what music’s about. It’s unbelievably obvious. There’s a reason most artists’ first album always over index. It’s their life’s truth if they write. Got it. – Yeah, they come up. – And their come up and, as you know, the reason the second album is a struggle, is now they’ve made it, and the only thing in that two years they can write about, is now the floss of it. What a lot of them don’t wanna do that and so they start stretching
the truth, guessing. The truth is your answer. – In addition to that, what
would you provide any advice for any artist managers out there? – To force their artists
to put out content. You know where I sit on this. 365 days a year on
Soundcloud and Spotify, 365. If you’re capable. It sucks that Prince died
and there was a shit load of music in that vault, you know, like, I wish that music made it out. We live in the internet now,
put out the fucking music. – Done, easy.
– You got it. (audience applauding and cheering) – [Reece] Hi, Gary, how’s it going? – Really well. – Whoa, let’s get closer. My name’s Reece. So, I’m a videographer and photographer and from a brand
perspective, what do you look for outside of humility
in a content creator. So, if you’re looking to outsource more? If that makes sense. – I don’t make that call usually because I don’t really overthink it. – Yup. – You know, I don’t
really know how to look for somebody that’s
great at finding angles or knows how, you know,
it’s not my skill set. So, what I look for is
tenacity and just serendipity. But that might be a much
better question to D. Rock, of what he looks for like, for me, I think creative is subjective. And so, I’m not really
looking for much to be honest, I really am not. – Yeah, cool. And with that, then, from
looking at other brands, what would you give as
advice for other brands in terms of getting a creative. – Most other people I
think have an opinion that they enjoy having the
power of that subjective call. So, I, for brands, I
would tell them to deploy far more humility and let
the audience have an impact, not their own selves. For creators, I would say look for people that like what you do
and just ask 100 people, and take the two that like you. You know?
– Cool. – [Gary] It’s completely subjective. Like, I don’t know, like the
shirt you’re wearing right now, you clearly thought that was a good idea. – I like the color blue.
(audience laughing) – I also think it’s a good idea. I think you look good but the dude sitting
right in front of you, he might think it’s a
shitty fucking shirt. You know what I mean?
– Yeah. – [Gary] We need to have a much big debate around subjectivity,
and the sheer audacity, and politics, and insecurities
people use to judge creative. – Yeah, awesome. Cheers to that, Gary! – Cheers. (audience applauding) – Hey, mate. – How are you?
– Love your work. – [Man] Well. A long time follower. – Thank you. – Straightforward question, I think. There is a lot of
opportunity in this economy– – Yes. – And also a lot of distractions. – Yes. – As a professional with limited time, trying to figure out whether
I wanna start in business, how do you think I can best focus on how I’m gonna make that decision, and also, where I should start
in the way of social media? – I think you need to
think about the thing that you like the most. – Sure. – It really, this is– People don’t understand. Unless you really love what you do, somebody else is gonna love
it more and outwork you. – Yeah, fair advice. – You know what I mean?
– I do. – [Gary] Like, and by the way, it didn’t seem like it
made sense seven years ago to start a podcast around Pokemon but if you stayed consistent, loved it, and inevitably if you were good at it, it’s probably the number one
Pokemon podcast, right now, could probably make 500
thousand dollars a year in advertising. It didn’t seem right. What you might like the
most is buying bottle caps at flea markets. It doesn’t seem obvious. But I really believe that’s
where the internet is going, the long tail of niche
interests, at enough scale, that brands wanna tap into that. And so I think, the hobbies and interests of many in this room, is
actually their unlock. Right? You know–
– Sure. – [Gary] I really believe that. – So, passion–
– Period. – Long-term commitment–
– Period. – [Man] And no precedence needs to be set. – Correct. – Thank you, Gary. – Because, mainly like,
then there’s also– Because here’s why it gets into a far more interesting debate. You ended up selling ties, instead of starting a Footy podcast. The tie company allowed you
to make 213 thousand a year, when all the profits are done. The Footy company, let you make 113. Some may say, it was the tie business, I say it’s the Footy business because you’re dramatically
happier at 113, and the only thing you gotta do different was not by dumb shit. That has to be the conversation and it is not the conversation now. You understand? – I do understand, thank you so much. – You got it. (audience applauding) – G’day, Gary. – How are you? – Good, and yourself? – Very well. – My question is, like
everyone in this room, I love to grind and I love to work hard. – Okay. – How do you know when you’re going in the right direction
or the wrong directions? – You don’t.
– You just. – [Gary] You sure don’t. – How did you know when you– – I didn’t. – You just did it. (audience laughing) – I just knew I liked it. – And you love what you did? – I loved what I did. Right? You know, again, because
I always reference her, when I’m here, Barbara Longue,
who’s sitting in row two, who I love very much. When I bought hundreds of cases of Spring Mountain 1995
Red from Barbara Longue in New Jersey in 1997, I
didn’t know if that was right or wrong, but what I knew,
now, many years later, is trying to sell something
nobody else could sell, and the creativity, it took
me to move those hundreds of cases, taught me
something that I later used. I don’t know what to say. That’s a real life story. We both know it. You know what I mean? – Yeah. – I didn’t know, you know, when
I launched WineLibrary.com, and Barbara will tell you, that
most of the industry thought it was stupid and that I should
have opened a second store ’cause that’s what you did. You opened a second store. Not a dot-com, there was no internet. When I did email, I should have been doing a catalog. When I did Wine Library TV, everybody thought it was
stupid or self serving. I never know. – (chuckles) Thank you very much. – People are not patient. Do you understand? That’s why I push it so hard. – Yeah. – How the f– What do you think, I’m a
fucking Genie from the future? (audience laughing) I don’t know if it’s gonna work. People are scared to lose three
or four years of their life. People over, especially kids, piss me off, they overvalue their time. They’re like, Gary I
don’t want to waste time. I’m like, your time is
not worth dick, ass hole. (audience laughing) It’s like free work. People are like, fuck you,
Gary, I’m not doing free work. I’m like, cool, get
somebody to pay for it. Oh you couldn’t? Now what? Oh, you didn’t think that
maybe doing free work would give an example to somebody else that then we’ll pay you? You fucking audacious lazy fuck. (audience applauding) You like that one in the back? Right? Right? How the fuck are people
complaining about doing free work when nobody’s fucking paying them. What the fuck! (audience laughing) I give a shit load of free speeches. Not anymore. I know time’s up but I’m gonna
try to get a couple more. – Namaste, Gary. – How are you? – I’m good. It means I bow down to you. – Thank you. – I started following you since 2015 and I got obsessed with two words, self awareness and emotional intelligence. – Yes. – And it was like my dream
to become an entrepreneur, but after getting obsessed with two words, and then I started working on myself and then I have realized
that how weak I am to start this journey. – Good. – And since four years,
I’m just working on it. I’m still, I know that what my
strengths and weaknesses are. So, and few months ago when
I heard one of your speech that you were saying that you
want to teach American people about two S, sacrifice and saving. – (chuckles) Yes. – And then I started thinking like, okay, I have my spiritual guru as well but you are my entrepreneurial guru, as well as the spiritual guru because I have started
my spiritual journey with you as well. Without using a spiritual word, you are spreading spirituality,
that’s what I have realized because whenever you speak,
(audience applauding) you speak about humility to everybody. So, my question is. So, my question is, what’s
the main role of spirituality in business, and as well as,
as a business personality or any business organization, how we can contribute in the
society business as a tool? – So, I think it’s a
tremendous observation. I think from my standpoint. You know, it’s funny you brought it up. It’s about self awareness. Right.
– Yup. – [Gary] I think that, I don’t
think that people understand how being selfless is such
an advantage in business. – Yeah. – You know, I don’t know what else to say. That’s the answer. Like, you know, if you
think about spirituality and I’m not educated enough in it, which is why I don’t speak
to it, but it’s in me, which is why it is obvious. It’s gonna be based on good shit. – Yeah. – Like, to me, it’s like
doing the right thing. I think businesses have
an incredible opportunity to do the right thing,
it’s it’s how I see it. I believe that I’m on a
mission to show the world that you can be a killer who also happens to be a sweetheart.
– Yes. – [Gary] You know, and so
I think that’s the role. Especially as governments
continue to go in a direction of nationalism and
insular vulnerabilities, it’s an opportunity for
global businesses to make a bigger positive impact.
– Yeah. – [Gary] And I think we will
reward those businesses over the next century. – So, that’s the future we can see that? – I’d like it to be true and I don’t know, but I know that if I execute, at least I can create an example. – Yeah. Thanks. (audience applauding and cheering) – Yo, Gary, how you doin’?
– How are you? – [Man] Good, how are you?
– Super. – I want to give you a
little bit of context before I ask you the question. – You got it. – So, I work two part-time jobs. – Okay. – As well as working freelance. – Okay.
– As a designer. – Okay.
– Also selling – [Man] beard oil online. – Selling what? – Beard oil, online. – Beard oil.
– Yeah. – [Gary] Understood, there was a dude with a huge fuckin’ beard– – I’m gonna have a chat with him. – There you go, good. – Or, you know, there’s a
lot of bearded dudes here. – I know. – But, I’m lucky enough to love what I do. – You’re liking it? – I love what I do, I’m a designer. – Awesome.
I also work in marketing. – So, I love it.
– Okay. – [Man] What I know, that
part of what I have to do is a lot of content.
– Okay. – [Man] What I struggle is with
knowing what to actually do. – Just do something. – So– – Here’s where people get caught. I don’t know either but every day you make
five pieces of content, you’re going to get a lot of no’s. – Okay. – And over time, you’re
gonna find some yeses. (clapping) – So you test and try. – Go figure.
(audience laughing) – Thanks, man. – You get it? – Yeah. – Like, there’s no right answer. You know, it might be you just talking. It might be a video of somebody
applying the beard oil. It might be you interviewing on Skype the person that produces the beard oil. It might be the story of
how you got the beard oil. It might be pictures of
dudes with huge red beards. Like, I don’t fucking know,
I just know that you need to do all of them and find the answer. – What about– I’m also a graphic designer, so what about as a graphic
designer and a creative, what kind of content, would you produce as a graphic designer and creative. – I would fucking make pictures of people putting beard oil
on their fucking beards. (audience laughing)
– All right. (audience applauding) – Or I would make up a funny mythical tale of if you put this
beard oil on your beard, you get to hook up with the
prettiest girl in the world, or save your mom from a burning building, or you would fucking, fucking be creative. – All right. Can I take a photo with you?
– You can. (audience applauding and cheering) – [Gary] Can I get one more
in? All right, last one. – Hey, Gary, how are you? First of all, I wanted to say, I fucking love you, man.
– I love you, back. – You’re the best on
the planet, pretty much. You got me into actualizing my shit. I was in my bedroom always
on my bed just dreaming away about business idea here and there, and nothing fucking happened.
– Yup. – [Man] And then I started
moving, built a team, got a couple programs
with me from university and studying in the Masters level, and we’re getting shit done, we’re moving. I just want to know, how
do I find the balance between going too hard and going too soft? Because I’ve always had this problem with, I burn myself out because I
go way too hard for too long. – Is it possible that you
were aiming for money? – No.
– Okay. – [Man] I don’t give a fuck about money. That’s coming later, I’m
18 years old, I got time. – So, why would you burn out?
– Because I just go so hard. I don’t sleep, fucking– – Well, sleep.
– Stupid hard. – [Gary] I’ll give you a really good– Let me use this opportunity. I sleep, six, seven or
eight hours a night. Everyone’s like, you only
sleep, what, three hours? I’m like, no motherfucker,
sleep’s important. So, sleep seven or eight hours. Don’t get caught up in the
bullshit that sleep isn’t, like, that sleeps for losers
and not entrepreneurs. Like, sleep fucking– No wonder you burned out,
dick, you gotta sleep. (audience laughing) – Yeah. And one more thing, right? If I can, in the next five to 10 years, build this business up to
five million dollars, plus, would you give me the opportunity to pitch you an investment. – Sure. – A can I take a photo with you? – Yes. I can’t read what that says. – Can I crew for you?
– Can I crew for you? – [Gary] I don’t know cruel is. – We’re the crew. – You mean like, do an event? – Yeah.
– Yup, next time. – [Gary] Okay. – You sure? – Email me. – [Man] Gary, can I have a
relationship question for you? – Sure sneak it in real fast. – Gary, Gary. My partner, Veronica Down,
talks about getting your partner on board, if she’s not on the same page, it’s not gonna happen right? – Okay. I want my partner safe. I want her to come join my
business, Kangaroo Hopping Tours, we do sightseeing and winery tours. What is your feedback or
advice on getting somebody who’s safe to come and join
me for the unknown journey? – To listen to them. – Listen to them? – All right? I mean, there’s so much
audacity in entrepreneurs to force their mates, their
partners, their spouses on their journey. – Yeah. – You’ve gotta ask them what they want. – Okay. Okay, I asked that, yeah, yeah. – And?
– She says– – [Gary] To not do that. (laughing) No really. – Yeah, yeah, okay. – So, this is real shit right now. This is why I let you ask the question because relationship stuff
is super fascinating to me. – Yeah. – First, entrepreneurs
need to have a conversation with their partner
about what do they want. – Okay. – Usually, or often, you
can start negotiating, give and takes. Sometimes, you can’t. You have two very different people. Then you have to have
that real conversation. – Okay.
– You know? – [Gary] Because some
entrepreneurs would die if they can’t do what they do.

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