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Bushworld Adventures | Adult Swim

Bushworld Adventures | Adult Swim

♪♪ Man: ♪ Nah, nah, nah, nah,
nah, nah, nah ♪ ♪♪ ♪ Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah ♪ [ Horn honks ] Morty! Morty-y-y-y! Ohh. Oh, Rick? Get the car, Morty!
Get in the car! Aw, Rick, I was asleep. I was having a little
Morty sleep. Morty,
get in the damn car now! Get in here!
-Aw, why? Get in the fucking car,
Morty! He’s not coming with you!
Leave him alone! I’m calling the police.
I’m calling the police. He’s sick of it.
He’s sick of the adventures. Get in the fucking car,
Morty! You leave
my brother alone. -Get out of here.
-You leave him alone! -Get in the car, Morty.
-Get out of here. Get in the car. -[ Groaning ]
-[ Screams ] Aw, what’s going on, Rick?
What’s happening? We’re going on
an adventure, Morty. Classic Rick and Morty
bushland adventure. We’re gonna go for a drive.
Big ole drive, Morty. Eight-hour drive.
-Eight hours? Wh– what do ya mean?
W-where are we going? Morty, we’re gonna go
get me cube. We’ve got to go to Bendigo
to get me green cube. We’re gonna go
to Bendigo, Morty. Aw, Rick, Bendigo?
Isn’t that 12 hours away? Morty, check it out. I did some science
to me portal gun, and now it’s also
a real gun. I’ve got a real gun,
Morty. Why are you holding it
to my head, Rick? Morty,
shut the fuck up. I’m gonna kill you today,
Morty. You’re actually gonna die. I’m gonna blow your head off.
-Aw, Rick, please. If this is a prank,
it’s not funny, all right? Could you please just stop
the car and let me out? It’s actually starting
to scare me a lot now. Shut the fuck up,
Morty! Shut the fuck up! I’m so tired of you. All you do is winge
and complain. It’s really getting
on my nerves, Morty! I’m gonna kill you and then
I’m gonna kill myself. I’m gonna drive this car off
a cliff, and we’re gonna die. We’re gonna die, Morty! Aw, Rick, I don’t wanna die.
I-I don’t wanna die. We’re gonna die, Morty.
We’re gonna die today. We’re actually gonna die. Aw, no, Rick, aw. Wait one sec. We gotta go
get some petrol first. [ Tires screech ] Morty,
while I fill up the tank go get some chips
and shit for the drive. Get a paddle pub, Morty. Just these and the petrol
for pump 4, thanks. Sir, if you want, you can buy
two of these for only $1 extra. Aw, nah.
Just this, thanks. You can get a bottle of water
from the fridge, 50 cents extra. No thank you. Do you have
a rewards card, sir? Oh, nah, just — just wanna
buy this stuff, thanks. Morty, what’s taking so long?! Aw, I’m — I’m stuck.
I can’t leave. Oh, my God!
You just killed him, Rick! He’s a bureaucrat, Morty.
I-I don’t respect him. Um, Rick, I think
you’ve said that before. That’s out of context here.
-Nah! [ Engine starts ] Oh, no!
I filled it with diesel! Oh, shit! Agh! [ Grunting ] Aw, the car’s dead,
Morty. -What?
-There’s nothing we can do. We gotta walk, Morty.
We gotta walk to Bendigo. It’s gonna be eight days, Morty.
-Eight days? Eight days to Bendigo
to get me cube. -Aw.
-Eight long days, Morty. This is our
walking-along-the-highway Rick-and-Morty adventure! Rick, I’ve really got to go pee.
Where can I go? Aw, don’t worry your cute
little Morty head, Morty, I’ll take you to
the bush dimension. You can pee
behind a tree there. We’re in the bloody
bush dimension, Morty. You can pee here. Go behind that tree there,
Morty. That one. That tree. Do it. Yay, Morty. Yay. Okay, don’t look. -Ow! A snake bit me.
-What? A snake bit my penis,
Rick. Oh, no. I’ve got to suck
your penis Morty. I’ve got to suck your
little Morty penis to get
the venom out now. What?
But you’re my granddad. Aw, come on, Morty.
Just one little suck. It’ll save your life.
-I-I don’t know, Rick. Isn’t there another way? Nope. Sorry, Morty.
It’s the only way. I’ve got to suck
your little Morty penis Oh, the venom’s
really starting to hurt. Don’t worry, Morty. I know a guy
in the bush dimension who will be able
to help us. We’ll go see him.
Old Mate Dougie the bush wizard. Let’s go!
-[ Groaning ] ♪♪ G’day, Rick. Wubba-lubba-dub-dubz. -Dad?
-N-no? Um… Awkward turtle. So how’s it goin’,
Dougie? Me Morty got bitten
by a snake. Anythin’ you can do? Aw, yeah, one sec.
Let me check my bag. P-p-put this —
put this on your cock What? P-put the Witchetty grub
on your cock Why? Ugh, just put the Witchetty grub
on your cock Morty. Aw, geez, I don’t know. What are you, racist? Just put the Witchetty
grub on your cock Put the Witchetty grub
on your cock [ Sighs ]
Okay, fine. I’ll put it on there,
I guess. [ Chuckles ] Put the
Witchetty grub on your cock Uh, okay. What now? [ Both snicker ] Morty, you’re so gullible,
mate. -Huh?
-We just pranked ya. That’s not a bush wizard,
That’s your dad. Yeah, I knew that. Shut up, Morty.
You didn’t know. Had no idea. We made ya put Witchetty grub
on your naked cock What about the snake venom? Ah, it was an earthworm, you idiot.
God, you’re dumb. What? No.
It was a snake. It bit me. Oi, Jerry, jazzy boy. We’ve gotta go to Bendigo.
Can you help us out? Oh, nah, nah, nah, nah,
nah, nah, nah, nah. Can’t take —
can’t take yous to Bendigo, nah. I can take yous
to Uncle Barry, though. He can take you there. Aw, yeah, of course.
Uncle Barry. Yeah, take us to him,
that’d be great. [ Chanting ] [ Thunder crashing ] Right. See ya later, boys. Oh, I bumped my head. Get in the wombat hole,
Morty. Welcome to the ancient
bush cave of Uncle Barry. Gulla-gulla-gulla-gulla-
gulla- gulla-gulla. -Oh, yeah?
-Ow. He put fire ants
in my hand. -Nah, I didn’t.
-They’re right there. You can see them.
-Shh! You’re being rude, Morty.
They’re goblins. Kick the ball. Kick the bloody ball.
-Uncle Barry? Yeah, mate, that’s me.
And who am I speaking to? Name’s Rick.
Dougie sent me. Look, I don’t know who you are,
but you look like a top bloke. And I know
this is weird to say but I feel a strong bond
between us. Yeah, I don’t know
what it is. I-I’ve only known you
for 15 seconds, but it feels like 15 years. Grab a fucking stubby, mate.
You’re a damn legend. Charlene, bring these
ripper legends some stubbies and a pack of menthols! Sick. Kick the ba-a-a-ll. Yeah,
kick the bloody ball. So where yous off to? Me and me mate Morty here
have to get to Bendigo, get a green cube. Dougie said
you could help. Bendigo? Yeah, I-I can take
yous to Bendigo. Actually, you know what? I’ve gotta go get me
wheel alignment done there. Yeah, yeah, yeah. No worries.
I’ll take you to Bendigo. We can go in the ute
after the footy. Aw, sweet azz. See, Morty, things are
gonna be all right. We’re going to Bendigo! Wait a second.
Who the hell are yous? What? Oh, no,
his dementia’s playing up. Uncle Barry’s
got dementia. How’d yous get into my house?
I don’t know who yous are. Barry, it’s Rick
and Morty, remember? You just met them.
Calm down! I ain’t calmin’ down
for no one. I don’t know these blokes. I’ve never met them
in me life. Get out!
Get out of my house! [ Grunts ] Oh, str–
Rick and Morty is over. Uncle Barry’s off
his bloody rocker. Help me, Morty! [ Grunts ] Ohhh, me hubby’s dead. Morty, you saved me.
You saved me life. Ohhh, I’m sorry, Rick. I didn’t mean
to kill Uncle Barry. It was an accident. Morty, I know I sometimes
play pranks on you like getting Dougie to put a Witchetty grub
on your little sausage, but you are a true-blue
Australian hero, mate. And I wouldn’t go on
these crazy Bushland adventures with anyone else. I love ya, Morty. Oh, this is real love. [ Horn honks ]
Wait. Don’t tell me. It’s me. Uncle Barry. My dead soul floated
right into the bloody ute. Can you believe it?
I’m ute Uncle Barry! -Un-fuckin-believable.
-Me husband’s a bloody ute. Hop in, boys.
We’re going to Bendigo. -Yes!
-Yes! ♪♪ Guys,
I’m not gonna lie. The last few weeks
have been a bit rough for me. I’ve gone through
some bad personal stuff. But when you two came
and yous killed me, and me soul went
into the family ute, I feel like I’ve
become a new man. I think things are finally
looking up for Uncle Barry. Bazzer, you bloody legend.
See you round, mate. Right-o.
Take care of yourselves, Rick and Morty-y-y-y-y! Ahhh, Bendigo.
Beautiful Bendigo. Yeah, Bendigo. Ahhh. What do you see
around you, Morty? I see… trees, scrubs, n-nothing really. So…where’s the cube? I don’t know. You’re the one
that said it was in Bendigo. What the fuck are you
talking about, Morty? I never said that. What do you mean?
Why are we here then? I don’t know.
I was following you, Morty. ♪♪ Man:
♪ Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah ♪

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  2. It's funny that rick and morty is based off a parody of back to the future and now it has a parody of the same style.

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