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Build Your Business With Word Of Mouth Advertising

Build Your Business With Word Of Mouth Advertising

– I always start these off
just with my little top tip and I tried to find
something that would link me and Helen and Mandy together, and this is my take on why
I feel that word of mouth is so important when
it comes to marketing, ’cause warm leads are one
of the most powerful things that we can have in our marketing armoury. And I believe that you either need to have these three different
people in your business or you need to be those
three different people. So, interestingly, Helen’s talking about people being introverted so
this might be something which, somebody who should be a social connector might struggle with because
if you’re an introvert you’re gonna struggle to get
out there and meet people. You gotta have market experts. So you’ve gotta have people who, Mandy talking to us
about marketing strategy. You’ve got to be an expert in marketing otherwise you’re not gonna be
able to create word of mouth around your products and services. And then finally you’ve also got once you’ve created the… You’ve got to know people, you’ve got to like them. You get to the point where
they trust you enough and you can ask for maybe
some money from them in exchange for your product or service. So you’ve gotta have some element of sales in your business and personally I feel that if you can’t at least master a little bit of all three of those things in your business it’s
always gonna hold you back a little bit more. So what I’m hoping with the
two speakers we’ve got today and if you’ve got any
questions for me as well that we can start to bring
out those three elements in all of you and that
ultimately will lead to word of mouth and you
can then let other people do the marketing for you
which is the key benefit to word of mouth. So hopefully that’s kind of set the stage for today’s speakers.

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